Benjamin Wiles

Benjamin Wiles

Ben Wiles is the Chief Data Officer at Clemson University and teaches in the Department of Mathematics.

Location Clemson, South Carolina, USA


  • This a good example of information security at the highest (and very personal) level. I fear the details might be lost to history, but it might be a good opportunity to investigate some better known (and lower level) cases of security clearance revocation. The reasons behind losing one's clearance likely play a big part into how the level of risk is perceived...

  • If anyone is curious, "substitutions" are related to a fundamental theory in mathematics with broad implications to all disciplines:

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  • Ha... blame google.

  • Я думаю, что Лангеранс код.

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  • This is a story I recalled from a few years ago where one little piece of info leads to the next...

  • Not sure if I'll be playing the game or the game will be playing me...

  • I found a comment I made on a message board from August of 1996... had to follow some links knowing my username though!

  • We give large calculus exams in the Hall of Music at Purdue University and we were discussing the exam on stage before it started. Little did we know that the microphones were transmitting our conversation to the speakers in the balcony as students were getting seated. Luckily I don't think we gave away anything too secret...

  • A spy is a secret information gatherer...

  • I love teaching and learning about mathematics and technology. Spies have a job to do and a desire to know... they will certainly use these tools in their work. I'd like to think about the following: Who do spies work for? Is anything I do worth spying on? How can I know how to be safe in the world of digital information?