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Graham Hamblin

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  • Earth’s climate changes naturally for many reasons. i recall 1974/75 a new Ice Age was forecast covering cities like New York in ice etc. Still waiting!

  • All useful stuff.

  • Smoking, epidemiology predicts one in four smokers with get cancer? If correct three out of four won't. Were they told nicotine causes platelets in the blood to become sticky and increase the risk of unwanted blood clots it might be more helpful?
    Physical activity is beneficial, it is the rest periods in between that are just as important?

  • I would put stress of modern living at the top of the list increased by the cessation of smoking?

  • I smoked for over 68 years, cigarettes, a pipe and chewed tobacco and I gave them all up on impulse over 5 years ago. I never understood, no one ever explained why, but quite recently I came across a reason. Nicotine makes the blood platelets sticky and increases the potential for blood clots to form. If correct the nicotine replacement route beggars...

  • I suspect my first stable angina attack, 30 years ago, was caused by over prescribing by my GP. Others years later when at rest by the synergy of eating grapefruit with pills I was taking. I have never had the slightest suggestion of one exercising or exerting myself.

  • Increased stress levels due to increasing population? Animals go mad when their numbers increase beyond what is tolerable!

  • I have clear memories of things, 18 months, three and a half years being the first of many but when I talk to people I lose track of what I am saying half way through a sentence.

  • I have a bench, barbell and dumbbells and do an hour three times a week on alternate days. I usually, but not always walk on the other days.
    I have swum outdoors most of my life, the pool I used closed a few years ago, I no longer swim.

  • Oh you two again?

  • An excellent course, well presented, I still have a lot to learn!

  • The effect of ageing on a prescribed dose is not always taken into account.

  • Above my pay grade, very interesting, I may have to re-read some of it again!

  • I wash my sinuses out, daily, with a solution of common salt and bicarbonate of soda to prevent a sore throat from infected tonsils(removed in 1947 allegedly).

  • I would do as others have suggested after asking what medication the person was taking and checking for side effects.

  • ........why particularly atopic diseases became so common.......?
    Ask why those recorded have increased and it may not be they became so common but the recording of them has been better, more accurate and accounts for the increase?

  • When about 23 years old I suffered multiple wasp stings to my legs and suffered no ill effects at the time. Ten to fourteen days later my body swelled up all over and turned a rosy colour.
    My GP first suspected food poisoning, then asked if I had been stung, treated me with antihistamine tablets and advised me to take them should I be stung in future, I...

  • Gout?

  • Just interested. Wasp stings 60 years ago caused a delayed reaction two weeks after and I never knew why?

  • At eighty years of age all I look forward to, when the time comes, is a quality death and this doesn't look much like it!

  • Cutting finger nails to a minimum, no one mentions that?

  • I accept what you say but without post mortem examinations and tests for the virus I postulate that it is impossible to tell if the person had died from an existing condition, if death was hasten by the virus or the main cause of death? If my suspicions are correct then the incidence of the virus is under represented in the figures?

  • The daily figures of deaths put out by Government Sources in the UK appears to be flawed as it only relates to deaths in hospitals and does not for example include those who die at home, in care homes or elsewhere. They are not testing to confirm the dead have died from or have had the virus?

    Similarly the numbers of persons who have or have had the virus...

  • Thank you for this excellent course. I have really enjoyed it and now intend to go back through it and have a more detailed look at some of the links. Thanks again.

  • Eighty years and still learning!!

  • Good revision for me thank you.

  • I smoked, mainly a pipe, for sixty eighty and a half years of my life and only stopped five years ago (Yes I started when I was seven), it was a good stress buster and I miss it the whole experience. I have no after effects.
    I sometimes wonder how many people are driven mad by medical advice to stop smoking and moderate booze?

  • Wow I had a score of 24!

  • I have a suspicion I may well have done this course before ;-)

  • I have always found it necessary to aid my memory with note taking, diagrams etc.

  • I suppose there maybe a combination of types of dementia in an individual person?

  • The aspect of memory loss I find hard to understand is, I forget recent things even what I am saying halfway through a sentence but have a very clear memory of childhood events.
    The earliest when I was 18 months old, then from the age of three years and onwards. Pure memory not refreshed by photographs or the like. It's most odd!

  • I am eighty years and wish to understand changes taking place in me and what is happening. I have broached the subject with my daughters who do not take me seriously.

    Nördlingen in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany, built in an impact crater, and identified as such by Gene Shoemaker?
    Ejecta from the impact was found several hundred miles away.

  • Illustrates what the Earth's surface would be like were there no atmosphere?

  • Advice is ok, it can be heeded or ignored, but after living 80 years in my body I consider I know it better than others.

  • I accept that exercise is beneficial to health but aren’t the rest periods between them where the body recovers essential to improving and maintaining fitness?

  • The Dinorwig Power Station, known locally as Electric Mountain, at Llanberis an example of pumped storage.

  • At eighty years of age I prefer to enjoy what is left of my life rather than spend it in hospitals, clinics, doctor's surgeries etc.

  • The odd thing with memory is I sometimes forget what I am saying half way through a sentence but having very clear memories of an incident when I was 18 months old and several around the age of 3 years. Guess that is something to do with the hippocampi, but I will live with that!

  • I would not want to know.

  • A small confession, I now remember I have done this course before!

  • It’s not sleeping too well, forgetting things you need to remember and remembering things you would sooner forget?

  • It doesn’t work for me.

  • A headless woman?

  • We all die from something in the end just make the best of life while you can!

  • Preach the benefits of exercise.

  • Don’t look back, don’t look forward just enjoy the present!

  • I had a settled attitude to death in my early forties now at 80 years I am surprised to still be around and enjoying life.

  • Amazing, now 80years I smoked for sixty eight and a half of them, drank quite heavily, don’t eat fruit but plenty of fat, cheese, butter and meat and still here to tell the tale.

  • I am 80 years and interested in learning why!