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  • I agree with the answer of Dr. Bonfatti. As we have seen for Japan, there was a political will to change and modernize the country. I think the starting push came from the will of the central Government to become a modern country and therefore it set a program of development (abolishment of feudalism, education at all levels, railways, private industries,..)

  • I think the most critical amongst the all reforms which led Japan to become a highly developed and technologically advanced economy were:
    -abolition of feudal rights and privileges
    -expansion of technical education, banking, postal services, railways
    - factories owned by private businessmen, the zaibatsu, which led to the modern industrialisation.
    In four...

  • I think that ideally the benefits of an economic union afforded by regulatory convergence and harmonization are worth the costs. But considering the reality of some countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, their imbalanced economies are struggling as the economic union lacks of a compensation mechanism so there’s not a risk sharing mechanism amongst...

  • key takeaways: IN PLANNING keep in mind to define first the SCOPE, the TIME and the BUDGET then step forward through stages:
    identify tasks; dependencies and duration; work breakdown Structure; (Critcal path);
    risk management plan; monitor and correct and control; post-mortem

  • I have no experience with any of the tools explained so far but I find interesting how we can use all of them even in the same project. Planning beforehand allow a proper implementation. So next time I will have to start a project I think the best thing to do is:
    1.first of all make an accurate analysis of the project (the stakeholders involved, the timing,...

  • Looking at the assessment and our risk register, we should consider the most extreme Risks those with high probability of occuring (likelihood) and with high impact.
    With these extreme risks we might want to avoid them totally, or we might need a mitigation plan, or we might find a parallel way of dealing with them.
    It is important to identify an owner, a...

  • Going back to VFOB I don't think we have enough information to say if it was successful because we don't have feedback of the event. We only know that it was the 21st time this event was held and from the video, Jane Kulow said that project management really helped.
    In the life-cycle of a project the last stage is about a formal post-mortem that we don't...

  • IF we can invest in additional resources we can reduce the duration of the least expensive activities along the critical path. In this case we have to be careful about the new critical path that would emerge because it could reflect in a less slack on the overall project (more tasks will flow into the critical path and we'll have less leverage) and...

  • The most interesting thing I have learned so far is the importance of data analytics and how they become crucial to better understand the customers (through their clicks we can gain info about their habits, needs, taste, their behaviour !) The mix of all the digital marketing tools we have seen so far(banner,PPC, SEO, emailing) together with the data analytics...

  • Once I helped my daughter with a research for choosing an organisation to which the school would have donated some funds raised amongst the school families.
    We came across War Child. Since that research on Google, I've been sent many ads while surfing on internet. Finally I subscribed at their website and since then I've always received emails about their...

  • I think a good tracking of the effectiveness of the SEO helps us to undersand if we are following a good strategy for our business to grow. Through the analysis of all the data collected we can define where making changes in our strategy. It may be a redefinition of our website structure, or changing/adding keywords or modifying our page links.

  • As a consumer I am only using Google searching engine but someone told me that there are others like
    What are the differences between Google and other searching engines? do all searching engines offer Analytics?

  • I expect to learn what is a SEO, its pros and cons and also how to implement it practically

  • I think the key strategies of a clothing business is a mix of all the marketing techniques mentioned. According to the goals and budget of the business it is wise to use all of them. What it's important also is making a statistic analysis and see the results for each tool in order to make adjustments and changing strategies to refine their approach(like for...

  • I heard about PPC but I don’t know really how it works, How to add this type of marketing on a website and how much it costs.

  • 1. The project duration: 233 days
    2.The Director of VFOB should focus her attention on the 5 critical activies shown in the critical path (activities n.8,9,12 and 40,41) - Fig.2
    3. I think we can reduce the duration reducing by 5 days any activity along the critical path

  • I think scoping is neglected only because it's not known and typically we rush and look only at timing without considering the interdependence of activities. I would explain the importance of scoping saying that there is no doubt that it is helpful visualizing the project, looking at what the activities are, what is their nature, their dependencies. This step...

  • I would like to know how to make a banner. The key elements to make it appealing comparing to others

  • Supermarket can use banner advertising for 2for1 discount on some products (ex. ice-cream or drinks) or Supermarket may focus on client-retention so to loyal clients in their data bank they can send email with special gift voucher.

  • The great benefit of Digital Marketing(DM) is for sure its global reach but another important aspect is the pace and the reduced costs at which the organisations reach out to their customers and get the key information about the market in which they operate. In fact they can monitor their performance; they can get to know their customers; their competitors and...

