• Not yet but excited by the prospect of being one and helping contribute to the growth of an economy and being self reliant instead of relying on government or existing businesses to put food on the table.

  • I agree with Ian Boatman and Mohammed Obaidat.

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    It's very interesting and scary at the same time to see what tech can do

  • Selling shares to investors is not such a bad idea because they also offer valuable guidance and they can advise them on how to pitch. This could turn out as a learning curve for them because at some point if that's your only last option, you going to have to do it and just learn to stand tall through it all.
    Going to the banks too can be an option, because...

  • Crowdfunding is the best way to start & government funding can be helpful too, but the setback can be that there's only a limited amount they can offer you.
    Business Angels can be an additional way to get funding since they also provide experience, skills and contacts. These are my most favourable finance schemes

  • I would go with crowdfunding because it's much more easier as a beginning point and you receiving free capital from people who believe in your business idea. There's not many complications

  • Option A & D are a go for. She'll able to do what she loves while also creating a name for herself

  • She shouldn't leave out the last opportunity when choosing because it looks like it has many opportunities for her but also she should also add what she loves too because that's why she first opened up the business

  • Sales, expenses, income and profit

  • It allows you to keep track of your financial performance as a business and allows you to plan ahead for any unexpected failure in future.

  • It's her choice at the end of the day as long as it will work out for her and as long as she does what she loves.

  • Option B can work if there's enough income to take care of expected expenses once she sets up an industry and option B is viable if she wants to expand her business and be in control of it.

  • How would the processes differ for a website business and the fashion retailer discussed in the video?
    The fashion retailer deals more with tangible goods and information flow while the website deals more with intangible goods but both work hand in hand in getting the product/service out there to customers/clients.

  • Option A and C is the best so far!

  • I'm more of an implementer because I'm more of a doer than commanding people to complete tasks. I would like to assume the role of a team leader.

  • People that understand you & share the same vision. People that are loyal & have different characteristics to meet the demands of a business.
    Ideas are shared & everyone works towards this one goal to make a business successful & that's one of the reasons teamwork is there.

  • A Blog connected/linked to social media & YouTube with a wide variety of audience will do so that she has a wide market.

  • Quite eye opening

  • She can go on with all the other options & put the magazine on hold so long while she gets to improve on the other things.

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    This is something new for me because I would have never looked at things the way Emma does. She's so good at spotting opportunities & being aware of the needs of her market & she uses that to her advantage. She really got me thinking there.

  • I know of a man who started his own business going door to door advertising his product which is selling different types of meat of which he hunted himself. He started his business in a small container & from there on expanded it into a big company. He sells meat to all kinds of businesses in bulk or any quantity the buyer would like to purchase at, therefore...

  • An entrepreneur can be born or made because those born into it are exposed to it while others are made entrepreneurs & in the process realise that they actually have a passion of becoming an entrepreneur.