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Asep Ropiudin

I am a lifelong learner who loves learning about everything.

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  • When reading a survey report, it is important for me to firstly check about its sampling frame, or the difference or variance between the actual population and the sample included in the survey. If we know that information, we can conclude whether or not the survey can generalize the entire population or not.

  • Related to the outbreak, I wonder whether or not the literacy rate in one country affects the Covid-19 cases within the country (maybe mortality rate? number of cases? number of recovered patients?).

  • I think the responsibility should come mainly from the journalist as the one who control the content production so the quality can be controlled from the first phase. Then, the readers also should have minimum data literacy to make sure what they read are valid and accurate. The readers should always have to challenge or do research on the data being presented...

  • I learned from the course that being well prepared before the class is very important. For now, maybe practical steps I can take are reading and listening to more academic materials. Taking more online courses is also helpful. Although I consider those four skills have the same importance, I might choose reading and writing as the most important ones as I...

  • Speaking during the seminar might be intimidating for me becuase I am afraid I cannot communicate the idea or the question well enough. I just wonder that my speaking is not really good to understand. Also, I am afraid how people will judge my speaking. The accent and pronounciation is also the challenging one for me. I think the seminar coordinator can...

  • To familiarize myself to academic setting, I browse some university channels on YouTube. I usually find some videos of seminars, public lectures, etc. that I can listen to. By doing this, I hope I can get myself familiar with academic listening. And yes, academic vocabulary learning does help me understand the lecture. There're usually some common vocabularies...

  • While reading, I'll make sure to eliminate any possible distraction so I can read with highest focus.

  • Compared with other types of writing, I notice that academic writing has more specific vocabularies, more formal grammar, and impersonal. Yes, it might be difficult especially for the non native English speakers, but I am sure that it can be exercised through a lot of practice.

  • So, it will be easier for us now. Thank you for the explanation, David. It's really helpful. I really appreciate that. I'll contact my friend to add the plugin anyway and see how it works.

  • Hi, David. Thanks for the explanation. Actually the website organized by my organization is a wordpress based website, you can see at . Anyway, we are not tech people, so I am not sure about the CMS that you mentioned. But I wonder whether or not the code inserted will affect the website maybe in terms of speed access, or other...

  • If I have a website with many articles (maybe about hundreds), should I insert that tracking code into all the pages I have? Any alternative? Thanks

  • Should we learn anything? No, I don't think so. As a human, I think we should have more freedom to learn which one is more important for us now, instead of just learning anything with no purpose. We should have control on the tools (Google, Web, Smartphone), not fooled by the tools instead. In short, I think we should first become really literate in using the...

  • It seems like we have the same experience about the problem, but I'm not sure. Previously, I thought my access for the archive was denied as I hit the links at the bottom to get the result. In fact, I realized that the result did not appear from those links, but in the 'Archive' tab instead. I found it just beside the active tab.
    I hope you find this helpful.

  • Great! It works. Anyway, after done with one keyword, how to do next search? Should I reopen from the source (Get TAGS) again? Or, can I simply replace the keyword I have searched before?
    I have tried to replace it and also the result in 'ARCHIVE' tab, but nothing appeared after I hit 'Run' after that.

  • For educational purposes, I will let anyone share my work under CC-BC license.

  • Previously, I used my nickname along with pseudonym for all social media I have. However, later on, when I'm a little bit aware of personal branding, I use my real name and be really careful when posting online.

  • I have never visit my city library yet as it quite far away from my home. But, I regularly visit my university library which provide me a variety of books and also computers for browsing and accessing academic journals.

  • Hi Richard,
    So far, I just browse the course categories available on each platform and find it quite helpful for me. I also use MOOC-list but sometimes feel too overwhelmed with its abundance options from so many platforms.
    Just find the way you prefer most :)

  • Hi, everyone.
    I am Asep from Indonesia. I decided to join this course because I want to know more about how to get most from the Internet. I want to be more effective and responsible for my digital life.

