Olivier CATEURA, PhD.

Olivier CATEURA, PhD.

Professor of Strategy & Innovation at emlyon business school, Olivier CATEURA is an expert on the energy sector, and was the academic director of the MOOC New Energy Technologies (2015-2018)

Location Lyon, Grenoble & Paris, France


  • Thanks. That's why this MOOC is for. To present and introduce energy efficiency and renewable energies ! If the demand and the need rise offers will follow.

  • Dear Suzanne,
    Thank you very much for your message. You are right. Schools are cornerstone for the Transition. Our Academic Partners (Grenoble EM and GINP ENSE3) are already on this process, through innovation in the "Learning Model" and through infrastructure (Smart Building - Smart Campus : GreenER).
    I hope that it will go more globally from Kindergarten...

  • Dear Karolina,
    All the further readings are just proposal if you want to go further ! It's not necessary to read them to validate the mooc. Videos, integrated papers and quizz are the only "must do" activities if you want to learn and progress.
    Have fun.

  • Dear Joseph. Thanks for the link !

  • Dear Ron, Thanks for your impressive contribution to our mooc. We have the feeling you like it a lot !

  • We are very happy to open this new topic this week. We look forward to reading from you.
    This topic is usually not so well-known as a renewable technology. We are sure you will learn a lot, even if it's sometime a bit technical. That's part of the process :-)

  • Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments. Indeed, Schneider Electric has been a partner on this topic. Each module has been developped by a team of academics from Academics (GEM, Grenoble Institute of Technology, CEA, NGOs...) and Industry leaders. You will discover soon many other contributions form AirLiquide, General Electric, CNR, Photowatt, RTE, Enedis... At the...

  • Dear David, Dear Mickaël,
    Thanks for your contribution. Indeed we have the chance to have a great variety of contributors : academics, researchers, business developpers. All the experts involved in this MOOC are here to share knowledge and share their passion for these new energy technologies. I'm sure you will all learn a lot form them but also from all the...

  • Dear Arthur,
    Thanks for you post. Unfortunatly, we won't deal with nuclear energy and fusion in this MOOC. Sorry. I'm sure you will find a MOOC for your interest soon.

  • Hi Jacques ! Thanks for joining !

  • Dear Ron,
    Thank you very much for your remarks. We will discuss your view with our experts.

  • Thanks Mansour. Yes. We all hope and wish clean and renewable energies for Africa. It's an enabler for sustainable development. Energy efficiency and electrification is a first step.

  • Thanks xiangyu meng for your post ! Indeed, in China it's moving very fast.. but the road is still very long. As usual if China decided a strategic move, all the country is impacted.. we hope the China will be for many years to come a great leader in the developpement of new energy technology. it's already one of the largest investors now.

  • Thanks Stephen for your post. And thanks Mickaël for the reply. Yes Wind is a very important topic, but we decided to keep it for next year... Actually, when we created this mooc last year, we didn't get all the experts needed to set it up. It should be done next year :-)

  • Hi Carlos,
    Thanks for your contribution. and Clem for the comments.
    Yes, France is very engaged in the development of clean energy. It's not leading country (Germany for example is also very engaged), but a very active one like most UE Countries.
    check :...

  • Check inside the video "subtitle" and select french :-)

  • Hi !
    The futurelearn framework is in english but you can see the video (and the transcripts) in french yes !

  • Hi everybody !
    The team and me are very happy to welcome you on this new edition !
    Have fun, learn a lot and spread the word !
    It's starting now !

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