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    When we say amend a plan it comes to my mind the word flexibility as we have to be ready fot it and adjust our decisions and actions. So in a way we are already in the field of challenges

  • Having not experience in projects on a job, It's interesting how the project management can be applied to many situations in life not only in a business context. So whenever we take decisions of doing things(ex. planning our holiday, or choosing a school path) it can be seen as a project itself with its life cycle and we do focus also on the result. And I...

  • In my opinion the project had a quite good result. The HHS issued a finale ruling that the initial enrollment period for health plans on would begin on October1, 2013. But the ACA established January 1 2014 as the time by which the marketplace should have been established in order to increase the rate of health insurance coverage....

  • @NadineGlover I agree with what you said. I eould add that communication and constructive debate among stakeholders is a key factor in any deal and project. In add to that all stakeholders should be motivated at the same degree for the mission. In the first case(boyhood) all seemed focused and motivated for the result and the type of relationship(familiar and...

  • HEALTHCARE.GOV is the federal marketplace. Its creation is the main project of the HHS in order to comply with the provisions of the ACA(Affordable Care Act) which is basically to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for all Americans(GOAL) HEALTHCARE.GOV is the website that allow consumers to compare across different plans offered by insurance...

  • I've never used the mentioned frameworks and never had experience before in projecting this way. But I find interesting the way of processing a project and analyze it in every aspects through these PM tools.

  • GOAL:sell my tourist product; SCOPE: provide a special tour catered to the customer, decide my customer target, define the itinerary; define the landmarkS to visit and the tickets needed, the activities and costs along the itinerary; duration of the tour; define means of transport to use; web marketing of the product; TIME: by next Spring; BUDGET: the costs...

  • I am planning my future and as I want to set up a little business I consider it the most important project of my life. I guess I can see it as my product to Be unique and specific; I would like to set it up by next year and I need to understand what’s the budget in term of cost, time and resources. So I need tools and knowledge in order to build it up and...

  • Sending cvs, looking at job posts and all the requirements needed, I've understood how the market is changing and I realised the poor consideration the system has about my category here in my country(mum going back to work). For these reasons I've decided to set up my own business. I don't know where to start from but mentoring and digital skills are surely...

  • I didn't even considered that personal network could have be a way to find a mentor. But in fact it's true that whenever it happened to speak with someone senior than me about how to find a job in my forties, their opinions and perspectives do heledp me somehow in defining a frame and take directions.
    Probably a formal mentoring programme would be more...

  • I know out there many mothers are in your situation (like me)but I suggest: do not give up. Be curious all the time. Want to learn more. And maybe after this course a new idea can arise for both of us

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    To me stands out some things when looking for a job:
    -networking is really important and social media is a great tool
    - digital skills are essential
    - being determined and never give up until you get it

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    Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I'm from Milan (Italy). I have an Economic Degree and I've been a full time mum so far. Now I would like to set up my own business and I don't know where to start from. I want to learn about PM in order to implement successfully my future job.

  • I would like to set up my own business in tourism and promote it

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    What I found most interesting is the augmentation: the working together of humans and machines
    Before this course I was sceptical as I thought of AI as merely replacement of human job and maybe resulting in unemployment. Of course that was an incomplete way of looking at it. I didn't consider the cooperation between humans and AI. The AI helps humans...

  • I read about AI in the recruitments. So we might be interviewed by a robot for the first round of screening questions. The creation of algorithms will help recruiters in matching the CVs for a position .

  • What I have read and seen is staggering. Future is within our reach in a blink of eye!
    What does concern me it's the blurring of boundary between physical and digital

  • Digital technologies offer the huge opportunity to have easily access to many things(information, goods, food, infomation,..) almost to anyone without phisically moving. We can also work, study in team being in different countries(as we are doing now through this course). It seems like if digital technologies break down geographical barriers.

  • A digital solution that comes to my mind is that in most schools nowadays there's a school platform where all people involved (parents, pupils, teachers)have all the information circulating there. Parents can check their kids' grades , programs and calendar. Homework and school materials are posted on a digital register so that anyone can check it from home;...

  • being digital savvy to me means having the aptitude of doing things through digital devices.
    Well it's not easy to define digital with other words. I guess we can say that right now we are all communicating and doing our course digitally being not necessarily digital savvy!

  • The word "digital" makes me think of anything made by a device (computer, tablet or phone)

  • Hi everybody! I really hope this course will be effectively helpful to my future. Being out of the job market for a long while I do need up-to-date and further knowledge to complete my degree I got long ago.