Zabu Aye Chan Aung

Zabu Aye Chan Aung

Mingalarpar! I am ZABU AYE CHAN AUNG from Myanmar. I love to learn languages and to connect with people around the world. I want to create a better and more peaceful & prosperous world with everyone.

Location Yangon, Myanmar


  • It becomes a bit easier to read and skim the text this week. I could notice the main point in the text and find the answer. I mostly used 'Skimming' and sometimes 'Scanning' based on the questions to deal with multiple choice in the previous school exams. But, to be honest, I didn't know these terms before. Looking forward to answering and practising this kind...

  • I am planning to take the IELTS exam next year or may be next two years. This online course is the first step for me to get familiar and known for the systematic techniques and tips to practise IELTS. Thanks, educators!

  • @OluwadowoTimi Thank you so much!

  • Wedding - My best friend's wedding
    Where - at a monastery in my home-town
    When - five years ago
    Who I met - My old friends in middle and high school
    Why important - The bride was my best friend from elementary and high school and I love her so much

  • The topic is familiar with me to prepare and talk a bit easily. As you said, i also had a lot of thoughts and persons referred to it wandering around my head to pick and answer the questions.

  • I think the sample topic and questions is familiar for me and I may answer a bit well.

    But, if the topics in this part are not so familiar with me or if I don't have any idea or can't refer anyone in such kind of topic, It would be difficult for me to prepare the answers in 60 seconds.

  • It is okay for me to talk for a minute.
    Although it passed two or three seconds, it is not too long.
    I hesitated to talk and record. But, I did it as I wanted to practise well. However, it took me three or four times to repeat again and again in order to think and record the best answers I want. :)

  • Yes, I have. When the international University students came to my University, I participated in the volunteer group to discuss and share knowledge with them. At that time, I had to make a presentation in English. Although I was a bit nervous, it was a great talk and went well through a good and demonstrative presentation and an interactive Qs & Answers...

  • Thank you so much for plenty of further resources! I will surely learn even after this course.

  • The candidate is well prepared. She looks relaxed and natural to speak with the examiners. The answers are very great & resourceful and well understandable for the listeners.

  • Yes, I really enjoy it. Whenever I have money, I like to go shopping with my sister. I think it is such a kind of entertainment. I mostly buy bags, purses and foods. I spend most of my money for shopping. :)

  • Thank you so much, the educators! I think I have improved in reading during this week. I will practice more later.

  • Thank you so much for the abundant resources! We the learners can practice and learn further ourselves even after this course. Really appreciate it!

  • I don't have any advice. I used skimming and scanning techniques to answer the previous tests and questions, and they really helped me a lot to get the answers right in a reasonable time.

    However, my answers were not from the notice of the key words which the educators mentioned, but from my normal and rough sense or view of the whole paragraph. So, My...

  • About Workers - A & D

    Painting's perspective / realistic

  • My answer for first question was wrong and only got 4 marks in this test. I misunderstood a bit for the information. I took 6 min to answer the questions.

    Whatever, I realized something here, "To read the Short Paragraphs First in this kind of test" and answer the relevant questions in advance, which will make easier to answer the remaining questions from...

  • @ZahroSharobiddinova That's a great idea to read the novels. And it is good for you not being nervous normally and naturally.

  • The last one is a bit difficult and confusing to get the answer right.

    But, I think the first one goes with 'Davis’ unique style of trumpet playing' and the second one will match with 'Early Life'. (I am not sure with the latter answer)

    1. Davis’ unique style of trumpet playing
    -Davis was taught to play with a long, straight tone, a preference his...

  • Thank you the educators for sharing these informative types!

    I am familiar with matching headings, matching information, multiple choice and short answers.

    I think sentence completion and identifying the writer's claims or views are more difficult than others for me, especially the latter (as we need to read through the text and also think about the...

  • I think scanning is easier than skimming, but perhaps, because of the article level. Possibly, the previous Olympic article is more difficult to read and understand than this article.

    Anyway, I feel getting the general idea/summary of the whole article is harder than finding the main points in order to answer the questions in reading test.

    It took me 5...

  • Zabu Aye Chan Aung made a comment

    I have scanned the text in the emails of my work and of seminars or workshops for the schedules or the main subjects.

  • Hummm! It wasn't the easy work to skim. :)

    I set 10 min to skim and get the general idea on the text. I got

    - Bidding expense
    - Preparation cost for hosting the Olympic such as infrastructure, stadium, transportation, etc.
    - Effects on other cities of the host country
    - In debt situation of the host country after the Olympic (although I thought it...

  • Although it might be overburden for the developer, I think it would be better to give a sample passage and explain these points with example by referring the passage. Even though I understand a bit of these points, I can't clearly see what you meant to say for some points. However, It was great there are some example words like 'unfortunately' or 'in...

  • @AlisterWiddowson Really? I had no idea. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  • @AlisterWiddowson @HalucaT You're welcome! :)

  • Zabu Aye Chan Aung made a comment


    I felt so nervous during reading the passages.

    It wasn't easy to get the main points and general idea on the passages.

    I could answer only the first question.