  • I still use my paper-based note now instead of the electronic one. However, I want to find other ways to record my notes. Sometimes it's hard to find what actually I look for in paper.

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    In terms of politics, my samples tend to post funny memes or joking about politicians, especially those outside their chosen party. The interesting point here is about people engagement in discussing political view. Two people I know offline tend to share the same posts or memes about politics and comment each others' posts online whereas they have different...

  • Your welcome, Brenda. Actually there are many platforms out there beside those I've mentioned, some of which I've tried are Open University, iversity, Open2Study, Open Learning and many more. Feel free to explore :)

  • When collaborating with others, I think it is easier for me to share with people I know both online and offline instead of expressing ideas to those I just know online. It is because when giving comments online, I usually consider how my message is understood by others.

  • In the university, I use VLE but not very often as it's usually used just to inform my assessment instead of learning journey. Meanwhile, I feel so excited in learning online through MOOC platforms like Futurelearn, Coursera, EdX, etc. as they provide freedom in learning anything I couldn't access here in my university. I really love this experience.

  • I've finished some MOOCs across platforms, one of which is Nutrition and Wellbeing here at Futurelearn. I use three devices: my PC when I want to sit down properly while studying; my laptop which I use in my bedroom; and smartphone to stay connected outside home. I use Google, especially MOOC platforms to study.

  • Hello, everyone. I'm Asep from Indonesia. During my online learning experience, I found that it's quite difficult to stay motivated taking the MOOCs I've enrolled. I hope to get some insights on this issue.

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    I think the issues of health and also population increase are global issues that we face no matter where we live. Besides, I as the advance of technology becomes wider and be more accessible throughout the world, the issue of eHealth is always relevant to many cultures, as to my culture in Asia.
    Instead, I think the point of eHealth is how to use technology...

  • I'm really new to this term. But, if I may guess, the words might be:
    technology, health, improvement

  • I'm always interested in things related to technology. As we find increasing emerging technology around us today, I just want to see how I can improve my life through technology, especially this new topic on eHealth. In short, I just want to learn to be more productive with the technology available around me. I hope to learn more about technology efficiency in...

  • I found that my sample group also post memes, but they tend to re-share interesting memes they found shared by others instead of creating their own memes. Besides, the theme of the memes is not moral memes, but much related to political comments, or public issues.

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    I can say that recently I find more groupie than selfie. Nowadays when checking my newsfeed, or even when I attended an event, groupie is always be a must at the end of every event.

  • If you use Microsoft Office, I really recommend using OneNote to do journaling. I use it as my notebooks for different purposes.

  • I use Twitter for just two main purposes. First, I followed some public figures to read their ideas among some emerging issues. Second, I use it to complain to customer services of the products I used daily such as TV channels, mobile phone, financial stuff, etc. For me, it's easier to reach them through Twitter where they can answer my complaints faster.

  • It's difficult for me to say obesity as a disease. In fact, many fat people around me feel healthy in their daily life. Rather, I can say that obesity, in some cases, can lead people to have more serious diseases.

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    The interesting point is that we need those transferable skills in doing research. It means that knowledge is not enough. Just because you are smart doesn't mean you can do effective research.

  • Finding new insights about the field and sharing them with the others are the points I can gain by conducting research. Anyway, I always love those two things: Knowing something new and sharing with others.

  • For me, critical thinking, analytical thinking, and time management will be very useful.

  • Hi, Kathryn. I'm also interested in educational research. About your work, I'm not so familiar with SAMR that you mentioned. But, do you want to evaluate technology integration in the classroom?

  • As a teacher and a lifelong learner, I always eager to know how to elevate students' learning, how to make the process of teaching and learning more efficient. So, I want to discuss the ideas about effective teaching and learning, especially with the help of emerging technologies, what opportunities do we have as teachers and learners, what kind of technology...

