Parveen Ali

Parveen Ali

I am a Senior Lecturer at University of Sheffield. My research looks at gender based violence and domestic abuse. I also explore inequalities in health related to gender and ethnicity.

Location University of Sheffield


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  • We learn to be vigilant from a very young age and then it becomes an unconscious act

  • An important point @Ann-MarieAdeleye that I agree with. I think there could be multiple vulnerabilities and gender among these one of a very obvious one!

  • @AnthonyJamesMurphy and @LaurenW thank you for both of your comments and you see this is the point that gender role are so ingrained in our heads and among people around us that if affects our behavior. Also, what happens in the surrounding, the setting and culture in which we live in!

  • Wow, Thank you Eleanor for a very thorough analysis

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  • Did you mean female was perpetrators or victims?

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    Thank you everyone for commenting and sharing your thoughts. Please keep discussing and asking questions from each other

  • Thank you for very, very useful comment and we have left these scenarios purposely so people have room to think about and explain their point further! Hope this makes sense. And there is no right a wrong answer so every answer or view is helpful. Hope this helps

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  • Not at equal rates as the number of women is always much higher. The intensity and frequency of abuse experienced by women is much higher too.

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  • That's an interesting comment. I never thought like that!

  • This is interesting and I wonder if there is a gender difference at all?

  • Apologies, but will you be able to change it to English language please.

  • Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. It's very interesting to see that regardless of where people are from, people and women usually find it difficult to walk at night time. Please do keep on sharing your views and talking to each other!

  • Interesting point Dawn. Thank you for sharing and could you elaborate please?

  • It's very interesting. Are you comfortable with both of your sides?

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  • Thank you for sharing all your experiences. It's very interesting to see that regardless of where women are geographically, their experiences are more or less same!

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    Thank you so much for your very meaningful comment and myself and team are grateful for it. I am glad that you found the course useful and you think it is good in raising awareness about this important issue

  • Wow. This is great and thanks for sharing this. Yes gender does have a role to play in how people react. I also find that most men generally expect women to know nothing about politics, games etc and expect them to have no opinion too. Not sure if you have experienced that?

  • @JennyC @AngelaB. apologies to barge in, but I am not sure if your comments relate to the this course or are you just sharing your experience? I guess the comments should be relevant to what you are enrolled in. I am just saying it, but I am, by no means, an expert in futurelearn

  • Thank you for sharing your views

  • @JulyanneElisaGodínezRamírez you are very right. Its prevalent all over the world. Which country are you talking about though if you dont mind me asking?

  • Thanks for sharing this @SherryNRN(non-practicing). It must be very frightening and glad that you were safe

  • That's great

  • Wow! You have really summed it up. Media representation of women has changed but I am not sure if it’s getting any better

  • Oh dear. How did you manage with that expectation of remaining birthdays?

  • Hi @LydiaApplegate. Well this is an interesting and a very difficult question as there are many different factors which play a role in here. There is not a single cause that we can pinpoint but an interplay of factors and culture and mental health issues are also included as factor. We will look these factors in coming weeks and it will be interesting to see...

  • Thank you @ShevonMcLeod and I completely agree about need of training. I do hope that you find this useful and looking forward to working with you

  • What do you suggest?

  • @NicoleHallsworth I am so sorry to learn this and can't thank you enough for being so brave to be able to share this and above all to be able to get out of the situation. This is why education in schools is important so kids know what is right and what is not

  • Couldnt agree more

  • oh dear! Sadly, such stories are not common and while these are getting noticed more and there are efforts to tackle these, much more needs to be done for sure. It just makes one wonder, though, if the situation is such as developed countries, what will it be like is developing countries?

  • So you ate saying that figure presented here is under estimating? Well, that is true as estimating the true prevalence of the DVA is just not possible due to underwriting and lack of recognition.

  • A very important you have raised. These stereotypes do not help at all and need to change but the progress is so slow

  • Thank you for joining Rachel and highlighting the need for training. This is exactly what I am working on. Thank you for joining the course and I hope you find it useful.

  • @UdemeAkpan Mine or Jamie's book?

  • Will it be possible for you to share some experiences/observations?

  • Well, what do you think?

  • @CN Both terms are useful interchangeably in various places

  • @BrittaBeneke Yes for all of those reasons that you just highlighted!

  • Thank you for sharing this Jess and you have said it all! It's a very complex issue and true extent of the impact is known by those who have experienced it. It would be useful to learn about your views about professional role that we are going to explore in upcoming weeks.

  • I ten to agree. Or perhaps people just didnt talk about it before?

  • Excellent points. Very well done you to be able to protect yourself!

