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Gavin Smillie

I am a part of the Careers Service information team providing employability support.


  • @RichardMurray Yes you could include it in a work section
    That section could be called "work and volunteering experience"

  • This will come up later. (But in the UK it would not be common practice to include a picture)

  • As best you can, treat it as a normal interview where you don't know anyone. I hope this course helps.

  • Just follow a normal sentence structure. Look out for proper nouns

  • Hiya, sentence case unless it is a proper noun

  • We read through the comments. But for the most point we allow the community to interact with one another.

  • No, as the video says, smart clothing is key.
    I don't tend to wear belts and wear either black or brown shoes

  • No at the moment, but you might want to have a look at a job advert to see what they expect of you. The further you go through the course the more skills you will pick up in order to write a good CV

  • It depends on your writing style - there is no hard rule. I tend to use shorter sentences or bullet points

    You'll see some examples in week 2

  • @CaroleBenew Great response

  • We all wish you look going forward!

  • Yes, it can be optional.
    That being said is the personal profile adding anything which isn't in your covering letter.

  • When using bullet points you can do this as you are not writing whole sentences

  • How many do you think and why?
    Other people may want to answer

  • I think always give it a try.
    You never know what has happened that day to that person. All you can do is your best and then think about those things later. Otherwise it will cloud your thinking and judgement in that moment.

  • Great range of comments here

  • @MaAnnaLizaGancenia really interesting comment. Also with your example the interviewer will be able to ask themselves do your values match up with the organisations.
    If you're ever struggling to answer a question, just think why are they asking me that. with that comment they want to hear more about you as a person, will you fit in, how can you be motivated,...

  • Let us know how you get on and good luck :)

  • So I have. I was about 21 having an interview for a type of HR role. I was asked about a time where I had to break bad news to someone, how I dealt with it etc.

    At that age I didn’t have that many examples and it was a question I didn’t expect.

    After taking a few seconds to think about it - I used an example of managing a football team and not selecting...

  • That sounds like your browser is preventing you from downloading the pdf

  • That's great to know Alice! That being said, your hard work is the reason why you got the job. So be massively proud of yourself.
    Good luck in the new role!

  • While I understand what you mean, the term "game" is changing over time. "Simulation", "interactive material", "game" can all fall within in the same bracket. For me personally, I think "gamification" of both learning & working will be one of the main alternations in society within the next 50 years.

  • I actually think the opposite can be the case. Often when interviewing we find that some of the best examples can come from volunteering. These opportunities tend to be completed alongside a full time job, it shows fantastic drive, dedication and ability to showcase a different skill. A job title does not define us, I am interested in all aspects of that...

  • Great advice

  • I wouldn't suggest copying and pasting your answers from this into a job application. Instead this is to mentally jog your memory to keep track of what you have done.
    Personally, I do the opposite to this. I write down which skills I don't have and try to work on those. But either way it is about developing and then becoming comfortable articulating those...

  • Throughout this course we hope to help with this questions, as it is difficult. So many times I have seen CVs that include everything about that person. What I am more concerned is, can you do the job that I am recruiting for? You need to reflect on if you are showcasing skills that direct relate to that. If I had 3 tips for a good CV it is tailor, tailor,...

  • Good question, you'd pick a couple of skills, which link to the person specification. This is how you tailor each CV to each job

  • This course should help with that

  • We would say normally 2 pages are enough. But please do look at the application details, previous job adverts have made specific requests i.e a one page CV

  • Good question and possibly you are right, but that's when your experience comes into play as these will be unique. While this course is a great framework, it is up to you to provide yourself with opportunities to differentiate yourself through a range of methods; mentoring, volunteering, work experience, active reflection and adaptation. This is how you truly...

  • I am sorry you didn't get the role. However, well done on putting yourself forward. Keep going and never stop trying!

  • Hi Virada,
    I would have a look through each page to make sure you have ticked the "Mark as completed" button.
    You'll also be able to see which sections you are missing from the "to do" section at the top of the page.

  • I hope the interview went well

  • Normally a SOP is required at overseas universities. In the US it is common.
    We'd actually suggest pretty much the same advice.

    Two important aspects are:
    - Reading through the information and follow instructions - word count
    - Tailoring it to what they are looking for

    Terminology can throw people off, but if you follow the information on the left...

  • Because of this comment I looked up him up. Really interesting answer, thank you for sharing @LornaMcCluskey

  • Fantastic comment

  • This is more of a personal thing however I:
    Set up a Excel spreadsheet with the link to the role I am interested in, the closing date, and with any further reading I need to do
    I also have a folder on my desktop called jobs and then sub folders for each role I apply to. The sub-folder has the information connected to the role (person spec job description and...

  • @LornaMcCluskey conversations like this is the reason I love reviewing these courses

  • @RebeccaWilliams just to add to that, I often say you can fake a lot of things. Enthusiasm isn't one.

  • I am interested to see who responds to your question.

  • 7 weeks is a very short time. Depending on how long you have worked for, it would be unlikely that they would ask.
    Fundamentally you are trying to feel better, but allowing time for self introspection, evaluation and being able to implement those changes would be a positive.

  • I agree with you, for me this is the most complicated section as there are so many variables. Going to the summer job for example, I have known employers look at that information in great detail especially as you become more senior. They want to know that you have hands on experience at all levels and worked your way up. Dedication getting your hands dirty...