  • Hello, everyone.
    I'm Asep from Indonesia. I have a plan to continue my study but don't really sure about my research project. Hope this course will be helpful.
    Happy learning!

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm Asep from Ciputat, Indonesia. I'm a teacher at school now and also a lifelong learner who always loves learning something new. "Can I learn critical thinking? How can I learn it?" that's the question I've always asked to myself since my lecture said that I'm really bad at thinking critically while working on my undergrad thesis. Now, when...

  • Taking this course, I hope I can manage my time to conduct my own research. For sure, research is a long long project that need focus on both time and project management. I hope to know the research steps in more details and learn to avoid failure.

  • Hello, everyone!
    I'm Asep from Indonesia. I take this class to refresh my knowledge about how to conduct the research as the skills are very valuable for me as a scholar.

  • I am interested to see more on how to integrate technology in educational practice as nowadays there are lots of emerging technologies that can enhance the process of teaching and learning in our today classroom.

  • In my experience, I will be less stress when I prepared more. In other word, the more well prepared I am before the test, the less stress I might have. More importantly, don't forget to have breakfast before the test, I remembered when I got stomachache while taking TOEFL test just because I haven't breakfast yet.

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    As most students in the video said, my reason taking this course is to prepare for gradschool. Either IELTS or TOEFL is a must for international students like me.

  • Taking online courses is really help me to improve my listening skill. Also, academic vocabularies are also important to memorize as we have more difficult words used in the university level and different subject field may have different specific and core vocabularies.

  • Comparing to the previous week, this week seems harder to me to understand. But I enjoy the course.

  • Hello, Isobel.. So, you've taken IELTS? What do you think about the test? I will need it soon for the admission requirement but unfortunately I'm not so confident enough to take it.

  • Personally, I more like reading for pleasure like reading novel and comic than reading for academic purpose like journal and academic article. However, as a university student, reading texts in academic English is absolutely a must. Not only we can get recent and actual information in our field of study, but also we can get the other experts' idea to support...

  • The essay can not be comfortably read unless it's well organized. Thus, the essay structure is highly important to provide the readers better understanding about what our idea is. In my view, organizing idea is easier when I know what I should write and how I deliver my own idea. However, organizing idea will be difficult if I don't really sure about what I'm...

  • Academic writing, as its name, uses more formal language than the other types of writing, which means that it's not enough to know much about English because you have to use more complex vocabulary and grammar. The academic writing, in my view, is difficult enough but it may be learned if we practice over time. My advise for fellow students to improve their...

  • In academic writing, I'm totally free to propose my idea as long as I use references when acknowledging others' idea. Moreover, it's better to not use highlight our opinion and support it with the leading experts' work by using reference. Furthermore, we have to avoid stating 'absolute meaning' and have to make our writing more precise.

  • No worries.. I'm happy to help.

  • In learning a language, it is important to have colleagues to learn together because language is a communication. So, without practicing the language with my colleagues, I cannot produce or make the communication.

  • If I have that kind of situation, I will study for my upcoming important test. I will explain my duty to my family and I hope they can understand my condition.
    In my view, Ally should be responsible for the test by telling it to the family. Furthermore, Ally can promise to visit her grandma next weekend or maybe another day after the test.

  • I keep my agenda book where I can write down what I will do along the year. Also, I use time management apps in my smartphone.

  • Okay, tigo.. fortunately I'm not the only lonely one here :D
    Hello, Anna!
    Happy learning for you guys! :)

  • Hi, Sherill..
    As you can read on Wikipedia, The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are known as "pomodori", the plural of the Italian word pomodoro for...

  • For me, google scholar is very helpful. I use it for search the most recent and the most cited book or journal in the specific field of study. In addition, we can also use WorldCat or World Catalog to search books or journals

  • What a helpful test! I feel more confident now as I got 30 out of 30! In the middle of the test, sometimes I'm not so sure about my answer but fortunately it was correct. What I learnt here is that each question word has each special meaning and instruction. So, be careful with the question word.