Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Enthusiastic about teaching digital, network engineering & cybersecurity - been doing it for a very long time. Also: iconoclast, herder of geeks, nerds & enthusiasts.

Location UK


  • well this also tells you what services are running on that remote site - so, if you were playing cybersecurity detective - what are they?

  • another of my favourite quotes

  • I have seen punched cards in action when I was 16, however, this was already a legacy system back then

  • @HectorH does it matter?

  • Cool nice to hear from you Fred

  • indeed, with the additional help of some colleagues/industry experts (in the audio) - we have look at 'what is' and also as best as we can 'what will be' - there are no legacy 'what was' within this course

  • this was written in Feb2021 and based on the current and changing situation.

  • Bingo! as it was also for me.

  • we are glad, that you are also glad to learn this