Mukwesa Ng'andu

Mukwesa Ng'andu

Engineer, writer, businessman.

Location Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.



  • I think I need to do more research on this topic, is it sustainable?!

  • Fuel from peanut and other similar sources is worth pursuing, the death of Diesel is alarming. However, Diesel's design and suggestions must continue.

  • I love the concept of a circular economy, but how do we go about it.

    Big up to the extra links/podcasts makes the lecture informative and interesting!

  • Good lecture. It seems like the key issue is sustainable sources of energy minus pollution.

    Also gives me a new approach to the laws of thermodynamics.

    Is the feedstock sustainable?

  • I want to network more with people professionally and with those with similar interests.

  • Hi. I live in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.
    I joined this course hoping to learn how to handle food security in a crisis.

  • Bring my profile up-to-date and improve on networking.

  • Week one was great, enjoyable and informative. It's shown me how to improve my online presence both at a personal and professional level.

    It also cautions on online ethics, if I can put it that way.

    Before I rush to edit all my online profiles, I look forward to week two, after which am sure I will have a superb online presence.

  • I think my profile isn't that bad but there's room for improvement.

    One thing I have learned is that frequently updating your profile is important. I need to work on that.

  • For a business to succeed, there should be a balance of legal matters, strategy and ethics.

  • My name is Mukwesa Ng'andu. Am from Lusaka, Zambia.

    I joined this course because am in the construction business, and contract's are part of the business.

    I hope by the end of this course, I will be able to understand and implement contract management

  • We live in a global world, we just have to have a global mindset. Think global act Local, I like that one!

  • Understand, protect and create. Am enjoying this course?

  • Sorry to ask you here, who are you? Is there a way we can connect?

  • Given me something to think about

  • I like the way you have broken down the different types of law and its components.

    The role of the lawyer is now appreciated, I have always thought of them as opposite side of the same coin as politicians.

    Then there is the issue of the competitive advantage when the three pillars overlap. The issue of sour sweet gap is interesting, can't wait to see...

  • Looking forward to this course.

  • Great presentation and agree with the model used to engage the community.

  • Mukwesa Ng'andu made a comment

    I have enjoyed this course, and learned a lot.
    Climate change is real, I think the first step is education at the lowest level- family, then spread the word to your neighbor and so on.

    Planting a tree for the future is great, effective use of any form of energy and indeed any other resources.

    Use of effective farming techniques to produce maximum food...

  • Valuable lesson, I remember reading some article similar to this one where the writer suggested modifying the toilet cistern to reduce on water each one flushes.

  • Yes a sustainable city can work both in developed and developing countries. We just change the model/ design to suit what's on the ground.

    My country is a dumping ground for second hand cars, I have to pay carbon tax every time I pay my road tax. Hopefully that's the money being used to develop the solar farms mushrooming around the country.

  • Well explained, we are all responsible in mitigating climate change.

  • Mukwesa Ng'andu made a comment

    What happened to the paper bag? I know some will argue saying it might led to deforestation but surely it is better to grow trees for paper bag manufacture than disposal of non biodegradable plastic. Did I hear recycle? Maybe but I....

  • Like I said earlier, am from a landlocked country but nevertheless water from our lakes and rivers still end up in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, so the same pollution checks apply.

  • Not so long ago, we had the telegram, land phone and airmail as the fastest means of communication, now there's the smart phone.
    Perhaps we need more research on how to tackle this problem.

  • A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step. We need to convince people the problem is real and affects everyone.
    The challenge is, in a country like mine, a third world country, climate change is the least of our priorities but here I am learning about climate change so that I can spread the word!

  • I think a combination of reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and the proposed scientific methods of reducing ocean acidification is the way to go.
    With the growing global population, a global solution is a must.
    Sad to hear that no much attention was given to ocean acidification.

  • I am in a landlocked country and haven't visited any ocean. Besides that I'm a member of the global village. The challenges I can think of are
    1. Oil spills from tankers and offshore Riggs.
    2. Plastic pollution.
    3. Coral rife decay
    4. Acidification
    5. Overfishing
    6. The problem of hunting whales

  • Really makes you aware of this subject - climate change, how it affects everyone, and it's importance. We need to get the message out there so that many more people can learn to leave sustainably.

  • One of the biggest problem in my country is charcoal burning, a major contributor to deforestation. What can be done to slow down this?

    1. Research into alternative fuel sources to be used on a domestic level, such alternatives should also be safe to use and pollution free.
    2. Charcoal burners should be given alternative sources of income such as training...

