Danielle Fitussi

Danielle Fitussi

English has been with me all my life, studies, work as a teacher and now as a voluntary coach at UCP Paris-Nanterre University, France and a student with FutureLearn

Location Paris area, France


  • Thank you Scott I have been harsh comparing my 20 students (in each class) with an open online course. Plus, I diverted you from what I would like: a season 2 for both courses and this is bad.
    I have just loved them so much

  • Hello dear mentors,
    I finished the course a few days ago. I have written an appreciation note and Scott has kindly answered my message on Linkedin. Karen has liked many of my posts but apart from following her I can't write to her.
    The site does not allow it.
    Of course I understand neither Karen nor Scott can react or reply to all our messages and our...

  • @OlivierBonetti You too from France... I have happy to exchange with you. For sure it might be the Russian pronunciation but I still like my idea about the unconscious Freudian slip

  • @CruzCastillo It was for the sake of discusing and I am happy you have replied.
    I like exchanging with my felllow students. It's a rich way to learn and imporove.
    Don't worry too, I know we are dealing with a story and certainely not with people we know

  • @RaffaellaO. I am like you Raffaella, not a tenderfoot any more. I am rather on the other side of the spectrum and I still teach and just love sharing.
    I feel that because I teach I have to learn and renew the activities and way of teaching stuff. Here, on Chasing Time English, is the best place to all that and cherry on the cake - enjoy the stories told

  • @MasaoOnoda Yes, Susie and Jimmy might have a future together and that can be an other ending. Susie really like Jimmy and might be a good partner.
    Jenny can't heal so quickly. Jimmy left her after Maggie's death and didn't help her to heal, so deep was he in his own grief. This might be a dead end.

  • Agreed

  • @CruzCastillo Cruz you said ... A logic ended could be Jenny lost control. She shoots Jimmy, wounds him, and kills him. Jenny is captured and imprisoned and Daniel the same.
    I think it is too harsh, I don't want Jimmy to be killed. I don't want Jenny to lose control and be a criminal.
    Daniel is a traitor and sold secrets... Do we know which? Can he be even?...

  • I am a romantic. I would like Jenny and Jimmy to go back together and try to heal and make up for lost time.

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    I have been learning English for ages and I, still, discover nuggets in FutureLearn which airs Chasing Time English.

    I have watched and studied Skipper's Pass before Fortune and enjoyed both.

    It is true that a good story with suspense makes us want to go further without loosing our motivation. it is a brilliant way to trigger our pleasure.
    My only...

  • Hi, first thing I would to say I have NOT understood the previous exercise about - Saying goodbye. 5 answers out of 6 were wrong.
    I will have to review this sequence again

    Second, I'd say thank you so much for this excellent story and series of exercises to learn. An open-ended story is a must if we want a season 2.

  • Daniel is a jerk! I have never liked him, from the start!

  • @AvgustaGritsenko This is what I think, too

  • @GracielaOsorio A soap opera, you said, Graciela?
    Desappointing, isn't it? Jimmy abandonning Jenny!
    And now, what? In spite of them grieving their daughter's death, their separation, they still feel for each other and I don't think Jenny will ever shoot Jimmy

  • Dear mentors, it is possible not to have the video posted at the beginning, before the synopsis because the 1st thing I do is to watch the video then to scroll down and then read ....
    I just regret this course is getting to its end. 6 weeks aren't just enough; I need a season 2
    Thanks for this great course

  • @BeatrizReyes It could be something like that! Jenny wants to get rid of Daniel. The 1st video we saw of Daniel and Jenny in their kitchen doesn't spell happiness and Jenny looked anxious

  • @NawChitHninWai I don't agree with you, I think Jimmy was, is and will be in love with Jenny. The photo of Jimmy, Jenny and a little girl between them says a lot. They loved each other and still love each other (i.e Jenny's heart necklace) but something happened and I really want to know what it is.

  • @AungMin So, am I, clueless, but not Jimmy said ' Jenny is not in danger'

  • @TanyaBolotna
    Tanya, I just adore the Freudian slip you have made when you spelt Daniel as 'Denial'. It's just great because Daniel is not telling the truth and he is a fake so ... Denial.
    My, I just love it!

