Maria Coulter

Maria Coulter

I am a Business Coach and Trainer with over 20 years experience in the industry as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager and Risk Manager prior to starting my own company, Construction Coach.

Location East Midlands


  • That's brilliant @michaelFowell, such a great attitude.

  • Challenging questions @michaelFowell will this impact what you do moving forwards?

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    Thanks for taking part in the survey, we will publish the results next week.

  • That's a fair point @PaulAllen

  • Can you say a bit more about what you mean @AwaisRaza

  • Great response @FrancescoDavini

  • @SeanLewis is your colleague taking legal advice?

  • @DuncanGrimes I'd say it was a combination of the two. What are the gaps specifically do you think?

  • Well done @PaulAllen it would be interesting from and HR perspective to see how this disciplinary would stand up legally given that you were disciplined for protecting the public and your Director's interests. If there had been a fatality in connection with this he could have been charged with Corporate Manslaughter

  • Did anyone ever blow the whistle or is this still going on do you know?

  • That's not good at all. Has anyone said anything to the MD?

  • It's a shame you are experiencing that Paul, it's great that you've acknowledged how this is impacting on you and you are doing something about it.

  • Has this been raised with management?

  • This is great to see @michaelFowell how are they embedding the values into the business?

  • It's unfortunate that your first experience was such a negative one but the fact is you recognised that this is unethical behaviour and you haven't repeated it. From the sounds of it, you got out of that environment because it went against your moral compass. I will quote Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.... "let it go"

  • That's great to hear @TomAllcott what else are they doing specifically to promote an ethical culture?

  • This is difficult to answer. I don't think companies are being transparent enough about their ethical policies. If you look on the websites of large organisations they are often unclear about their values and ethics. There is also a lot of fear in our industry of calling out unethical behaviour.

  • Based on what you've seen so far, what do you think are the biggest risks in connection with lack of training in ethics and regulations in your organisation? Where are the gaps do you think? I think a company must first acknowledge what the risk is to themselves of not keeping up to date on regulations and training. There will be a wider risk if they are...

  • I'm sure there are some out there but they don't appear to be visible

  • How has this impacted on their growth and profitability @TomAllcott ?

  • Thanks for sharing @TetyanaZholobaylo

  • @MarkGreen did he get caught and prosecuted?

  • @AndrewPeters do you feel like you are being forced to work 12 hour days instead of your contracted 9 hours?

  • Why do you think that is @matthewThomas ?

  • What sort of issues are you talking about @StefanJames ?

  • I think there are a lot of small businesses who aren't aware of their obligations but also there are, unfortunately some very poor trades people out there who are unethical in the service they deliver.

  • @matthewThomas can you be more specific about your experience?

  • @AndrewPeters are these small companies not calling out the large contractor on this terrible behaviour?

  • @michaelFowell have you experienced a situation where your health and safety was being compromised for completing the project on time?

  • @TomAllcott here is some info from UK Research and Innovation. We will see if we can add something into the spreadsheet on this.

  • @MarkGreen is this what has come out of the enquiry? I haven't found anything online to say people on site knew it was combustible? If you have a link, please post, thanks.

  • Thanks for all your comments so far, glad you are enjoying the course. I'm really enjoying the comments and interaction so far, very insightful.

  • :-)

  • Is that the case in other organisations you are aware of too?

  • That's great to hear.

  • I think It is about how people feel at the time and what their experiences are. If they aren't getting something then they will value it more.

  • We've just realised the link is broken to the paper, will get that fixed so you can read their suggestions. Would recommend looking at the Barrett Values Centre website, they have some great resources. Richard Barrett's book, 'The Values Driven Organisation' is really good too. It was through reading that book that I had the idea to reach out and interview...

  • Are you looking to achieve more balance in future?

  • Do you feel you need more of a balance?

  • Thanks for sharing @KazY

  • Can you say a bit more about what you mean @AwaisRaza ?

  • I'm the same, I still consider myself as working class, I'm from coal mining stock in the North-East of England.

  • Thanks for sharing this quote