  • It's been awhile, good to be back to continue with the course. Hello fellow course mates!

  • I own a building construction business, and for the past one year we have been trying to reach out to people building their own houses.

    The challenge is that there are a lot of freelance bricklayers who offer similar services to ours at a cheaper cost, which has disadvantaged us.

    However ever after this lesson, it has just dawned on me that our audience...

  • We are on the same page

  • Is there a way of translating your contributions into English, we might learn a thing or two from your contributions.

  • I jumped on to social media without planning for such, save for LinkedIn because I had researched about them.

    I will definitely revise how I use social media from now on.

  • I did Google my names, so far so good, nothing embarrassing. However, still feel there is lots of room for improvement.

  • All platforms have a policy agreement we have to consent to. Half of the stuff is usually tech jargon we don't understand but agree to anyway. How does this affect our online presence.

  • My names are Mukwesa Ng'andu. Am an engineer, entrepreneur and writer.

    Am a Zambian and stay in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city.

    I have joined this course because am computer semi literate, something am very determined to rectify.

    The world is changing so much and fast, we have to keep learning everyday.

    We are now in the digital era and there is so...

  • Hi. Am not sure if my online presence is in my best interests.

    Reason being that am not conversant on how best to use the online platforms out there.

    I hope I will learn and become knowledgeable on best to use online platforms for my benefit and those I will be interacting with.

  • True

  • I hope our tutors have taken note

  • Be kind enough to share your examples on this platform

  • I have gone through it twice, slowly coming together, but like you said, I too will have to read it a few more times to fully comprehend. Anyway, our tutors say we will refer to this section time and again in the sections ahead.

  • How does one deal with confirmation bias as to deduce an un bias conclusion after facts have been analysised?

  • Hi, you can call me Mukwesa. Am an entrepreneur, engineer and writer.

    I joined this course for exactly what it is. Am curious, is there a scientific way we analysise things through the think process, can we become better communicator's once we study this course?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, my fellow course mates and our tutors.

  • In my country Zambia, the bemba tribe has been practicing biochar for hundreds of years. They call it the Chitemine System. Using this system they prune tress in a sustainable way and burn the cut brush to increase the soils nutrients.

    Biochar and BECCS, while good alternatives for reducing ghg emissions, they will definitely clash with the need to feed...

  • @johannesgruber what are monocultures?

  • Sustainable agriculture is the way forward.

  • Pyrolysis, I just love the idea of maximising resources.

  • Camila pardon me, am not disputing that meat production is harmful to the environment in many ways.

    However, I had this fleeting thought of animals in the wild - buffalo, wilder beast, elephants etc so many of them. Do they to contribute to climate change? How does nature balance this out, maybe we can learn a thing or two. Just a thought.

  • You should start a blog man, I really like your posts.

  • I agree with your post 100 percent.
    In my country, our government is in full gear promoting fish farming. Your advice to the aquaculturists has given me something to look out for as we are promoting fish farming to supplement our source of protein.

    I too don't support GMO's.

  • Am at loss on what to say in reply to your post. Your ideas are awesome and on point.

    The only problem is that where I am in Africa, there isn't much food to go round, its really like the opposite of your situation.

    But then, we are talking climate change and food security, so I guess we meet somewhere along the way.

  • Am at loss on what to say in reply to your post. Your ideas are awesome and on point.

    The only problem is that where I am in Africa, there isn't much food to go round, its really like the opposite of your situation.

    But then, we are talking climate change and food security, so I guess we meet somewhere along the way.

  • Vermicomposting, wow, Lord am I learning lots of things on this platform. This course is a blast! Am enjoying it.

  • @AmandaGainsford
    I'm passionate about farming and love gardening. I have always entertained the idea of growing mushrooms. However, I never ever thought of mushrooms being food for the future. I really appreciate your idea, it's an eye opener. I need to research how to grow them.

  • The ideas am going to share aren't my innovations so I won't file for patents.

    In my country, Zambia, where most people practice subsistance farming using simple tools like hoes and ox drawn ploughs, new sustainable conservation farming technique's are being introduced.

    These are potholing and drip irrigation farming.

    These methods are based on the...

  • What's Permaculture?

  • We still do it here in Africa but mass production is slowly taking over.

  • This is shocking!

  • This is really unnerving, all I think of is organic vegetables grown using composite manure, village chickens being better than Genetically Modified Organisms.

    To think that agriculture contributes about a third of green house gases paints a grim picture.

