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I am Kalayar from Burmese and I am an English language teacher.I want to improve my English.

Location Burmese (Yangon)


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    We know about play and language development well.Thanks for giving ideas.

  • Playing is one of the interesting things for children to communicate with language.I like to play with children to develop their language skills.Time is an important thing for children to play.

  • Thanks for giving ideas.

  • I made a model for zoo to teach the vocabularies about the animals.Today,we are going to visit a zoo and I will ask them 'Do you want to go to the zoo with me?'.I will show a model of zoo and we are arriving the zoo now.Now,we are seeing monkeys 'What do monkeys like to eat?' and the teacher will use a recorder of animals' voices 'Can you hear their voices?'I...

  • This activity is very interesting for young children to teach new vocabularies and to know the things that are needed to go camping.

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    In my country,we teach to say the letters of the alphabet and numeral by using alphabet and numeral cards firstly.The children listen and say the letters and numeral well.We also teach to say the words by showing picture cards and real objects.And then,we also teach some instructions such as Stand up,Sit down,Come here and so on.We always teach English...

  • Yes,I like your advise.We will need to use this advice.

  • In my opinion,the children can say the simple word while the teacher are showing the thing and introducing the thing the first time.When they see this thing the next time,they can say the word well.They can't tell some conversation while they are playing with their friends because they are shy.

  • I totally agree above statements. Playground is one of the important things to play for children.They can play freely and happily.Not only playing room but also playground must be safe and tidy for all children.

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    We can make our classroom with many interesting things for young children such as hand puppets and glove puppets,charts,models,kits,books,stickers and children's handmade drawings and toys.The teacher can give some motivation for children to get good teaching aids for their lessons.

  • This is a perfect classroom fòr the young children.In this classroom,children can choose their needs for their learning and they can get good opportunities for teaching and learning activities.

  • All children need a lot of time to play because playing can help to develop their skills.I think play can help a child's language development .For example,I want to teach about Cinderella's story so I will call some students in front of the class and I will let them dramatise to demonstrate the story.In above case,children can develop their listening and...

  • I agree this ideas.I think'I am playing with my children to build their beautiful future ahnd to develop their mind.'

  • I don't agree 'If it's too much fun,they are not learning.Above this statement, 'Play is a process' and 'Learning is a process, too.'

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    In Myanmar,boys like to play with football and girls like to play with dolls.In our classroom,they like to play by using papers to make toys like to draw with colours and like to read story books.I think,their hobbies will be different so that their playing will be different.We can't control their mind and their mind always imagine their aims.We can also help...

  • I think,all children like to play and playing is important for them.If they don't play,they can't be healthy ,their developmental stages will be slow and their mind will not be fresh and active.The children can play and learn
    at the same time because playing games will help to do their lessons and exercises well.

  • Adult-led activity and Adult-initiated activity is useful for young children (Sensory Motor Stage (0-2 yrs) and Pre-operational Stage(2-7 yrs)of Piaget's developmental stages because the children can't lead their mind well and they don't know how they can control their developmental stages and they can't control themselves well.The children who are Concrete...

  • When I was young,I played football,hide and seek ,running ,climbing the trees and jumping with my siblings and my friends.I also played Teacher-Student game in which I imitated as a teacher and my freinds were students.

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    This video is not available.

  • I know about the children that they learn at different rates and in different ways.Each child has his own ability to construct his world well.It's the teacher's responsibility to plan interesting play-based activities that all children find interesting. I have discovered how to train our young children's development and how to help the difficulties of their...

  • They are the facts that we know about children's needs.

  • In my opinion,all parents and teachers should be patient,give understanding,love and warmness that are the things they need to develop their development.

  • I like this video and I can't change my opinion.Children (and even adults for that matter) like to listen songs and rhymes that can change the atmosphere in the classroom.The children can learn an additional language through listening songs.Listening and speaking are activities which are done almost always simultaneously.In the learning process,games permit...

  • In our country,English is a second language (L2).Learning the mother tongue is done in an informal way especially during the first four years of life.There are no classrooms,no blackboards,no syllabus,no school hours and no teachers.Learning a foreign language is done in a formal way.The child has to go to school,learn in a classroom systematically but English...

  • Yes,I like to plan my lesson with interesting play-based activities that should be to include all students.We want the children in our midst to become the best they can be,both intellectually and emotionally,without them feeling pressure to perform or excel.We should give children an opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and social activities and...

  • I totally agree for first,forth,fifth and sixth statements.
    I disagree for second and third statements because I think,children can really learn a language if they are playing .Children like to play games and games are part of children's life ,in most cases they learn many things through games.A three-year-old child's brain is more active than an adults' one.

  • As for me,they are good statements to prepare as a checklist of childhood development for normal and active learners.They can't be a good checklist for slow learners because they do not have validity for them.The slow learners can't learn fast to develop their developmental stages.

  • I totally agree it.All children learn at different rates and in different ways.We need to know each child starts learning in his own style and has different ability.We would like to know about everything that can be helpful to them.

  • In my developing country,our children developments may be
    Recites some number names in sequence 3-5yrs
    Can play in a group 7-11yrs
    Experiments with blocks,coloursand marks 5-6yrs
    Copies familiar expressions 2-3yrs
    Runs safely on whole foot 2-3yrs
    Listens with interest to the noises adults make when they read stories 3yrs
    Is aware that some actions can...

  • I am a practitioner for children.Children in the 3-7 age group are at a stage in their cognitive development will require special teaching methods which take their specific needs.The teachers should prepare their lessons according to the children's needs.The children like to listen music and rhymes so the teacher can teach e.g Alphabets and Numerals from...

  • Thanks a lot for all definitions.We need to know above definitions because English is taught in our country as a foreign language L2.

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    Hi everybody,I am Win Kalayar from Burmese.I love young children and I think 'Children are our most precious resource!'.

  • In my opinion, the teaching of songs and rhymes has proved itself to be an
    effective tool,especially for the promotion of oral fluency,rhythm,stress and intonation.Singing songs and reciting rhymes are always pleasurable activities for both children and grown-ups.The language teachers will teach letters and words by using picture cards,drawings and Mnemonic...

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    I want to join it and I need it.

  • Yes,I have a note book.That's a good partner for me.

  • Hello,I am an English language teacher.We can know the children can start learning even before they emerge from the womb,absorbing all sounds,motions and possibly,emotions into their rapidly growing nervous system.When they are born,they can communicate their environment with their sounds and they can discriminate between various smells and tastes and not...