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Kathryn Lyndon

Kathryn Lyndon

Kathryn is an educational consultant who has been working in education for over 10 years. Kathryn is completing her PhD in inequalities and inclusion in education and is a teacher specialising in SEN.

Location Southampton


  • Many of my learners require entrepreneurial thinking in relation to developing critical thinking skills. This is particularly important to support their development ready for the wrokplace.

  • When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher. When I went to university, I wanted to work in environemental consultancy. Now I am a Geography and English teacher, so I have definitely achieved my dream. Now I want to move into a management position, as my drive is to ehlp people and a management position would enable me to make more of a difference.

  • Trust is incredibly important for a team. If the team do not trust their manager, they are going to doubt their motivation and purpose and will not feel motivated to work for them. This, in turn, could lead to a higher turnover of staff. If the team trust their manager and know the reasons for procedures, this increases communication and therefore motivation.

  • I am a democtratic manager, and would have to learn to be more autocratic or bureaucratic if a situation requires this type of approach.

  • Engagement and conviction. Engagement is essential in order to improve communication and motivation and conviction is essential as others need to see that you believe in what you are doing or saying.

  • Although Carla may be a Theory X manager, the way in which the situation was approached could be changed. The way in which she spoke to the employees was fairly critical and condescending, which would reduce their motivation to work hard. Carla should have been more diplomatic in her frst approach. Having indivdual or group meetings with the employees in order...

  • I think that both can apply, however it does depend on the situation. In my field, education, theory Y is much more appropriate due to the need for staff members to have some autonomy. However, in situations where things need to be controlled, such as when dealing with large sums of money or danerous substances or equipment, theory X would be relevant.

  • I agree with others, a good rapport with employees and building up trust can improve productivity and motivation.

  • I also agree with others, that it is important for a manager to develop a culture in which their employees can florish, and to show that they are willing to help out the team, for example, covering when someone is sick. It is important that the team knows that their manager is supportive and has done the job that they are doing. I also think it is important...

  • In order to be an effective leader or manager in an organisation (or a combination of both roles) I think that it is important to have a combination of these skills and attributes.

  • Good managers – I have found that god managers have been supportive, flexible, hard working and a team player.
    Bad managers - I have found that bad managers dictate rather than ask, withhold information, some lack the supportivness that helps to build a team.
    The type of manager I want to be is someone who is approachable and flexible, as I want to make a...

  • I agree with others in that both nature and nurture have an effect on the development of a child. However, I believe that nurture may have slightly more influence. External factors can also have a significant influence on development, however I believe that through lifelong learning any negative aspects can be outweighed.

  • This course has been very interesting and has given me more knowledge about child risk and vulnerability.
    I am looking forward to the next few weeks and to improving my knowledge and understanding of child protection.

  • I agree, you have made some good suggestions. It is a difficult situation and both parent and child need support.

  • I agree with you, more needs to be done.

  • As a teacher, we are trained to aid social services by assessing any perceived risks. However, this can also be difficult, particularly if the student is quiet. We aid social services in any way that we can, but find that parents and carers may not be very receptive.
    Social services have a very difficult job in assessing and monitoring, let alone taking...

  • I agree too!

  • I picked by determining who was at immediate and life-threatening risk. However all of them are at risk to differing extents. It was very difficult without the knowledge of other factors, although some of the scenarios would require adult support as well.

  • I agree and I took the same perspective.

  • Such a difficult choice since all are at risk in different degrees. I also chose via determining who was at immediate and life threatening risk.