Ross Baxter

Ross Baxter

Digital Learning Designer at the University of East Anglia.

Location UEA, Norwich.


  • Hi Duncan, sorry to hear that. It may be an issue with flash player, or your internet browser? Would recommend trying another browser from either firefox, google chrome or internet explorer

  • Hi Ralf. Please feel free to leave a question for Robert here or via twitter using the #flbrands hashtag.

  • Hi Katie. Yes it will be :)

  • Hi Rosalie. If you would like to add to the Padlet wall, double click in a space on the wall and you should then get the option to add your own ideas/media/etc. Hope that helps!

  • Sorry to hear that, Johanna. In order to add to the Padlet wall, double click in a space on the wall and you should then get the option to add your own ideas/media/etc. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Gordon. Sorry to hear you're having problems with Padlet. In order to add something to the wall, just double click in a space on the wall and you should then get the option to add your own ideas/media/etc. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Tove. Sorry to hear that, you should be able to download the video in standard definition if that helps?

  • Hi Serena. The link will transfer to a recorded version after the event has finished, so you'll be able to watch it afterwards whenever suits you best.

  • Measure :)

  • We have also made the slides available in pdf, at the foot of the page, if that helps :)

  • Skimming is definitely a good way to find useful facts quickly. If it's a book you are searching in, consider identifying chapters you think may prove more useful than others. The index of a book will also prove invaluable when locating particular themes.

  • Apologies to you both - this issue has been rectified, as the slideshow intentionally has no audio.

  • Apologies to all - the slideshow was intentionally created without audio, sorry that was not clear. In addition, a PDF of the slides has been attached to this step, to help with some issues with small text in sections of the video.

  • Hi Liz. Thanks for pointing that error out! I can confirm it will be between December 2014 and January 2015.

  • Glad to hear it, Pamela!

  • Ross Baxter made a comment

    Hi everyone! Nice to see a lot of variety in where you are all located. good to meet you all, and hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi Katerina. A '2:1' stands for an upper class 2nd level degree. It is one step below a 'first'. Hope that helps.

  • There are subtitles available - simply click on the 'speech bubble' on the video, and select 'English'.

  • Sorry about that. Have amended it so it does now :)

  • Hope you enjoy!

  • Hi William, certainly hope it meets your expectations. Please feel free to provide any feedback using the tab on the left hand side of the screen or you could tweet us at @UEAMOOCS. Thanks!

  • Apologies guys - have rectified the issue.

  • Hi Kris, you start with 280 because that is lowest common denominator of 5, 7 & 8.

  • Hi Samuel, from my experience the best way to approach a first lecture is to make sure you have a basic understanding of the topic area - this way the lecture will be able to adequately build upon this knowledge and help you gain a greater understanding of the subject area. Most lecturers I have been taught by allow questions at the end of the lecture, or are...

  • Hi Gurleen, all material is accessible from the first week onwards, so you can learn at your own pace. We recommend you do it all in order though :)

  • If you ask the lecturer, more often than not they're comfortable with you leaving your dictaphone on the table near them.

  • Hello all. Dan Schawbel's blog is a very interesting as it contains many articles and top tips on personal branding. There is not one article or video we've asked you to read or view as we thought it would overall be a useful resource for you all. Thanks.

  • Ross Baxter made a comment

    Glad you all enjoyed the course. Makes it all worth it.

  • Glad you enjoyed the course, Barb, we enjoyed creating it and interacting with learners like yourself.

  • Hope you're all enjoying it so far, guys.

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Steve.

  • Interesting choice Karen, and very good analysis.

  • Personal branding is always exciting. Boris Johnson is a great example!

  • Glad to hear it, Mike!

  • Hi Keith. Thanks very much for your feedback, it most definitively helps us to improve the learning experience - if you could use the 'Feedback' tab to the left of the screen that would be great, as it will be logged officially that way. The template is on a separate step as that is the way the platform works currently, but I can assure you it is certainly not...

  • Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback - if you could pop it down using the 'Feedback' tab on the left of the screen that would be great, so we have a record of it. Thank you

  • Hi Maria. Have you got Adobe software installed? this is used to view the pdf. Alternatively I would advise maybe trying to download the file using a different web browser?

  • Hi Frank, appreciate the feedback. it certainly helps to improve the learner experience and we're learning about MOOCs here too! Thanks.

  • Some excellent analysis of organisations, both here and on the Flickr group. Keep it coming!

  • Hi Joan, feel free to post your 'Brief Template' points here in text format, instead of using Flickr. Thanks.

  • Hi Martin, some good points mentioned here relating to your Template. Apologies you had issues with Flickr - the group was invitation only so as to make sure sure only people on this course would be sharing images and discussion points. Appreciate the feedback, thanks.

  • Hi Susan. Does it give a reason for the download not occurring?

    As you've finished the assessment, the next week will become available on Monday morning, however feel free to go back and visit some of the previous week's material if you wish. Thanks.