Agnès Montaufier



  • It's also a nice introduction to mind mapping... Thanks

  • It's important to let the student chose if they prefer to have mindmaps or lists, so I think it's better to offer them both. Personnaly I like mindmaps best, I can make links between objects.

  • This is a great idea to stimulate motivation, thanks.

  • I liked the principle of using the tools at the same time with the prepared chart. We can use also this technique to introduce gently the mind mapping technique to the students. Thanks.

  • I had to be more focused on the text. As it is not my mother tongue, I was not very fast but at the end of time I hadn't finished the work. I needed half a minute more to finish it. My brain was stopping at each vowel and switch to the code, as when I was playing as a kid with codes or when I used to play to read on the other way round in French (you need to...

  • Hello,
    I'm interested by the teaching of foreign languages and dyslexia. I'm also convinced this will also help other learners.