  • It is true, that some intrusive questions are a no-no! It also depends on how much close you are to the person you are talking to and how much you trust her or him

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    Something is bugging me! How can Jimmy say that Jenny is gonna be just fine just after EJ has reported about 'Bridget' and Jenny talking over the phone very often?
    What info has he processed to think he is close to resolving the case and finding Jenny?

  • Jimmy and Jenny in heaven with a little girl between them. Their daughter?
    Here is - for me, the core of Jimmy's involvement to look for Jenny

  • @SaraTomat could be?

  • The mystery deepens

  • I like the way you wrap up things

  • I'd say that whatever Daniel has done Jenny's fate is at stake, so Jimmy will carry on and help

  • In 30 seconds, at the beginning of the video, we have in a nutshell, the 4 protagonists: Jenny Jimmy waiting for Daniel, the best man, to find the rings and EJ witnessing this scene and not feeling so happy.
    Interestingly enough Jenny and Jimmy should be the center of attention, and yet Daniel is already disrupting the harmony of the scene

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    I wish we had stayed in New Zealand longer when we went there but we had to come back home.

    I wish I had gone to Singapore when my niece was working there, now she is back to France.

  • Thank you for the radiant face of the actress playing the part of Jenny at the beginning of the 2nd part of the lesson.

  • Me too, I wish I had mre time to study

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    TLC has never hurt anyone

  • That's harsh!

  • and? Could you explain more? Does this make her less professionnal?

  • I have to apologize to Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton whose names I mispelled (My predictive dictionary did it, but my bad eyesight didn't help on my cell phone). Yes, do check these two fine female writers and read their novels.

  • Thank you Tom, however, I do not want to depise the scenarists and the director's skills. They designed the story and made the film. I hope we will read the credits at the end of week 6.
    I think the necklace is a huge clue for Jimmy, it reinforces his wish to solve the problem.

  • Oops a little error it is - a Hitchkock's film of course!

  • Gabriel, your comment reminds me of a song by Doris Day in an Hitchkock film The man who knew too much. Do you know it?

  • I know you can't reply or react to all the messages and I thank you for 'liking' what I have said about New Zealand.
    I hope you can develop more lessons like these two courses you are sharing with Future Learn a great place to learn and share

  • Window shopping is the best way not to spend too much.

  • When Daniel showed Jimmy the ransom video, the first thing I saw, was the necklace. This was really surprising: a woman wearing a jewel given by a man while she is married to another, has something to cover up.
    So our goal is to uncover the cover ups!

  • Just looking at the pictures provided I fell the mystery deepens: at the beginning of chap 3 we have a photo of Jimmy with his hand on Jenny in a sweet embrace; at the end of chap 4 a photo of Jimmy and Jenny in Hamilton beautiful gardens (thx for the article on the lacation of the film) exchanging their wedding vows.
    What has happened in the meantime?

  • I agree with you it is the best place to improve your English skills, with fun

  • True but how come he married Jenny when he 'was at their wedding' in the first place? What has happened in the meantime?

  • Yeah, even if I like Jimmy Daniel is the most complex.

  • I don't want to sound like a traveling brochure but for me New Zealand is THE place to visit.
    A few years ago we went there and spent 3 weeks driving from Auckland to Wanguerei and Cape Reiga then down to Hamilton, Rotorua, Napier and Wellington for a crossing to Picton onto the Southern Island. Each of this location has a special flair and Rotorua a special...

  • So am I. I am so eager to know what is happening next that I am one week ahead

  • I just wish it was like that in the old days when I was studying as a kid

  • Indeed, we know from Episode 1 that she's been kidnapped so the ransom video is the next obvious step

  • Suspense! Isn't it horrible we have to wait...

  • At the beginning of the episode, a flashback scene showed Jimmy giving Jenny a gold necklace and promising to come back as soon as possible.

    Then, in the present time, Jimmy is visiting EJ; he needs her help to investigate into CCI. Then Jimmy is in his car, taking photos outside of CCI. At the same time, Jimmy’s neighbor Susie has used her spare key to...

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    My husband needed me to have a look at his computer!

