Dominika Cieślikowska

Dominika Cieślikowska

I am a qualified Intercultural Fluency and Diversity Trainer with 15 years of experience. I have designed and delivered more than 5500 hours of interactive trainings for different clients.

Location Warszawa


  • I am really curious about different aspects of creativity and I have started some time ago finding out one new thing about creativity every day. I am amazed how mamny new things I have learnt for the last 3 months and a half! So ireally support that habit!

  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your post. It make me think how being a valuable team member will be valued in different cultural settings (for example in collectivistic and individualistic ones/ hierarchical and egalitarian ones)? If there will be any differences ? Any ideas?

  • Hi Lilit, how do you think expressing different ideas, disagreements, own point of view will work in different cultural context, for examples in the collectivistic ones?

  • Hi Kingsley, thank you for bringing the idea of "leading by example". I agree that a great leader "walks the talks" and I really appreciate that characteristic! I just wonder about another issue mentioned by You - in your context what it really means that the expectations differ in regard to gender, skills etc?

  • Hi Victoria, the characteristics name by you are probably my favourites ones. And how about you? Do you consider yourself such a leader?

  • Hi Aliyu, and how about you? Do you consider yourself such a leader?

  • Hi Adele, thanks for your sharing. You named many additional aspects! I am just wondering about the honest share of the thoughts. Do you think that in all cultural contexts everybody we be welcomed with what he or she thinks?

  • Hi Irene, watch this movie if you will find some time. The speaker shows some intercultural situations when he was trying to ask questions to open the further conversation but he could not because of the intercultural differences:-) I love the whole presentation. Very informative with the great examples:-)

  • Hi Eva, never thought about it but you are completely right! It is such a pleasure to start working day with an email from your colleague from the country where people write nice things to each other! I have experienced that during our MOOC course

  • Great, that are let say "safe" topics to start with probably in many cultural contexts.

  • Hi Godfrey, great opportunity!

  • Hi Juan, that is an excellent idea. Let me share it with our coordinators:-)

  • The same with me, it is a pity that it is not always possible:-)

  • Hi George, I ment, to be honest, I am still a very big fan of the same strategy as in the childhood. And I find it totally applicable in the work networking. Even though I work pretty much in an international environment, using mainly e-mail communication, I prefer to have, as a starting point preferable, face-to- face meeting (by videoconference tools for...

  • Great, keep going! I agree that having the mediators/ mentors is a powerful resourse.

  • Hi Lilit, I am thinking what type of the situation you were writing about. I guess there are many situations where the education is important but also some where your identity and the experiences and needs based on that might be very helpful and inspiring. I remember the case that the City Council in one of the cities were planning the investments and they...

  • Hi George, I completely agree with you but I also wonder what types of the challenges might occur within the diverse team that have to be overcome to get creativeness. Can you name any?

  • Do you have any specific example from your experience that You could share with us? any problem solving situation that benefit because of the diveristy?

  • Hi Adele, how people are different from each other, which aspects of diversity did you noticed around you?

  • Hi Jessica and Irene, so how do you start a conversation? What help you getitng to know somebodies way?

  • Hi Aliyu, check my previous comment that I have exchanged with the Kingsley, as you both had quite similar remarks:-) BTW, people have to love you as you help them to gain real financial benefit!:-)

  • Hi Kingsley, thanks for your remarks. What we start our conversations with is a very culturally specific issue. I observed that in UK it is really the job what you describe first, trying to keep the privacy, while in Poland people more easily conduct small talks around more privite issues, such as the family for example. Working in the international...

  • Hi Maureen. I would love to became your client. Ggreat that you introduced yourself by showing your clients benefits!

  • Hi Eva, thanks for introducing what You are doing. Maybe you could try also to rephrase it to show the clients perspective - what Your customer gain from what You are doing?

  • Hi Eva, yesterday during the training I was conducted we came to the same conclusion about my country! We were discusing luck of the positive feedback and talking in a positive tone in general, but what I discover that all people in the room where actually doing this. So the general view of the most typical bahaviour in my country did not fit to the...

  • Hi Aga, will you try to make me interested and involved in what you are doing if I am not developer of phones and laptops?

  • I wonder if any of you think about the courses like this one also as the opportunity to network, or at least the way to practice networking. I have seen so many amazing people here and I belive that networking might work here as well! What do you think?

  • Hi Nelson, that is a great benefit! How you network most effectively?

  • Hi Victoria, do you prefer the face to face meetings or via Internet, in a virtual space? What works better for you?

  • Hi Moe, I see you prefer face to face contact, isn't it?

  • Hi George, in a “pre-internet era” we had a very different ways to connect with people. In Poland even the telephone was not available at the everyday life basis. I have to admit that with many of people I had better, deeper contact than nowadays with all of the electronic devices I can use to communicate and network with people. We just visited each other....

  • Hi Kingsley, what channels, appart from meetings and seminars, work also for you?

  • Hi Godfrey, good to hear that it works in your case! What channels are the most effective for you?

  • Hi Aga,
    Do you have any advices how to build those good connections?

  • Thank you Lilit! Absolutely understood.

  • Hi Neelam, I see that you are not doing anything. You are participating in our course and prepare yourself for better opportunities. Thanks for taking part in the course and good luck with the job.

  • Hi Bin Gao,
    I am sorry you had no access to the video. But don’t worry, there are many other videos and other materials that you will find in the whole course. For now I might recommend you also the article
    I wonder how you will comment on it from your Chinese...

  • Hi Diana, thanks for your post eon though you seem really busy person! There will be lots of stress at work and time management in the 3rd week. I hope you will find it relevant for your busy situation:-)

  • Hi Svitlana, thanks for your comments. your right, the humour might be tricky issue. I recommended the movie that is a bit provocative but also shows the courage to behave in a innovative way.

  • Absolutely right!

  • Thank you Nicola. And yes, you are right with the transcript.
    We have to work harder to be able to deliver the transcript as well.

  • Thanks Susan. I guess two of us really like to discuss and there is really not enough space for us. But I got your point! Thanks a lot for your insights.

  • Hi, the circle idea is very interesting! thanks for that. There will be just the issue to compromise between the very individualistic point of view and the group and the universal perspective. Maslow really wanted to show something very universal and I thinks that to some extend it works, naming the very basic categories, but working with different people, all...