    Am now I don't even know if conservation farming is any good when you think of the methane in the...

  • Enlighten me, what is base load electricity?

  • I have followed a blogger for a number of years, I will withhold his name. He is a social commentator.

    I also follow our politicians as they try to market themselves. One is fond of Facebook while the others like Twitter.

    Then there are the activists who are always up for this cause or the other, they use Twitter.

    I also follow one chain store,...

  • You have to know your goal very well. Is it a smart goal?

    Then you have to understand your audience, think like them, and appreciate their needs.

    After reconciling your audience and your goal, choose the most effective platform for communication. How you communicate also matters, try not to dilute your message.

    Furthermore, you need to know how you...

  • Week 1 was enlightening, the presentation on point, looking forward to next week.

  • Interesting

  • What are the raw materials used to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines? Where are they extracted from? What pollution is associated with the extraction of these materials?

  • We need wildlife friendly solutions. What of nuclear power?

  • We need wildlife friendly solutions. What of nuclear power?

  • Domestic and industrial supply? Maybe Less Grosvenor is right

  • I really like your analysis, some serious food for thought!

  • Nuclear power is the best, I think with time, we will find ways of nuclear waste disposal/recycle

  • I still feel nuclear energy is a better source of power.

  • Nuclear energy is the way to go. Of course disasters do happen but compared to climate change due to fossil fuels, I vote nuclear.

    The challenge is the high cost of construction of nuclear power plants, meaning countries like mine ( Zambia ), have a long way to make this a reality.

    The threat of nuclear technology falling in wrong hands is also a serious...

  • My country Zambia has had it's problems due to climate change. Urbanisation, drought and deforestation are real.

    Our main source of power is hydro - electricity, but due to drought and high urbanisation, there's is a deficit. To make up for the short fall, charcoal burning is on the increase leading to deforestation.

    There is an effort to plant trees...

  • SEO, Vfit and USP?

  • SMM?

  • EAP?

  • What is SNS?

  • Lucky you Sambell, your son helped with the website. Am starting from scratch, would he be willing to help me design one?

  • What they need is knowledge on how to interact on social media which is my challenge too

  • What they need is knowledge on how to interact on social media which is my challenge too

  • What they need is knowledge on how to interact on social media which is my challenge too

  • We all agree they should use social media but the big question is how, when and which media platforms to use for their marketing campaigns.

  • What is CTA?

  • The three have a similar challenge despite coming from different backgrounds, they need to market their services to a target audience/market.

    My partners and I have a similar challenge. We have a building construction company which is at a start up stage in a very competitive market in Lusaka city, Zambia.

    What we need is to use social media to reach a...

  • I have no recollection of a company using social media to restore their reputation. However, I've seen politicians and individuals use social media to market their ideas to the public. I guess the underlying principles are the same.

    Am yet to spend money on companies due to how they use social media, but I will be quick to say that I have come across many...

  • Hello friends. For a long time I have been interested in using the internet for business purposes but every lead has hit into a wall, if you know what I mean.

    Am from that class of people who are computer semi literate. I hope this course will open the doors that are out there on social media and impact on my life positively.

    I hope with this course my...

  • Wealth management, things we take for granted. Hope to learn one or two things.

  • It would be great to have a whole new course of geo-engineering.

  • It's slowly making sense, frightening when you think of acidification of the ocean, melting ice, drought in the Amazon etc ! But thankfully, something can be done to slow down the greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities.
    The big question is will everyone listen?

  • Greenhouse gas emissions, we hear this everyday, what are greenhouse gas emissions? It's good to see how the UN 2030 sustainable development goals are so interlinked with action on climate change, Paris agreement

  • Greenhouse gas emissions, we hear this everyday, what are greenhouse gas emissions? It's good to see how the UN 2030 sustainable development goals are so interlinked with action on climate change, Paris agreement

  • Climate change? For some time now this topic has been in the headlines with some saying it's just a myth! I hope this course will clarify all this with scientific proof and empower me to positively contribute to our global and local community.

  • The greatest threat to climate change is global warming. The change in rain patterns could lead to drought and food insecurities. It's also negatively impacted on hydro power production weakening manufacturing industries, farming etc

  • The financial markets are changing fast, as a businessman, one has to be hands on with the new trends on the market.

    I'm in the construction industry specialising in road, home building and remodeling. A very interesting career as you meet new challenges everyday.

    At the end of the course, I hope to be well informed on how technology is pushing finance...

  • It will be an honor to understand both the tech and finance fields and how best they overlap.