  • Oh yes. And you will find the psychological abuse and control has a worst impact on the victim.

  • Thank you for sharing this @SarahMeek and as you say figures tell a compelling story!

  • You are right and that's not the intention. Because the number of women victims is much greater, we used more examples of women and explore it from women's perspective. It doesn't mean that we don't acknowledge the experiences of men. Where possible, please feel free to share examples from the men's perspective too as it will be very useful.

  • @EllyvanDijk Ok. What we were trying you say here was the intimate partner violence (IPV) is a common and most prevalent form of abuse. In fact, in many families where IPV happens, child abuse may also happen as many a times perpetrators use children as a means to abuse their partner. Children may also experience abuse while trying to protect their one parent...

  • Thank-you for explaining Nicolas and I will explain as well just o help

  • Very good and interesting point indeed!

  • Hi Nicolas, Yes, if you read through this week's content, you will notice, that it is clearly acknowledged that violence can be perpetrated by women against their male of female partners and that it happens in heterosexual as well as same sex relationships. We also talked about that men can also be victims of abuse. However, the majority of victims still...

  • Thank you Lorna. Sorry if I sounded negative. I was only trying to make you think and share any reasons you saw there. As you have said there are many complex reasons why women cant to dont leave and or go back to an abusive relationship

  • Why do you think that happens? Is there anything about confidence or competence or something else?

  • Well, not entirely. It still is never the same, but the yes prevalence of abuse among men could be higher

  • Yes it must be as there are additional barriers related to seeking help and disclosure that men face, as you mentioned already. What do you think can be done to tackle that?

  • A very sad story. In this situation, children suffer the most. The impact on orphan children whose mothers are murdered is lifelong.
    What are your thoughts about this story? What did you think went wrong? Who could be held responsible?

  • @CN Yes very true and actually a lot of abuse is about control and coercive control! This is more damaging, difficult to identify and escape from!

  • Yes, very rightly said. The number of women experiencing abuse and extent and intensity of injuries experienced by them is always greater, but we still need to keep on justifying it!

  • Why did you think she kept doing that? I mean was she working? Economically independent? Children?

  • Couldnt agree more

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    That made me smile! So what we are saying is that definition attributed to different things and behaviour can change and knowing those differences is important? What do you think?

  • Very rightly said. Yes, it is stereotyping and has a real negative impact and it is gender based too!

  • Nice thought!

  • Thank you ever so much for your encouraging comment and this means a lot! I hope you enjoy the course and learn something from it too. Do keep sharing your views

  • @TimShipway thank you for sharing your points. Evidence suggests that gender does matter and does have an impact in the world. The degree of impact could differ, but certainly has an impact. I am also really interested in your point about othering. What do you think causes certain groups and individuals to 'other' themselves from the rest?? What can these...

  • Power and control issues are pertinent in every culture and that has an impact on behaviour

  • @AnfisaRapotina thank you so much for sharing such an important and sensitive account. I think we all stereotype and judge people somehow mostly unconsciously and the only the way to be more aware of these issues is by having a habit of reflection which then helps us deal with those stereotypes consciously. You account description and its impact shows your...

  • Glad to have you here Lorraine. Hope you find it useful, and the work areas you identified are really very very important and warrant further work

  • Apologies that you felt that way, but we are only in earlier week and the subject is going to develop

  • Thank you for sharing your comments and I will get back to it perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time, please do talk to each other (comment, reply, communicate with each other) to explore. I know commenting on someones' comment feels daunting, but it's not different than communicating with people sitting in the same room, as long we are nice and considerate to...

  • Very interesting point. But I do think this will also give a similar sort of results!

  • You could see this encouraged and perpetuated by specifying the colours for girls and boys and toy types for girls and boys for example!

  • Thank you for introducing yourself. It's great to see you all on this course as you can see people from various disciplines have contributed to this course, I really hope that you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have during this course or otherwise or if you have any comments or suggestions. You can follow me on twitter on...

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    Thank you for all your comments. We do so many things without paying much attention to it as we can see actions in this video. Some people find it difficult to understand and may comment that if women appeared more confident and carefree, they may not have to experience negative issues, but it generally other way around, where negative experiences usually make...

  • Thank you for your comment and raising an important point. Yes, it's the conditioning and experience that we make us think of acting differently in certain situation, so a man with various characteristics (for example, race, ethnicity) and experiences (for example migration, past experiences of violence) may feel and act similarly.

  • Thank you very much for all your comments and sharing your experiences. It's really interesting as well as worrying women nearly everywhere feel the same when it comes to walking alone at night. It would be really useful to learn from men about how do they feel when walking alone at night.