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  • An awesomely interesting & informative course! Topical to me, both in the way of my own genetics & origin, and my possible pregnancy to be. Thanks each contributor to the course.

  • Though I have NOT done any of the assignmetns (and I do apologize for my lack of time), I really enjoyed the course since firstly, it's well-structured, very-well shot (scenery, background, voice, intonation, theatrical approach, in general). I liked the idea of multi-interpretation, analysis & comparison made. Found myself in my childhood, where all mentioned...

  • It's better to stay sphere-focused and client-oriented, offering your USPs

  • IG, LinkdIn, FB work perfectly

  • Beside reading a lot articles & books, I watch global news from different sources, listen to various podcasts & watch interviews of great personalities from different spheres as role-models

  • a superb tutorial

  • The most challenging in fam business is the skill to separate inside-fam issues from those at work. E.g.: if argued yesterday, it must not impact prosperity of the business tomorrow.... yet, in most of cases, it might become one of the reasons of splitting up...

  • Architect INTJ-A, which I absolutely agree with

  • Being an entrepreneur is the ability to monetize your own idea, filling your own niche in the market, knowing your USPs, after having analyzed offer & demand aspects and drawn up a business plan. It's the passion to sell your talents, not just share them.

  • Robo or Rebo (as it introduced itself) ?

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  • I adore brand-based uniforms in fitness & wellness, HoReCa & Airways.

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  • I always incorporate cross-cultural aspects into my teaching. E.g.: I teach English through dancing

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  • Though I was absolutely silent during the course, I've been endlessly impressed with each reply in the chat box as each attendee is NOT indifferent to the sit. Being a Central Asia citizen, I couldn't give opinions or advice, since I am not a local or the EU resident. And there is no great sample to follow in the place of my dwelling. Yet, for me, as an...

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  • thanks for giving us an opporunity of witnessing a great piece of muz being born. I love the lyrics being wrapped into a melody & other layers spectrum. fruitful cooperation: superb guitar techniques & a nice voice tembre.