Sheree Buikema

Sheree Buikema

Sheree is an instructional designer who has won awards for her work in both K-12 and higher education. This course is based upon a face-to-face course she developed for Purdue’s GERI program.

Location USA


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  • @HajiKipacha How much time do you think you spent each week? Was it too much? Are you a native English speaker? If not, was that an issue?

  • If we can't ensure data security (and there have been many high profile breaches that suggest it is very difficult), how do we go on functioning in our everyday world without compromising our data? What happens when students (or employees) are forced to sign up for services in order to complete a responsibility? Is there really a choice in whether or not they...

  • Here is an interesting article that just came out in EdSurge. It discusses the breach of Chegg, and "edtech company that rents textbooks and online course help."...

  • You are right. I didn't mean to exclude their contribution.

  • I love the site :)

  • This has been the smallest run for this course. It does make a difference in the amount of interaction.

  • Thanks for sharing! It is very interesting to know what it is like in other places.

  • Why not? What did he post?

  • You provide a very interesting point. Researchers must follow strict protocols for collecting, storing, and using data. We must specifically tell how we will use the information. Companies are conducting their own version of research-market analysis. Do they have a moral obligation to follow the same rules? What happens if the user refuses to allow their...

  • @n'nancocquotchrystellekouassi Thank you for sharing! Do you mind sharing what country you are from?

  • I think this would be considered a code since the hand signals and nods represent ideas or directions as opposed to individual letters.

  • Thanks for sharing your story.

  • We ask our devices (Alexa, Cortana, smartphones, etc.) to listen to us so that they can provide us with information we need. We use CCTV to help catch criminals. Technology can be used for good or bad. The issue is that the technology is progressing way faster than the laws to protect us. Purdue holds a free, annual event called "Dawn or Doom" where experts...

  • Please feel free to post again if you have something more to say. :)

  • It is becoming more common for employers to check someone's social media information before hiring them.

  • The Spy Museum in Washington D.C. has a great website! Thanks for sharing. I actually spent the night there one time.

  • Just keep posting, and others will feel more comfortable and respond. :)

  • There will be many learners under 18. What's important to know is that we all have valuable information to share, no matter how old we are!

  • You are welcome to share information about how to encrypt your email. However, please don't share contact information like your personal email address.

  • There will be different types of puzzles to solve. Most of the puzzles will involve trying to decode secret messages.

  • @INNOCENTMURENZI Look carefully at the comments near the quiz. They should help.

  • When ordering online, one store told me that the size I was ordering would not fit me! They were wrong, so this was even more infuriating!

  • We just have to be aware so that we can make a conscious choice.

  • You aren't expected to solve it. But others in previous iterations came up with some really good ideas for solving it! Keep commenting!

  • Look in the next section for clues...but only if you really need them. :)

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  • See @margaret gobby's hint.

  • This is a good clue! Also, "Can you hear me now?"

  • The drug smuggler may have said, "Can you hear me now?" after sending the message. ;)

  • You are right! We DO need more brainstorming here! This is the smallest group we've had, so individual participation is so important!

  • I think that could work. What about using dots for this as well? A dot before a number could mean the first letter. The number by itself could be the middle letter. A dot after the number could represent the last letter. So "hello" could be written as 4 3 5. 5. 6. Now that I look at it, it might be difficult to differentiate where one word stops and another...

  • @VickiBamman Yes! Post again if you like.

  • Live and learn ;)

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  • That's great that you are there to support him. Please feel free to participate together and ask questions!

  • Great! We would love feedback on how it goes.

  • That's wonderful! They are so lucky to have you to mentor them!

  • Great! Please feel free to challenge and support your peers as well!

  • That's great! Feel free to create your own puzzles and challenge your class mates!

  • You will not need to use math in this course. We are all here to help you. Just ask!

  • We can all learn from each other. Glad to have you!

  • @margaretgobby We are happy to have you! We just need to be mindful about online safety.

  • I hope you like it, too!