Phillipa Arthur


I am a TESOL professional at the university level. I have taught in five different countries.

Location Muscat, Sultanate of Oman



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    I am a TESOL instructor by profession. However, I have not had the opportunity to use research skills in a loooooog time. This course will be a refresher to resources that can aid in research.

  • I was introduced to bubble tea in South Korea. I'm only now learning that it originates in Taiwan!! I don't like the texture of the bubbles i.e. tapioca in this format, so I don't drink bubble tea. Matcha any day!!!!

  • I used to have a comfortable command of day-to-day Chinese. However, I have lost all those listening n speaking skills.

  • Wo jia you liu ge ren.

  • I have an attraction to Mandarin. One of my very good acquaintances is from Taiwan.

  • I learned a little Chinese in the past but have forgotten everything. I would like to gain a basic understanding of the language.

  • I was able to design a basic 3 page app; I can definitely see how app design can become a very involved activity. I can happily say that I got the gist of what to do, however, I will definitely need to access more of the tutorials.

  • What I can take away from this week is that sometimes we need a shift in mindset, in perception- educators should see themselves as capable of producing an impactful app.

  • I am a tertiary level educator, who uses lots of tech daily and is simply curious about how apps are created.

  • I am a TESOL professional at the tertiary level. I would say that I have incorporated digital technologies (computers/laptops; projectors; interactive whiteboards) into my instruction for close to 15 years. Currently, these mainly serve as a delivery medium, however, I do incorporate interactive websites and apps periodically.

  • Sustainability = biodiversity + contamination + renewable. As a daily consumer of food, it makes sense that I develop a more profound understanding of what undergirds food production.

  • My food choices are driven by the country of origin of the product (knowing that there are countries that are less or not reliant on harmful fertilizers and poor water sources), ingredient lists and terminology such as- organic (although I do not exclusively eat organic) and non-GMO. My fundamental knowledge of threats which exist in the food production system...

  • I'm currently based in the Middle East but am from the Caribbean. Since I am a daily consumer of food, it makes sense to educate myself about food production beyond organic and GMO.......

  • I am an English language educator at the tertiary level who is completely unfamiliar with programming. At the end of this course, I hope to have gained a fundamental knowledge of programming concepts.

  • Here is another collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds- The BBC is also offering free recordings- Please read all licencing details prior to use.

  • I look forward to activating all the knowledge and guidelines provided during the course. Thank you for the guidance.

  • I would ask an experienced storyteller how do they know when they have done 'it'. How do they know when they have delivered captivating or emotive content; or engaged their audience.

  • Caribbean culture has so much texture and so many facets to it that listeners would be engaged.

  • I would like to walk away with a more stable understanding of what should be considered to formulate engaging content and how it could be produced and shared with the public.

  • To the best of my (new-found) knowledge and ability, I will dedicate time over the summer to examining personal cyber security issues. I will re-evaluate: my settings for app permissions; browser settings; password strengths; online profiles; online shopping etc. etc.

  • As the technology evolves and its associated crime escalates, so too will the 'solutions' need to innovate.

  • Although the IOT is presented as a technological advance and a convenience, I believe that the risks far outweigh the benefits. I would be content with a home that is minimally connected.

  • I use PayPal whenever available as a payment option. I also divide my domestic and international online purchases among my debit/credit cards.

  • This is my first foray into the topic of Cyber Security. I'd like to educate myself about aspects of the field.

  • I think businesses should have set their objectives when engaging with customers for the first time on social media.

  • I am most interested in learning how to plan/create/construct a successful social media presence.

  • Believe it or not, I do not use any form of Social Media. Hence my reasons for taking this course to educate myself about Social Media.