Esther Elisabeth Cumming

Esther Elisabeth Cumming

Hi Everyone.

I'm Esther.
I reside in Australia.
I’m a qualified Wildlife Photographer and an award winner.

I am of Scottish heritage from the Highlands. Tea connoisseur & Animal Lover

Location Australia


  • Hi Everyone! I am here because I am fascinated by Scottish history.
    I am of Scottish Heritage. Very interested in learning Palaeography.
    I have a HUGE passion for History.

  • Super Excited! Cannot wait to start.

  • Hello there ALL, I am so looking forward to broadening my horizons.
    Also a fantastic Team and very knowledgeable.

    I was very good at History in High School. I was always fascinated by History. This is the perfect course for me.

    I look forward to engaging and learning from you ALL here.

  • Hi Everyone.
    I'm Esther.
    I reside in Australia.
    I’m a qualified Wildlife Photographer and an award winner.
    I am of Scottish heritage from the Highlands.

    I would like to learn more about my family ancestry. Watching "Outlander", Takes me way back and the love of Scotland and History ( Palaeography )

  • Hi Everyone, I am back after been away for sometime. I thoroughly enjoy reading, sometimes i don't read enough. I have a great imagination, ( also seem to stuggle putting pen to paper ) Hopefullly this course will help me a great deal.

  • @AmyLeonard I just viewed ( "Zen and the Art of Writing" by Ray Bradbury ) I too also found it very illuminating. Thank you for sharing Amy :)

  • Hi Everyone, I have returned after been away for sometime. I hope you al all are keeping well and safe. It is nice to be back!

    Fiction is of big interest to me ( especially the imagination side of it ) I have always had great ideas ( when putting pen to paper is a whole different story ) This is what i have struggled with.

    I am hoping this course will...

  • Stories built on important or interesting themes supported by small but revealing detail are more complete because they give the reader more to grab on to. Observation is the key to finding detail. It said something about the woman about the job, about the world.

  • Bad Venue

    As she placed herself in a quiet area of the cafe ( sipping on white tea ) thinking it was peaceful to write, the opposite was a group of loud obnoxious people.

    Good Venue

    Soon as she started to document her writing on paper ( no one was around ) it becomes peaceful to write.

  • I find the best time to write is either early morning or late at night when it’s quiet. Sometimes through the day I come up with ideas. ( this is when I should document on a notebook/journal. It's easy to forget otherwise.

  • Hi everyone, Looking forward to week 2. So far I'm enjoying this course.

  • Hi everyone, Looking forward to week 2.

  • I don’t have a physical journal, so I am documenting all this in notebook on my computer.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this week it has inspired me to write more. I always have very good ideas in my head but putting pen to paper is the hardest part.

  • I'm am using a third person in my story.

  • Orwell’s portrays Flory The birthmark in away he doesn't wish to be seen.

    Heller’s has the hots for Sheba
    Only way I can describe it.

  • one scene stood out to me more than others. lady sitting in the cafe watching, observing and taking notes.

  • I personally found all 6 writers are very inspiring in they're own ways.

  • All writers have very interesting starts to why they became writers ( very fascinating indeed). I have always been fascinated about writing, I never took it seriously up until a few years ago. I did start writing a fiction novel, unfortunately I had writer's block and struggled to write for a few years. Only the other day I was watching an Author on Facebook...

  • one scene stood out to me more than others. lady sitting in the cafe watching, observing and taking notes.

  • The video was Very interesting in a short amount of time. Everyone is going about they're daily lives. Wether they are heading to work, going home I meeting out.

  • Personally I think it works well for me documenting everything in my notebook. I will remind myself each day to take notes..

  • My all time favourite Author is Stephen King .He has gone to scenes and observed them and turned them into stories ( So creative ). Part would be fact as well as fiction. Amazingly incredible writer.

  • One Fact; Three Fictions.

    One frosty morning, My father decided to gather his personal belongings.
    he turned and looked at me, ( are we flying to Paris today? ) Well of course we are Father. ( gather your belongings ) Time is running out, we need to move in a fast pace, ( father your very slow ) If we don't move we will miss our flight, ( no father you...

  • Nice to Meet you Kimberley :) Best of luck in writing :)

  • I am also here to help me achieve writing my own story. Good luck to you Joshua :)

  • Hi Everyone, I reside in Australia. I have always had a HUGE passion for writing, never know where to begin, ( I am new to this ). I thoroughly enjoy writing, especially creative writing. I am a Photographer ( it has taken me around 6 months to qualify ( I hold a Certificate in Photography ). We never stop learning. I am hoping this course will help me to...

  • Thank you so much Ed Hogan for a warm entry into fiction writing. I look forward to communicating with other peers and receiving feedback. I love writing and feel this course is perfect for me.

  • Hi Everyone! I’m keen to write fiction. This course is perfect.

  • Hi Everyone! I’ve never written any lyrics in my 50 plus years. I recently bought an electric acoustic guitar. Learning guitar now. I’m very Eager to write my very first song.

  • Vaccines work. We have growing evidence that vaccines are effective, as real-world data from Israel and the United Kingdom validate the clinical-trial results by showing a sharp reduction in hospitalizations and deaths.4 Emerging evidence also indicates that vaccines likely reduce transmission considerably, though not to the same degree that they prevent...

  • It only helps against the first strain.

  • Hi Everyone! I am Esther, reside in Australia. I have a huge interest in Vaccines and Viruses. If we are vaccinated ( how much will it protect us from COVID-19, ( can we still catch COVID-19 after been vaccinated?

    I am a Photographer ( right now I don't travel due to COVID-19

    I am a non-medical person. Like to keep updates about Covid-19

  • Thank you all! Thank you very much for this free course. I hope in the future there are more similar courses.

  • Thank you to all the teachers and London School. I truly enjoyed and learnt a great deal.

  • Thank you so much for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve learnt so much. It’s definitely enhanced my knowledge.

  • How a 100-year-old vaccine for tuberculosis could help fight the novel coronavirus.

  • Australian researchers to trial BCG vaccine for Covid-19

  • Australian government experts at odds with health department over using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus.

  • An outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has led to 95 333 confirmed cases as of March 5, 2020. Understanding the early transmission dynamics of the infection and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures is crucial for assessing the potential for sustained transmission to occur in new areas. Combining a mathematical...

  • Tiger tests positive for coronavirus at Bronx Zoo, first known case in the world

  • In a time when a novel virus is still spreading quickly, a gathering of friends can now look more like a mob of disease vectors. Many of us are wondering, How many people is too many people to be around? The larger the crowd, after all, the greater the chance that someone in it will have the coronavirus.

  • The virus spreads rapidly and fast, it also can be on our clothes and hair, why we need to wash ( shower ) as soon as we arrive home, put clothes in the sun as this kills the virus. Crowed areas ( the virus will have a field day )