Charlotte Green

Charlotte Green

I am secretary of Barwell Bloomers.
(Barwell in Bloom.)
Vice-chair of Barwell and Earl Shilton British Legion.
I enjoy the future learn courses, and have gained a lot of knowledge from them.

Location Leicestershire England.



  • I'm completely lost. Not too sure I can continue this course but will try!!!

  • The results of the survey depends only on the data that has been fed into the computer.

  • By doing this sort of survey the results can easily be manipulated to have an outcome that the person conducting the survey wants, especially if they are biased on a certain topic.

  • Again because the numbers are rounded up or down there will never be a true answer to those killed. So unfortunately this is mainly guess work.

  • I suppose it is interesting that statistics were not available in wars before the 20th century I remember my great aunt who lost her husband in WW2 this was classed as missing in action.
    These sorts of statistics must play a big role in those left behind wondering where their loved ones are and what happened to them.

  • Charlotte Green made a comment

    A good first week to this course I don't think all the victims of violence and war crimes will ever be recorded truly, considering that some are never found people found, reported or known to be missing especially if they become buried in buildings.

  • Thank you for the course it is well-produced and portrayed.
    I cannot understand altogether why the song Mary Mary quite contrary is associated with her. ( I remember learning that at school) but she was not barren and produced James although she did lose a baby or twins to Bothwell.
    Thank you for the interesting and in-depth look at

  • Where was Mary buried?
    I must admit as stated before I really do not like her being mocked and portrayed as someone that everyone laughs at.

  • As I looked at the above picture it brought to my mind the dame played in our local Christmas pantomime each year.
    Again Mary again the butt of jokes for everyone to laugh at.

  • I must admit that I don't like the way Mary is portrayed and made to look like a comedian that everyone can have a laugh at.
    Her life was hard and she battled every step of it with no control.

  • "Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off"
    Well so did Charles I and he isn't mimicked like she was, so I think there is something underlying as to why she is made to look a fool and remembered in this way.

  • As I watched these videos it crossed my mind that she might have had a french accent when she spoke English, after all, she had been brought up in France from an early age.

  • When I think of Mary I never think of the ruff at all like I do Elizabeth I .
    I think of Mary with her rosary and crucifix a symbol of her loyalty and belief in God who she puts her trust in. I think of her with her little dog who followed her to the end and was her most loyal subject.
    I also think of her with cringes as to how she was beheaded and the sad...

  • I think a lot of the memorabilia has nothing to do with Mary.
    I would like to think that the beautiful crucifix belongs to Mary I think it may have been a key part of her life and she would have had one of beauty, this demonstrates her loyalty to God and her faith.

  • It is interesting that there were coins representing different periods of her life.

  • Boswell's focus on Mary's abdication shows yet again the downside of Mary. There is nothing in the art form to suggest she was a strong courageous or loving person to anyone. It really is a shame they portray her in this way.

  • It is rather odd that portraits and pictures concerning her beheading were almost mass-produced than showing some of the highlights and struggles she had ensured during her life.

  • The portraits of Mary never seem to age she always appears young.

  • Mary was upset that she didn't have her confession heard, this is very important to a catholic, but neither did she receive the sacrament of the last rites catholic which would be a big concern to her.
    Mary writes lovingly to her brother-in-law but it is noticeable that she never sent any love or messages to her son.
    Mary was worried about the wages owed to...

  • I feel Buchanan betrayed Mary and was possibly supporting Moray as he may have been paid by him.
    Elizabeth was the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII. So Mary was the official queen of England and Scotland.
    The problem was that Britain had suffered at the hands of Henry and Catholics had been treated really badly by him, religion was at the heart of...

  • Elizabeth ruled as a "no-nonsense" queen.
    After Mary had signed the documents to stop plotting against her, Elizabeth had no choice but to execute her, otherwise, she would have looked weak.
    If Elizabeth hadn't had Mary executed she would have carried on plotting against her until she finally got her goal as ruler of England, then there would have been...

  • Poor Mary they couldn't even do her execution right.
    I would expect her to wear a mantilla on her head and have rosary beads and say her prayers before and during the execution, after all she was a devout catholic.

  • I have learned a lot this week and didn't realise what a struggle she had in her life from her childhood right through to death.
    Mary's life was controlled a lot by others, but feel that she was to blame for some of it because of the silly mistakes she made herself.
    It has been a great week of learning for me about a royal I knew very little about.
    Thank you.

  • It was obvious that Mary had been involved with some of the findings against her ... She was very shrewd and very clever to cover her tracks for so long. Time eventually was going to run out for Mary and she would get caught. There was. always someone who would betray her and The Babington Plot was set up and did just that.

  • I don't think Mary and Bothwell were communicating and that the poems were to or about him.
    Mary was a deeply religious woman so neither do I believe she was involved in Darney's death.

  • I must admit that before this course I knew very little of Mary Queen of Scots, and was expecting her imprisonment to be very harrowing alone and horrible.
    I suppose the only way to express herself was by writing letters which like today in a prison, is vetted for content. Therefore leading to her ultimate death.

  • The baby King and his mother were set against each other and there was no way back, so again Mary is denied even the love of her son, as his men are firmly set against her.

  • Managing to escape Loch Leben shows that she still had some loyal subjects, even if they had not always agreed with what she had done in the past.
    I don't understand why Mary went to England as Elizabeth had never offered Mary help or support as we know and therefore I'm not too sure of what support she expected Elizabeth to give her.

  • The more I learn about Mary the more I dislike her, why I don't know.
    I think she used people, wanted to gain sovereignty, for England and Scotland and didn't care how she got it.
    This was alright until she could not get out of the tight spot where she had to abdicate and then tried to say she had not signed the papers to make her son James VI king.

  • I think she was romantically connected to Bothwell at some time.
    However, I think she "fell out of love" with him and maybe this made him angry and why he abducted and possibly raped her.
    My opinion is that Mary used people to get what she wanted and that was to rule both Scotland and England.

  • I feel that she didn't ever find love as she was expected and made from an early age to marry Francis then Darnley and Bothwell but it stretches the Imagination to think they were all acts of conspiracy.
    Respect for Mary had disappeared I think early in her reign.
    I don't think she was not in love with any of her husbands and just wanted to be with someone...

  • I thought long and hard about an answer to these questions and still cannot decide, I can see why she would marry Bothwell after the rape, on the other hand as queen she could have punished the military for allowing this to happen.
    If she was involved in all the conspiracies that could have happened including Darnley's death then she really was not fit to...

  • Mmmm the plot thickens especially;;y as Mary decides not to be there on the night. So it does make you wonder if she was part of the conspiracy, doesn't it?

  • A very horrific and cold-blooded murder.
    A very tangled web here indeed, maybe Mary was having an affair with Rizzio we will never know but I am not too sure why she was so soft with the Chaseabout Raid conspirators.

  • Darnley was a good choice for Mary because he was a catholic from his mother's religion.
    He was also in line for both the English and Scottish thrones.
    I think that Darney was a bad reason for Mary to marry as he was unreliable lazy and didn't want to work. Darney thought he could gain the throne and I don't think he cared how he got it and I don't think he...

  • The idea of Mary becoming a Queen was not really addressed as she had married Francois and he had died at an early age so she had not been"trained" to be a Queen and I don't think being a catholic helped her nor the fact that she was female Protestants didn't want a catholic ruler and this caused the reformation.

  • I don't think Elizabeth would ever have given up the crown.
    Mary had never visited England and it was now mostly protestant. Henry VIII had seen to that and the people would possibly have rebelled at yet another change.