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Carlos Sousa

Carlos Sousa

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  • Hello, Carlos from Portugal, working full time as a software developer for the past ~10y and since I like to study things from the foundations this course seems like a good place to have an "introduction" base, looking forward to check this and to jump start my studies.
    I been using an oculus quest and also have preordered the new quest 2 :D
    Good luck to all!

  • Well I'm going for the same old thing, lack of support, updates and general maintenance from everyone related to a product.

    This article and many others show how vulnerable IoT devices are, these IoT devices can be damaged, used to steal personal information, gain access to local networks and used in massive DDoS.

  • Hum.. its almost the inverse... pay a premium or else your private data is going "somewhere", ok... There is a market and the companies that sell our data are really in the business of selling our data and when you sign up you should know this. Our private data should be trackable.. in the sense of to whom, where, how, why, how long and there shoukd be an 'opt...

  • More than a privacy stamp there should be a morality stamp, its what is done with the data that concerns me, other than that sure put the stamps as a sign that an official entity is making regular audits to ensure that the laws related to privacy are being followed. Privacy also means that there is a system in place to safeguard the data from hacking.

  • Real-time and secure for the obvious reasons and robust API's that keep up with the evolution of things, a provider that doesnt just provide a service but shapes the technology.

  • Foward is to know where the end effector is, reverse is to know how to put it there. Atan is to determine what is the orientation by determining the angle?..

  • I'm in a "software" company.. I only work with lines of code :).. been looking around and parallel link robots seem great for flight simulators.

    I supose those cool pharmacy robots are gantry and SCARA or the basic ones just gantry. There are also parallel link 3D printers, but never seen one live.

  • LPWA is less secure the alternative is to use the cellular networks which operate in restricted bands.

  • Cellular for best reliability, availability and no full time employe for network maintenance. No Cellular network maintenance and Cellular networks are getting cheaper all the time..

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  • That we need fast and reliable data transfers and that the alliance designs for IoT and other bureaucracies were blocking true innovation and emergent technologies.

  • My IoT is going to need a sensor for blood pressure and a sensor for skin conductance level GSR.

  • I'll just mention pressure sensor optimized for blood pressure measurement.

  • Perfect, I started just to gain knowledge but now I really want to build something.

  • I pick "talked to clients", its a two face coin because you need expertise in the area to fully understand the client needs, but in the end you will gain insight to their needs and make your product better, create new solutions that they didnt even knew and finally actually have a product that makes a difference. Then you build up.

  • 1 - I think they have the same view, one more descriptive and to the ground than the other but the point is the same. I also believe that if they wrote this today it would have minor differences but they would exist has the technology and senses evolve.
    2 - The immediate app is refining the Play Pure Drive with the sensors from the Polo Tech Shirt.

  • Carlos Sousa made a comment

    Hello, I'm Carlos from Portugal, informatics engineer working in the LIMS business​ as a "analyst developer" with no experience messing around with robotics.

  • Solutions for everyday basic tasks can be implemented with IoT and although many may be revolutionary and worth billions for me the transformation of the human being is what really matters. We are not there yet but the possibilities are limitless, combining VR AR and IoT might be the first step in this long journey. I share here ourselves as the product......

  • The IoT is a new building block for the advent of artificial intelligence

  • Hello, I'm a informatics engineer from Portugal working as a "analyst developer" in the LIMS business. "Never done anything" related to IoT... Hope to dive in and if possible adapt the subject in my profissional work.