Irene Soulsby

Irene Soulsby

I'm 63 and a member of VOICE at Newcastle Uni. I've been involved with various projects (Clinical Ageing, Gait Lab, Brain and Movement, Academic Psychiatry) I'm on Trial Steering Committees UK wide

Location Newcastle upon Tyne



  • Welcome to the course, everyone. It's great to see the worldwide interest in this course and I look forward to reading the comments

  • @TevitaMikaeleRakula it's amazing that this course is known worldwide!

  • Yes, the story about James Lind is really interesting!

  • Hello everyone! I'm Irene, and I live in the UK. I'm a cancer survivor of almost 20 years and like to say that "I'm here because of research". I discovered taking part in research by accident about 10 years ago, and I have participated in many things as a "Healthy Volunteer". Research covers many things, not just tablets and vaccines. I love seeing where...

  • @MarilynSmellie Yes, even questionnaires can contribute to research

  • Yes, I thought this was really good, I love how we can share and learn from each other

  • Yes, there is certainly a lot going on.

  • @JohnCastledine @MarilynSmellie I think I've heard recently that children "might not be small adults"

  • @AmandaBoad Yes, I'm really interested in hearing and also neuroscience

  • I thought that this was a fantastic study. It made me think that more areas would benefit from this type of study

  • Yes, I like the way that we can share what we know. There's a lot out there!

  • @lindseygleadhill Yes, a great summary!

  • Yes, it's amazing how many people contribute to Biobanks

  • Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • Yes, there are lots of opportunities. I enjoy focus groups, lots of talk going on and sharing information and experience.

  • That's a lovely thing to say @AnneLüneburg

  • Yes, lots of trials have had to be adapted. Some trials are trying to include video participants now, that might not have been thought about when the trial was designed.

  • I go to the Public Advisory Network meetings, they're really interesting and we share lots of information.

  • Some of the projects that I'm taking part in are discussing the way we live now, for example, there are so many cars that they are having a negative impact on our health, too much pollution. We have created a world where cars have had a lot of impact.

  • @AntjeCastien-Runge I was (and still am!) very conscious that "I am here because of research" and lots of people, many unknown, have contributed to me being here, and healthy. I wanted cures to "beat terrible disease", a lot of the time for others who might be diagnosed with the same disease, but I learned I could also contribute to other projects as a...

  • @SarahCluderay Yes, Biobanks are a great idea and I'm sure a lot of knowledge is gained this way.

  • Yes, Biobanks are a great idea and I'm sure a lot of knowledge is gained this way.

  • Yes, it's very complex!

  • @BolaAina Yes, mental health is so important. A lot have been affected over the last year with the pandemic

  • Wow! It's just amazing to see where people are from!

  • Welcome everyone! Looking forward to finding out where everyone is from and their interests! Health research is changing all the time and it's great when we exchange knowledge and our experiences.

  • Looking forward to meeting the participants and sharing experiences!

  • I've been especially interested in the links that have been given. It's been great to see participation internationally, too!

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    Lots of interesting and information and it's been great to read the comments. Research is constantly changing and we've certainly been aware of it recently

  • Yes, games and puzzles can play an important part

  • Lots of research has had to adapt to our virtual world, too

  • I think it's an exciting time for technology.

  • @ChristineJoanDeVilla-Ragudo Yes, they are good questions to ask, It's surprising what foods and supplements can affect trials

  • I like that, "walking alongside"

  • Research can be very complex and it's important that participants understand the studies

  • I have participated in this, too

  • Thanks for sharing this, Sarah

  • Also, the importance of involving elderly people in research, too

  • Sometimes studies use drugs that have already been well-tested and are widely-used and are "repurposed"

  • @MelindaJanePhillips I was really interested in the BIB study. I felt that it would be a good idea to have similar studies throughout the country

  • @VioletRook Yes, I remember hearing about that one

  • A very useful exercise!

  • Great to hear!

  • Behind the research are real people who can speak for many others.

  • Great to see that people are participating from all over the world! How did everyone find out about this course?

  • Hello everyone! I'm Irene and I volunteer for health research. Looking forward to the comments and hearing your stories.

  • I first found out about volunteering for Newcastle Medical School many years ago and I am a "patient" for 1st and 2nd year students. I enjoyed taking part and I looked for other opportunities. I came across the Institute of Neroscience and I have participated in many of their projects over the years. I signed up to IoN and receive an email when...

  • I always like to say that if I am going to a hospital or GP appointment I can be very nervous and it must be the same for the trainees when under pressure, especially with someone that they have not met before. It will be their life for the future, and it's great to see their confidence growing. I don't mind repeating the examination, and some medical...

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    It's been really interesting to read all of the comments and find out everyone's interest. I'll be joining up again when the course is run in the future.