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liam greaney

liam greaney

Hi my names Liam. I am 62 years young and married to Teresa. I enjoy beer, books and travel. I make my living by driving or teaching driving.

Location Southsea



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    i sometimes feel that people use technology just for the sake of technology.

  • I am a micro business working in the driver training industry. I am a small driving school of 12 instructors with more on the way. In general the industry is in the stone age. There are a lot of digital diary apps for instructors but not much directed at the actual pupil/client.

  • I've been told some kind of CRM system would be very good for future growth of my business.

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    Clarity above all.

  • There is a film called "The Fog of War" which is an extended interview with McMamara. This has some interesting comments about measurement which could be very relevant here for this course.

  • Rules and regulation need to be clear, understandable and have to be seen to be fair.

  • Some people will let their corporate self do things that their personal self would never do. Such as are managers working for the benefit of the shareholders or stakeholders. So, who do you sack and why? Do not rules and regulations dictate how you resolve this dilemma?

  • Ethical choices are thoughtful choices. Whereas a lot of us make snap decisions based on price and love of a bargain.

  • Trust comes from transparency. Some things do need to be private. But in general openness suggests you have nothing to hide. What needs to be discrete (like peoples personal problems) should be clearly defined.

  • A contract is clarity. the bedrock of the relationship. It should clearly express in simple language what is expected of both sides. And how that might be achieved.

  • Clarity!

  • Will it not be the case that a second hand BEV will be quite restricted due to the battery degrading. That what happens with my iphone.

  • Food not fuel! That said the idea of using a circular economy which means we have waste food seems attractive. Also being able to integrate with the existing refuelling structure must be of benefit.

  • At the moment I am left feeling that what will make the difference is how the infrastructure will be played out.
    BEV will need a distributed on road infrastructure to allow for the 30-40 % of us that do not have access to off road charging like a driveway.
    FCEV would be able to make use of existing fuel station forecourts. But how to have a highly...

  • @SteveGill bearing in mind the tendency of hydrogen to make metal brittle it would be interesting to see how old tanks do in crashes.

  • If hydrogen is stored at pressures of 700 bar and also has a tendency to make metals brittle, does this limit the life of the fuel tank. Will it become a moving bomb. How will fuel tanks behave in collisions. At what point will the tank become unsafe.

  • @BarryLowden would not having a fuel tank pressurised to between 700 -900 times the atmospheric pressure be creating moving bombs?

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    EV are only cheaper due to the huge amount of tax on fuel. I'm sure the government will find new things to tax as fuel tax income decreases.
    Parking will become a real issue particularly in the transition from ICE to EV.
    I worry that all this may create an economic divide where those with access to recharging points have a mobility. Where as those that do...

  • @JanMole I also think speed of refuelling could have bin an issue. How long to charge a battery against filling up a tank.

  • Presumably one of the reasons that ICE vehicles took over from electric ones was that they did not need a complicated infrastructure. It takes me a couple of minutes to put £40 worth of fuel in my car. I'm never far from a service station. While it is sometimes awkward to find a on road parking space it's not impossible. I would love to know how local...

  • @PaulGurbutt taxing electricity?

  • I think this is a very good point. If you don't have a driveway or garage you have to park on the road. So a what point will all areas need any of the various charging systems. But also how will it be paid for. If you live in flats on a council estate does this mean the the local council will be spending money to ensure charging. Or will personal mobility...

  • So the busier a charging site the longer the dwell times.

  • Note: not enough of a lip in the paving stones to sue the Local Authority. They have become come very wise to trip and slip claims.

  • @BarryLowden Trip hazards on pavements is a subject dear to my wife's heart. One trip on the pavement can lead to broken noses and cheek bones. Presumably if she had tripped over someone's EV power cord we could have sued them. A interesting question is who would have had to pay up. The insurance company or the householder who owned the cable.

  • We are seeing charging points being set set on the road. These are parking penalty enforceable when a vehicle is not being charged. What will happen as we move towards an electric fleet. Will this mean that ICE vehicles will not be able to park on the road due to the parking points. If you live in a busy area with limited parking will having a EV be your...

  • I would love to know why Henry Ford made the decision to go with ICE rather than electric, if electric was more popular at the time.

  • If electric vehicles are going to be cheaper to run due to the cheaper price of electricity. How would that work out if electricity for transport was taxed at the same level as petrol and diesel?

  • In the list of reasons as to why road transport emissions are increasing, surely the fact passenger vehicles are getting bigger is a larger factor than any of those 5 reasons.