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    My husband: “I need you to do me a favour.” My husband needed me to do him a favour.
    That is very easy, I am an IT expert and he is a chef. We trade skills

  • extremely clear and detailled explanation. Thanks

  • I just love speaking English and it is my second language. I feel different because I develop skills which were not infused in me with my mother tongue. Speaking another language demands a lot of the speaker.
    When I speak English I am in command of skills I learnt

  • And I am not a feminist like a 'Me2 activist'

  • We, women, are lucky to be a part of the workforce but it is not the case everywhere.

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    I have read the comments down page 1 and I found interesting that stereotypes are still alive.
    Why is E.J's appearance mentioned so many times.

    Can't we women be clever, professionnal and 'ugly' ? Or clever, professionnal and beautiful and badly dressed?

    I love, female investigators i.e Sara Pretsky's V.I or Sur Grafton's Kinsley Millhone. Check them...

  • true, she works under cover

  • Erika AKA E.J is a P.I under the radar and an expert in I.T.

    I could not resist the fun of playing with the langguage

  • sorry, ponder, of course

  • Yes, who is Jimmy visiting at the cementary? First, I thought it was a woman, Jenny? Then when it was obvious it wasn't I started to pon

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    In French, this locution means 'rake the bottom of a river' to clean it, and it reminds me of the boats which were dragging up the bottom of the oceans during WW2 for explosives.

    Here, it has a similar meaning because when we drag up something about someone or ourself it uncovers what it is covered up.

  • I will always remember I own Jimmy a great deal and he has become a rascal and I resent it. However, Jenny's involved and her life is at stake. So I will try to help if I can

  • 1. It is obvious a private investigator has to negociate most of the time. 2. As a teacher in the main secondary school of the city I can't go under the radar when I go shopping

  • I am happy to learn with you Pamela. I also enjoy tailoring courses for my students so they can address their individual goals.

    Since you were a lecturer in Romance Languages and audited a program in Martinique, French West Indies, you must speak French like me, another bond?

  • Hello everyone! I am glad to be a part of Preparing for Graduate Study in the US. My name is Danielle and I am a teacher trying to understand how it works so I can advise my students. My professional background includes many fields such as history, psychology, online learning, educational techniques and language acquisition in English, Spanish and...

  • I agree, Angelica and Serge.
    Daniel and Jimmy were good friends and even more after Daniel extracted his from crossfire however Jenny was there as on the photo a pivotal element.
    For now we know what Daniel says.

  • I have another question today.
    I think it is unkind and disrespectful of the people who run the course and the other students to snow us/them under full pages of irrelevent answers and monosyllables (yes, ok, okey, great .... so on and so forth) which make us/them lose a lot of time scrolling.

    Why not tackle with the content and really study?

  • I am amazed that as a baby (re: the photo) you are already mastering English. You are an example for all of us.

  • Danielle Fitussi made a comment

    I found the first 5 items in the News Report Quiz very easy to decode because I speak French and the English words were similar to French.
    Speaking French is very helpful sometimes.

  • I have a question for our mentors and creators of the course.
    Why is Daniel the only character to bear a full name?
    We have the woman in red... no name, just a kind of description.
    There are Jenny, Jimmy Susie: is it to make them more pleasant and loveble or mysterious in the case of EJ, Jimmy's counterpart?

    Thanks for your input

  • Indeed, succeeding in something we assign ourselves is important for our self esteem.
    I have 'many diplomas' but they are in a file in a cupboard and I haven't seen them for a while. And I really don't care.
    What I like is the knowledge and I keep learning especially now I do NOT need a diploma.
    However, here we are talking about something else: Daniel...

  • I want to correct this! Sorry.
    he knows Jimmy will, because Jenny is involved and her life is at stake

  • I'd say Jimmy knows he can't call the police for many reasons: his past and certainly what he has just done. He doesn't want to tell Jimmy anything, he just want him to help and he knows Jimmy will becayse Jenny i sinvolved and her life is at stake.

  • @EkaterinaKamneva and myself. Here we now Jenny is between the two men just like on the photo

  • Liz, I see you are exploring and learning new languages. Are you by any chance learning French ? I also see you live in Goettingen and I know of a excellent French song you might already know. Here, it is, to listen to if it is new to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0sNy1xOhRc
    I find it so moving.