Nedwin Lembar Hermavian

Nedwin Lembar Hermavian

I'm an entrepreneur and business consultant. I maintain my expertise by joining Future Learn.

Location Indonesia



  • I can play along with this all day long. Thank you Future Learn.
    Anyway, you might edit the 'insert' section code, and 'combine list' section code.

  • #String
    Space=' '
    output: Lauren Hurrier Manuel

  • Doesn't really hard like I thought before. Nice stuff.

  • Cool!

  • A beginner here. Glad to join this course.

  • Nice interview session. Each country has their own policy. But this sharing is good as reference. Thanks.

  • That INFFER tool is really helpful. Thank you David!

  • In Indonesia, the county I live, Surabaya, there are lots of farm houses and field crops. It's been thousand years ago where planting and seeding started, particularly in the age of Majapahit Kingdom era where the King, Hayam Wuruk, revolutionized the way of planting using iron based-tools. It then increased the outputs in Java and soon to be scaled up until...

  • The company I work has been ISO 14001 certified, so I think I need this course. Thanks for allowing me to join.

  • Thank you, this course is just amazing!

  • The central tendency and descriptive stats are my faves!

  • Hi, Ned here. I'm currently learning HACCP after my company got FSSC certification so I need to maintain my knowledge on this. Glad to be a part of the class.

  • Educate people through digital way, and then unify them in diversity-based social media.

  • Glad to see you Jessie.
    Nice to be here in the class.


  • Emission and pollution issues are two things we need to boost up on social media and social movement. The barrier is, companies are still doing production that affects to environment and society.

  • I'm a data enthusiast from Jakarta. I think this course would expand my knowledge on certain topics in data engineering.

  • Yes, graph, central tendency (central of location), correlation, skewness, kurtosis, and ethics, they are all good and interesting. Thanks for the knowledge sharing.

  • This ethics in data analysis is so important. It's dangerous if one misinterpret it and send it to public. Thanks for the explanation.

  • This course is what I've been looking for.

  • Thanks brother, it helps! Regards.

  • Very well presentation on the vid. Can't wait for the next page lesson.

  • I'm trying to open the arff file in notepad but it didn't open. It's opened in Weka only by default.

  • Nominal and numeric are well known and often used in statistical term while discrete and continuous are familiar and often used in machine learning or data science. CMIIW.

  • Interface looks really cool!

  • Thank you so much Rob and Mary and team for all of the good work on this course.

  • Glad to be here. This course is exactly what I've been looking for.

  • Would love to go forward. Thanks Ian.

  • Thanks for the advice Dr. Katrina. I get it clearer now.

  • Understandable all, but I got things better in the second vid.

  • I have Blinkist app that tells story based on popular books. I understand what they say clearly and thus improve my English too.

  • I often visit to learn to study, and go to to do self-assessment.

  • I think it is important to know the differences. I might support our knowledge on this topic.

  • I hope to learn some new methods in using EMI.

  • I would make a lesson plan consists of topic, competence, and also the EMI. Derived from that, I'd like to try and implement it in the classroom sustainably.

  • I will start by using general terms and proceed to convey all the deliverables in English slowly.

  • They expect national language. But still I encourage them to use several terms in English.

  • I found it hard to implement English as lingua franca in my previous teachings. Students usually don't really care about tenses or grammatical matters. I live in a place where English as medium instruction is not an option. So I really made myself confident first before creating a new habit.

  • Optimism can bring light to the barriers that might impede the process.

  • Interesting topic.

  • I think I will improve my English proficiency and learn more about intercultural studies so I might be able to teach appropriately.

  • Using English as a medium of instruction would be very beneficial for both students and teachers. Especially for those who don't live in a country where English is not their mother language. So, I think one should really have an ability in English first before going further teaching content using English.

  • Such a challenge for you then. Good luck.

  • I like this EMI discussion. In my place there is a popular motto often use in this field; "Think Global Act Local", means that one should bring a local wisdom into their global learning experience. I found it related with this EMI topic.

  • CLIL and EMI are both new to me. Nice explanation.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Nedwin from Surabaya, Indonesia. I join this course to improve my knowledge in English teaching since I run an English school in my place. Can't wait to start the course.

  • Glad to be here, I need this course since I run an English school and the knowledge I get might help me improving curriculum and method in teaching.

    Thank you.

  • I think qualitative and quantitative could be collaborated well in a research.

  • Nice test. Thank you.

  • Deep Learning and Machine Learning might be two great ways in starting to understand AI.

  • Tech know-how:
    I'd learn coding in 6 months for web-development, and then create my first project, and then, take action in selling.

  • I think I need more improvement at learn the tech know-how. That's the point where I might grow in this digital era.

  • Nice to know this skill family.

  • I mostly agree with the information on the video.

  • It at least give me a relieve since I ridiculously scared to AI and robot at the first time. Thanks for this good course.

  • I have a plan in the future, to become a data scientist. So, I choose subject matter expertise, process and analysis.

  • Management and Leadership

  • AI delivers positive vibe. It's a proof that human can actually living together with it.

  • So, I think AI is beneficial foe the development of the industry. There's a coffee manufacturing company 3 km's from my house. Most of the operations are using AI and robotic technologies. Only 25 something employees are there, and the rest are techs. That's the truest AI I've ever seen in my life bare-sightly. I myself, developing my learning application for...

  • @Abdul-karimAhmed Very true. We learn many things from it.