Joan Sutherland

Joan Sutherland

Joan is a Senior Education Developer in the Digital Learning Innovation team at Deakin University. She is currently exploring digital collaboration and the pedagogical strategies that underpin this.

Location Geelong, Victoria


  • Thanks for sharing @JamesForshaw - in relation to moving from the physical classroom to online it is a transformation of thinking and a redesign of what you are teaching. Does anyone have any examples of how this has been done effectively?

  • Thanks for sharing @JohannaRoseD.Briñas and @JillLyall - it appears that there are many different language apps - are there any particular features that stand out in the apps that help you with your language skills more than others?

  • It can definitely be confronting @jamesforshaw - I wonder if there are any other suggestions on how you can evaluate different services in a positive way?

  • Great to hear how you have built connection online and used mapping to enhance the student experience. Miro is a great tool to build a community of practice, what other technology have people used to build connection?

  • Great point @JenniCronin on feedback loops and we have seen this is @DuncanHarris' post where students have informed this process.

  • Interesting question posed @NatalieGregory - I also wonder how 'invested' learners learning 'on the fly' are and whether they learn in the same depth as when learning is more formal and structured?

    Any thoughts anyone?

  • Interesting your point around design @JohannaRoseD.Briñas - is there anything else that needs to be considered in online design other than interaction with others?

  • Great to hear you enrolling this course for PD - I hope you get some strategies that you can implement and show what you are learning on your CV @DuncanHarris.

  • Thanks for sharing @JohannaRoseD.Briñas. This highlights that we are never truly only one archetype but informed by the context at any given point in time.

  • Great to hear there are commonalities @TuijaMarstio and @JillLyall - and the fact there are different archetypes depending on the context. Anyone else share multiple archetypes?

  • I love this @DuncanHarris - in particular your varied examples of what you do day to day - how have you navigated embedding digital technologies into the way you teach?

  • Great points @MarianneMaeI.Jalgalado - how do you think we can ensure that we don't 'go back to the traditional mode of learning', but rather embed lessons learned for a 'new normal?'

  • It can definitely be a challenge when things 'don't work' @Sarah-JaneHollingsworth - however do you think the benefits outweigh the challenges? Any other thoughts on this.

  • A great point around compromise @JomarieLeoT.Florece and it is definitely something that has been done since transitioning online.

  • Great example @JohannaRoseD.Briñas - has anyone else got any examples of this in your practice?

  • It definitely gives you insights into the learner - does anyone have any examples where this has helped them?

  • Thanks @JomarieLeoT.Florece - if you apply the design thinking approach, you won't ask specific questions but rather generate a conversation to establish the learner 'needs'. For example, let's say the audience want to build connection online; you would ask can you tell me about a time where you felt connected online.... the audience will then describe what...

  • Thanks for sharing @ScottReadett - I haven't read Nudge however have done extensive reading around behavioural science which definitely enhances the ways in which you can design learning. Does anyone else have anything they would like to contribute to this list?

  • Great work - that's what great about this course is learning from eachother so be sure to have a conversation with your peers around sharing resources. There are many great resources out there but to help you get started, I recommend some reading around the work of Prof Peter Goodyear

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • These are great tools to help you in Learning Design - are you aware of any other resources from the likes of Prof Peter Goodyear? If not, I recommend reviewing :

  • Great point around fake news @RogelBorbeAntones - do you have any strategies that you use to ensure you don't 'believe everything you read?' Any other thoughts anyone?

  • Interesting points you raise @JomarieLeoT.Florece - in particular, around why formal education might stay. There is definitely merit to different types of education; are there any other benefits for formal education other than employers interest in the qualification itself? Any thoughts?

  • Thanks for sharing @JayaBazar - I too can resonate with more than one archetype at any given point in time. Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Digital learning has definitely made a lot more information readily available @KarenRivero

  • Great to see you are constantly evolving @ANELLESALCEDO - I love your perspective on change and the ability to adopt and learn new things - thanks for sharing.

  • Great to see your reflection on the pathway you have taken @AnneMarieAnderson and how this archetype suits you at this time. I wonder how you have transitioned through different archetypes throughout your career. Thank you for sharing.

  • Backward Design and Biggs' Constructive Alignment are definitely valid learning design methods; can anyone else share what other approaches or frameworks they have implemented in their design?

  • Thank you for your feedback @RebeccaNorris and I know it can be hard when you are short of time; I am glad you are still able to engage with other comments (even if it is a few). We have some information at the beginning but we can review this to see whether we can more explicit around suggestions of interactions more. Thanks again!

  • What a great opportunity to have a small business @HafsoAbdiOsman and I am sure you had many opportunities to professional development as a result. What, if any, were you able to engage with digitally?

  • Great to hear @RahmadWibowo - what has been your motivation to do different online learning including this course?

  • Great points @JemmaCobbold - in particular, around the learning from peers and online interaction; when learning online, have you got any examples of activities where you feel you have learnt more through these interactions?

  • It's definitely a thought provoking exercise and am glad you are able to reflect on your context and what you need to do for your future development. Thanks for sharing @SimoneSmith

  • Interesting insight @AmandaHenry into how we define being social. I wonder if the interactions will shift post COVID to be 'more social?'

  • Real time is always an option but I wonder what the benefit would be in this context @ZoeKenny? Have you attempted to generate discussions with others throughout - we have seen others do this so there is 'discussion' rather than a series of threads.

  • Definitely suits some more than others @GemmaBlackburn - as a note taker myself - do uou use a digital notebook?

  • Great to hear its opened your mind to other possibilities- what part of your experience will you integrate into your practice?

  • It can be a challenge to transform your thinking @PilarLaraCruz to the online space especially for such a major transition - hopefully you will experience and be exposed to some different strategies to implement in the online space.

  • Great points @IngridKarikari - there is definitely a lot to get wrong - are there things you have seen that reflect what they have gotten right that you could implement in online learning?

  • Interesting point @AbderraoufBouf - this course is driven by learners rather than facilitators - hopefully you can gather some insights...

  • I am sure you will have some useful insights from that experience @lesadams - look forward to your thoughts

  • great point @MaryAnnSantos - that pedagogical underpinning is crucial in any course and the value proven by thee educator.

  • Its a great point @RachaelBor and something that has been extensively highlighted around the value of the educator - perhaps its the transformation of thinking about the role of the teacher?