A/Prof. Chie Adachi

A/Prof. Chie Adachi

Director, Digital Learning at Deakin University. She works on digital learning innovation projects and researches in the areas of digital & social learning. @chieadachi/Twitter

Location Deakin University, Geelong, Australia


  • I certainly appreciate that feeling, @KatYoung(they/them) - good luck with speedy upskilling ;)

  • Very interesting point you are picking up here @FiekeSluijs - I think that human connection part is so important in learning. It is largely understood that learning is a social process. So then the question becomes, how do we not leave everything to chance so that targeted learning to happen? What do you think?

  • Good point, @NweNweOo and thanks for joining us from South East Asia. Exciting to hear that our course is reaching out to you. I agree, the technology has the power to broaden the access to those courses and learning. But this only brings 'entry' points, in my eyes, so the question is how do we design/facilitate the subsequent learning to happen for those...

  • Good summary, @MyatHla - I wondered if you'd like to elaborate on the notion of 'connectedness' in this context? I think you are touching on the human elements, not just technology connecting people in different ways, but relational aspects....

  • I'm resonating with all of your comments here, @KatYoung(they/them) @ChristinaR @LauraDickinson - almost like FOMO on learning :) I'd certainly like to do more independent, informal/formal learning/courses if I had more time. The balance of learning for fun and learning for upskill/career progression seem to provide different reasons for engagement. What sort of...

  • Sounds like you are here with the right ideas, @LauraDickinson ;) What sort of requirements do you have to achieve for your future jobs?

  • Good point, @FionaRowe - CV is one space where we articulate the learning/skills we have done/gained. What's your thinking here, in terms of outlining informal/short courses into your CV? Benefits? challenges?

  • Thanks @CindyJS - learning on the go, on the job seems to be a recurring theme here. What's your ideal for life-long learning? When that's happening, what does that look like? feel like?

  • Very interesting, @LeahUntisz-Sly - I wondered if you had particulat thoughts on what makes 'meaningful content' ? learning contexts? learners? how much those small experiences might cost?

  • I cant' agree more, @RichardWall - what aspects of digital accessibility are you thinking of? Accessibility is a rather big area of concern and many aspects to address (which is sometimes the part of why challenging to address). Do you have suggestions for what might be priority? or low-handing fruits if you like to tackle?

  • Service design will be of your interest then next week, @NicoleC.Chavez - hope you are finding the course insightful.

  • Good thinking, @CarliWilliams - although we don't specifically delve into those ideas next week, I'd be keen to hear what you might think of 'service design' being applied into thinking more about inclusive education.

  • The notion of service design we will focus next week might serve you well here, @PrincessP.Carranceja.

  • Your context matters, @JonaJaneEspeña - hope you get to put some ideas into action. Use our professional practice reflective plan to strategise your future next week.

  • You will hear more from digital learning experts next week, @TristanMeredith - continue to be reflective ;)

  • The work/art of 'design' is a critical idea in this course, @AdiNaiwaqa - hope next week brings you more light-bulb moments!

  • Thanks @Ollie(Olaug)Gardener - hope service design idea serves you well next week ;)

  • We are on a continuous journey, @BhaemanPlofino - good luck with your future work!

  • Continuous development for teachers in a professional sense and life-long learning for all, isn't it, @TristanMeredith. I think positioning ourselves as learners helps us enact on our educational endevours well.

  • Great to hear 3Cs principles have been useful for you, @Mary-AnneIsabirye. I agree with the overwhelming sense of what Connectivism might present as a challenge - ie. everything is connected and continuously changing. Sustainability is therefore an important aspect to pause and think about. What might others think here?

  • Hi, @LouiseDunne - I think you touched on a really interesting idea of 'mindful' design/educational work, that allows teachers to think about what can/cannot be shared in (digital) learning.... I'm still pondering over this idea - wondered if you could elaborate....

  • I love the term 'togetherness' in your thinking, @TinaFulcher - your plan sounds fantastic for your team/organisation. Good luck.

  • Thanks @KristenMcDougall - simulated learning tools certainly offer that experience. How about this kinds of open platforms where people/learning are able to simply converse and exchange ideas? Has this course offered any insights in you learning about others' experiences in digital learning endevours?

  • Loving the 'human' aspects of connections here too - 'relationship' is another word, perhaps for connection? @ALMINDADACOCO @Mary-AnneIsabirye

  • Great conversation here, @TeresaFrancineCarillo @Mary-AnneIsabirye. Teresa, you've highlighted the important aspect of 'connection', that is humanistic aspect of those connections. And Mary-Anne, you on peer to peer aspects, rather than just teacher to students. Absolutely agree - and this is the most fun/rewarding part of educational endeavour, I feel. How...

  • Agree @TristanMeredith - in creative arts contexts, 'opinions' of others influence so much of knowledge creation process. I wondered if you had any thoughts on how 'digital' intersect with this process?

  • Beautifully put, @LouiseDunne - I can't agree more. This global pandemic has paused many challenges where constant, rapid learning had to happen along side for survival. And I am most impressed that you've arrived at the ideas of patience and compassion even though such uncertain and extraordinary times. I wondered what the application of such ideas in the...

  • And we make hundreds (if not thousands!) of decisions in a day, don't we, @KarenParker? In thinking further about 'right/wrong' answers, what might drive those outcomes, do you think, in a post-digital world we live in?

  • Meaning making processes in learning is critical as we discussed in this course. What sort of intersection across digital tools and applications of learning have you seen, @AdiNaiwaqa ?

  • Indeed @KristenMcDougall - inter-/multi-disciplinary knowledge is becoming ever more important!

  • Great point, @Ollie(Olaug)Gardener - particularly, 'un-learning' some of what we learn. In contexts though, I wondered what that might look like. In clinical context for example, we might encounter a case that previous research was proved wrong (eg. side effects for X phenomenon) and subsequent study can propose new understanding. But in more transferable...

  • Good conversation here, @NicoleC.Chavez @LARAMARIZSOLIS - what sort of effective collaboration might you think as key to successful learning design and delivery?

  • And your comment made me smile, @LexiKeeton :) Any key takeaway of your learning within the course?

  • Thanks @KlintNathanielAbiog - I really like the idea of 'limitless' learning that digital might afford. I wondered if you'd like to extend on this? What professional and personal experiences do you have that led you to thinking this way? What would limitless learning look like in your context?

  • Indeed @TeresaFrancineCarillo - digital practice as 'authentic learning' is certainly a vital one in a highly digital world we live in. What key take away, in terms of theories or frameworks you've learned in this course might help you most?

  • Good to hear this course facilitated your thinking further - if you've created your professional practice plan in the previous step, good luck with it all into the future.

  • Agree @LeaAmparo - continuous development is a vital idea for us digital learning professionals. What sort of exploration would you like to do for your future?

  • Agree, @MatIvanArquero - hope you get to put our plan into strong action into the future.

  • Great to hear, @AnneRoseLat - keep learning and developing Anne.

  • Good luck with your future work, @emildominiccortez!

  • Beautiful, @JOHNROYGALVEZ - "To teach is one thing but to touch the heart of our learners in this time of pandemic really matters." touched my heart. Keep learning and applying what you learn, John - your students are fortunate to have such a dedicated teacher like yourself. Thanks for your contribution to this course also. All the best with your future...

  • Absolutely fine to aim high, @KerstinK - as long as you take incremental and developmental steps towards those goals! All the very best with it.

  • Terrific insight @JonaJaneEspeña - creating your own plan is a good first step, but by sharing it with others, you get to put ideas into action together. It's a great way of forming a dialogue for further professional development - good luck!