Tom Shakespeare

Tom Shakespeare

I am Professor of Disability Research at the University of East Anglia, with 30 years experience of researching with disabled people. I currently teach sociology to medical students.

Location Norwich, England.


  • Thank you for all the kind words, the team (Tom Porter, Paul Wright, Alicia McConnell, David Shenton) and myself are so pleased that the course had value for so many people. We are also grateful for the feedback as to how it can improve, and please make more suggestions to us as you think of them, including detail if you have time. We recognise that this is...

  • Gosh you guys have such wonderful interests and experience! I think you are going to learn more from each other than you could from me! It's great to have so many people participating and sharing. Thanks for your generosity

  • David is such a wonderful cartoonist - his work seen in The Guardian and Capital Gay, among other publications - and he has been great to work with. Plus we both love dogs!

  • Fantastic to have you all on the course - welcome - we hope you get something out of it!