Lesley Forsyth

Lesley Forsyth

Lesley Forsyth has over 15 years experience in user experience (UX) and learning design. Lesley works as a Senior Educational Developer at the Global Studio, Deakin University.

Location Deakin University, Geelong, Australia


  • @DianneW thanks for alerting us to the difficulty editing your Padlet entry. I have changed the permissions so that everyone will be able to edit their entries in this Padlet. Sorry for the inconvenience and please let me know if you have any further issues, cheers Lesley

  • Hi Beth yes indeed, you are 'on the money' - we examine this in Week 1. Enjoy the course!

  • Hi Melinoe it is fine to do this course for free. You can view the content and learn all about the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. If you do the course for free it does mean you cannot take the test at the end and you will not receive a certificate. Good luck and enjoy the course.

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    CHINESE TRANSLATION - Hi everyone just a quick update - we now have transcripts of the videos in this course translated into Chinese. Please see the Download section at the bottom of each video step for the Chinese translation. We hope this makes it easier to absorb the video information.

  • Thanks Sally - yes indeed time is precious. Personally I find the Activity tab https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/gender-and-development/3/activity-feed a useful way of seeing the latest comments in the course and selecting conversations of interest.

  • Hi Clara thanks for your comment and yes the transcripts are really handy as a quick way of accessing or reviewing video content.

  • Hi Mihret good for you. By the way some students find Google Translate helpful to create comments in a primary language first or translating comments from other learners that are hard to understand. See...

  • Good luck Ibrahim. Hope you enjoy the course.

  • Thanks Tina, that sounds like a great approach to learning.

  • Yvonne you have make a really insightful comment. Your openness expresses both emotional intelligence and global citizenship.

  • Hi Mercy good for you - review and reflection is indeed an important part of learning. You might find it useful to review the key concepts for each week by explaining them out loud - either to another person or imaging you are having a conversation with someone. You can also pose questions to yourself and try to answer them. Good luck with the course.

  • Congratulations on your participation so far Hasmida. Some students find it helpful to use Google translate when they find something hard to understand - see...

  • Good for you Ilay - I hope you find it a good learning experience.

  • Hi Jann I am one of the course design team - great to have you on board and hope you find the course useful.

  • Hola Jeysel, bienvenido a este curso. Soy uno del equipo de diseño del curso. ¿Podría utilizar Google Translate (como lo estoy haciendo ahora) para traducir sus comentarios al inglés? De esa manera, todos los participantes del curso pueden beneficiarse de sus comentarios y responderle si lo desean. Gracias y espero que os guste el curso. Aquí está el enlace de...

  • Hi Tanu I am one of the course design team. Thanks for your comments about active learning. I agree with your thoughts about internet connectivity - it can certainly affect getting involved in online courses. We hope that the design and content of these courses will reduce the likelihood of the other issues occurring e.g. by encouraging everyone to ask...

  • @JESSSHULMAN @JAMESMCHUGH Hi Jess I am one of the course design team. James is spot- on re borrowing books via mail and you may like to check out this library link https://www.deakin.edu.au/library/borrow-renew/from-our-libraries cheers Lesley. PS this service is only available to those learners who are enrolled as Deakin University students who are doing all...

  • Thanks everyone for your contributions during the course - your comments and discussion have been really open and interesting. It's also been great hearing from people all over the world and sharing our different viewpoints, knowledge and concerns.

  • Jon, great to hear you are doing a range of things and planning to continue your education in this field :)

  • Jacqueline I think you have contributed a lot to us, as a learning community, during this course - people power at work :)

  • Hi Joselin good for you. It is a really sensible strategy to find other interested people and work together since we are dealing with shared problems.

  • Well have a nice hot shower for starters (putting that towel to good use) and dress ready for some good quality problem solving together :)

  • Hi Harry sorry to hear you have found Padlet problematic. I think perhaps having four padlet walls together has made it more difficult to become familiar with Padlet than normal? It's good for us to hear when there are problems using a tool so thank you for letting us know and feel free to provide any more information about what you found problematic. I...

  • Hi Benjamin, I am a bit of a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan and the Guide informs us 'A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.' Humour aside, throwing in one's towel is indeed a reaction, not a way forward.

  • The discussions, so far, based on reading a newspaper article are terrific. The Breitbart article 'Think Global Warming Is Bad? Wait Until You Meet Sustainability' has sparked a very interesting analysis of misinformation. In addition several readers explored how might we respond when someone's argument is 'wrong' ? Do we ignore their argument or discuss...

  • Hi Andy I think that is a really valid response and one that a number of us experience at different times. It makes me think of how when we stand with our eyes closed there are lots of tiny adjustments throughout our body to create balance. It is a dynamic not a static experience and perhaps that applies here too?

  • This is a really interesting discussion about the nature of power, how terminology/language shape our perceptions and the role of policy makers. Many such issues will thread through our discussion as we look at sustainable development from multiple perspectives.