  • Hi, I am a driving instructor. I want to see how all this could affect the driver training industry.

  • Hi, I am a driving instructor. Low emissions are the future. But what will it hold and how will it be shaped.

  • I am a driving instructor and think that driving lessons are a service. But how can that be made better?

  • I am suitably bland. No wonder they call me "mild thing".

  • I made an innocent online comment to a friend on FaceBook. Someone else told someone else and before I knew it I had a letter threatening legal action! It was all rubbish and a storm in a tea cup. They lost my custom which was worth having. In hindsight I would have said the same thing but as a private message. The lesson for me is if you are posting on a...

  • Hi I'm Liam and I run a small driving school called driving-pro in Portsmouth. I need to understand more about SM. It's my shop window and needs the right window dressing.

  • I'm inclined to think that social media is a place to act in haste and repent at leisure.

  • Are not hierarchies controlled by the people who have the biggest stake in it. Be that they are prepared to do the most work or have the most money. Or are put in place by someone who has one or the other.

  • Did not understand that. Surely could just as equally be straight lines tapering off? Why did it dip then rise at the beginning of the curve.

  • Hi my name is Liam. I am a driving instructor and interested to see how what you say can be applied to my 1-2-1 working environment.

  • @MikWisniewski so even countries can be inaccurate. I suppose the bigger the sample the more accurate the result.

  • Fine if you wanted to put code into a web site.

  • Interesting, if I read The Humix report correctly GA is pretty accurate. The inaccuracy's are about 2% and location by cities. As for how accurate overall the bigger the sample the better the report.

  • The figures on there own don't say much. It is the interpretation of those figures that is important. An observation on the tail off in week two is that the first week was about coding. Unless you are building and maintaining your own website why would you need to know about that?

  • Hi, I did not understand why on figure 1 it said 279 but you said 250. Is it a typo or have I missed something.

  • With so much data, I think it would pay to consider carefully what you want to use and why.

  • Interesting. Have have a better understanding of the code and what happens with it. Surely if you have a website for business you will be paying someone else to do the coding. I've signed up on this course for is to understand the data and what it represents.

  • What would happen if I used someone else's Tracking ID. Would it make my site look more active?

  • I looked at the source code for my own website. It was a little clearer but it showed how little I really do know.

  • How accurate is the location. When I do speed tests it shows the server miles away.

  • @JeffreyJohnson I've just looked and the comment from Stephanie C still applies

  • I've just looked up Faust.
    Your educators keep referring to Faustian bargains.
    So it's a pact with the devil.
    Does this mean Mark Zuckerberg is the Devil?

  • thank you

  • It sounds easy, I suspect it might not be.

  • If Doctor Grant had changed his underpants more regularly would he not have reduced the damage to himself. So on that basis he has a duty to lessen any damage that might occur. Or put another way you cannot allow others to be solely responsible for your safety. You must take reasonable precautions yourself.

  • Whats the difference between confirmation bias and reasoning by analogy? Or is it the same. My last 5 cars were green and they were all reliable. Therefore , probably green cars are reliable.

  • Decide what you want to believe and then come up with a theory for it. God has let me do this therefore he wants me to do this. I will test this on the wife!

  • Does this mean that in science we start off non-deductive and test our different theories. Then we evolve to deductive logic where instead of theories we now have facts.

  • Are all scientific theories non-deductive till we can accumulate enough evidence to make them deductive?

  • @SocheataVinh Hi I think the first is a sound argument.
    For the second one the suppressed premise is that smoking makes you fit because of the effort required to smoke out weighs the harm done in smoking. If only the effort in eating out weighed the pleasure I would be a lot thinner.

  • Hi
    I think the argument is non-deductive. This for me is evidenced by the use of words and phrases like:
    are just as
    tend to become
    they are unlikely
    I think the argument is weak as it is possible to come up with counter examples.
    For example people do try new forms of music. Not all older people think new styles are degenerate . They may not like them...

  • Argument 1.
    P1. Mammals are warm blooded.
    P2. Fish are cold blooded.
    C. Therefore fish are not mammals.
    The argument is sound.
    The argument is valid if P1 and P2 are true and to the best of my knowledge fish are cold blooded and mammals warm blooded so the argument is sound.

    Argument 2.
    P1. To stop smoking in bars will mean it will be stopped...

  • So:
    Ad Hominem, the mans an idiot therefore the argument is stupid.
    Red Herring, a strong smell to put you off the scent.