    I realized that I really really need to read a lot! Hummmm

  • In Myanmar, there are some well-known Kings. Among them, I prefer 'ANawYaHta' King who built the Bagan Dynasty (which can be regarded as the famous first Dynasty. He is the most popular King who tried the best to spread Buddhism in Myanmar.

  • Zabu Aye Chan Aung made a comment

    I think I did a bit better when I answered some questions of the video except pausing for some time and short answers.
    The examiners feedback makes me to notice what I need to practice more and improve for speaking.

  • Some can speak well to answer the questions. Some repeat what they have already talked and can't clearly express in a bit detail.

  • I can speak a bit smoothly without long hesitation in familiar circumstances. But I can't talk well and feel difficult or nervous to speak out for the unfamiliar topics, especially if I have to talk with strangers or examiners. I think I mostly use the long sentences and link to express what I want to say. So sometimes I notice the listeners can't catch up...

  • Although these are the simple questions, I feel nervous when I speak out my personal answers and I got few ideas to answer. cry cry cry! If I don't speak in English for some times, I need to set up the confidence again even to answer these kinds of questions. I think I need to speak usually and to practice more in order to get used to it.

  • Well noted that, @SambaSivarao ! Thank you so much for your suggestion! :)

  • Thanks for your questions @HalucaT !
    if I find the new words, I will guess the meaning of the word with a whole sentence to understand generally.
    Sometimes, I search the words in the dictionary if I am so interested in the context or can't guess the meaning or understand the sentence well and if I need to exactly understand the things (e.g. for my...

  • Hello, I am Zabu from Myanmar. I am a graduate law student, specializing in international law. I have joined this online course as I am planning to take IELTS Exam next year to study abroad. I hope this course will help me to know the systematic format and steps for IELTS Speaking practice and to improve my knowledge and skills on English speaking. I wish the...

  • I am taking IELTS next year or next two years because I want to study abroad and if I become expert on this, I want to be a IELTS teacher in the future. I need to get higher band score than 7 for the master degree (which may be 'good governance and diplomacy', 'International Law' or 'international development') I want to apply. So I need to try my best. I...

  • 1. Although I can talk a bit smoothly when I speak English, I am not very fluent as I forget the words I want to tell sometimes.
    2. I can usually use the right words. But I think I do only know the simple vocabulary. I want to learn the different words in the same meaning of the ones I have already known.
    3. I mostly say the simple grammar like past tense to...

    - I read the news, books and articles, and see the subtitles for drama/movies/songs in English.
    - I sometimes write and collect the words in a book. But, normally I haven't learnt my collected words.
    - I look for the words in the dictionary if I really want or need to know exactly or sometimes summarize the ideas for the unfamiliar...

  • After learning a reading test sample, I found that the advanced vocabulary and grammar are used in the IELTS reading passages. And the passages are very informative and detail as they are mostly from newspapers, books or magazines (sometimes, they are out of my knowledge). So, it is difficult for me to summarize and understand the main points of the passages...

  • I would like to know about Time Management on the reading test.

  • Hello Everyone! I am Zabu Aye Chan Aung from Myanmar. I am a graduate Law Student, specializing in international law. I have joined this course as I am planning to sit for the IELTS exam next year. After answering a reading test in the IELTS Examination papers Book, I found IELTS reading exam is a bit more advanced for me. I hope this course will be a great...

  • I need to read emails or related notes/materials for my work daily. Usually, I read online horoscopes and subtitles of the movies/drama series or songs for my personal interest. Sometimes, I read books or articles relating to my studies.

  • I am taking IELTS as I want to study abroad. So I want to get great marks as possible in the real exam. I hope this course will be a big help during my preparation and will improve my skills.

  • Thank you so much for sharing some words including BTS!

  • This is so efficient. Thanks!

  • We don't have any symbols to express for emotions as far as I know. ㅠ.ㅠ

  • It would be really good to see the video with subtitle. cry cry cry!!!

  • Different signs of drawings, Hand signs or body language!

  • Ohhh..., the story is really amazing and respectful. I admire the persons who protected Hangeul and feel the great inspiration on Hangeul. And I feel proud of learning Korean language.

  • The pronunciation is a bit different from what I have learnt. The explanation is very detail and informative. I still can't pronounce few alphabets but I think it is improved. Thanks!

  • I love subtitles!

  • I know burmese (native), English, Japanese and Korean alphabet.

  • I am really impressed by the information of Hangeul Day and could see how Koreans respect and love their language.

  • I am from Myanmar and we officially use burmese language in the country. Burmese is the same with Korean Language style as it is written and spoken in phonemic units, combining consonants + vowels. E.g - စား (စ_consonant + -ား_vowel) [sar]; which means 'eat'.

  • Usually, My thoughts are influenced by K-Pop and Korean Drama (especially the historical ones), but in good ways when I think of Korea. I like K pop, especially group songs as I am impressed by their effort of singing and dancing together to perform, and to entertain the fans or people in various ways such as variety shows or reality shows. I particularly...

  • Hello! I am taking this course to understand IELTS writing more in detail in order to help my preparation for the actual IELTS exam in the future. I hope this course will be a great help for me to improve my understanding of IELTS writing style.

    I usually write my diary and daily schedule or notes for my personal cases, and reports or essays for my work...