Moia Rowsome

Moia Rowsome

I am the Instructional Designer for the PADILEIA MOOCs at King's Online, King's College London. I am also a language teacher and have taught both English and Spanish in Europe and Asia.

Location London, UK


  • That's great Ahmed. What do you want to study?

  • What kind of food do you like?

    I like Italian food, especially pizza!

  • Yes, I love listening to classical music! It is my favourite. How about you?

  • Yes I love listening to music.
    Yes, I like drawing, but I am not very good at it!
    Yes, I like acting, it is a lot of fun.

    Do you like singing?

  • Now ask someone else a question!

  • Yes I don't like playing football either.... But I like watching the World Cup! It is fun.

  • @DianaOrdoñezMedrano Me too, it is very boring!

  • @AnnaBau Me too!

  • I love listening to music because I find it relaxing.

    I hate ironing because it is boring!

    What about you?

  • Hi there! I also love dancing to pop music! I find it relaxing too. In English, we say 'I hate sport, it is very difficult'. Thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes!

  • I like eating chocolate, but I don't like eating meat. I love playing the piano, but I hate washing the dishes!

    What about you?

  • I like running in the park.
    I like listening to music.
    I don't like cleaning the house.
    I don't like going shopping.

    What about you?

  • I like sports. I really like getting fit. It makes me feel really good. I like to run about 3 times a week, and I also like yoga. I don't play any team sports, but I am watching the World Cup and it's a lot of fun! What about you?

  • I love dancing too! Remember, 'sometimes' is all one word :)

  • Hi Mohamed. I also like sport. In English, we don't say 'playing fitness'. We say 'I like getting fit', or 'I think fitness is important'. I hope that helps! :)

  • Hi Asmaa, do you mean you like horse riding? I love horse riding!

  • Hi Mohamud - it sounds like you are very healthy! I agree - I think sport helps you to feel free. It is also very good for spending time with other people! I like running but I also like going to yoga class. How often do you play sport? I try to exercise every day.

  • Hi Mohamed! I Iike football too - it is very healthy to play it! Are you watching the World Cup?

  • Hi Ahmed, me too - I love movies. What kind of movies do you like? I like true stories and comedies.

  • @PaulaCarmona Hi Paula, I like to read novels too. However, my favourite books are history books and biographies of influential people. I like to learn about what intelligent and good people have done in their lives!

  • Hi Bahar! Thank you so much for telling us about yourself. In English, we spell the word 'soul', so it is 'I am the life and soul of the party'. You are doing really well - keep up your hard work! :)

  • Hi Inna! Good for you that you made more time for reading and spending time with friends. This is a very important part of life. Do you feel happier now that you have more time for these things?

  • @MaryemSalama 'I like to have laughs' isn't really the way we would ever say it. English speakers would understand what you mean, but it's better to say 'I like to have a laugh with my friends', as this is how we would say it :)

  • Hi Amani! Nice to meet you. I am Moia and I am from Ireland!

  • Hi Ammar, welcome to the course! What is your favourite food?

  • Hi Enas, welcome to the course! I am from Ireland. What is your favourite colour? Mine is blue :)

  • Hi Ismail, welcome :) That is great you want to learn English for study. What do you like to study?

  • Hi there, a stressed syllable is the syllable that is the loudest when you say it out loud. For example, in the word happy, the syllable 'ha' is a little bit stressed or louder than 'ppy'. So it sounds like: HA-ppy. Listen to the example :) I hope this helps!

  • Hi Thein, the audio at the top just reads out the text. So if you read the text, that is the lesson! :)

  • What kind of madness do you like? Dancing? Playing around? Describe it for us :)

  • Hi Mohamed, sounds like you are a fun person :) Nice to meet you!

  • Hi Mohamad - you are a very nice person :) I am loyal too - it is important to be loyal! In English, we spell the word 'and' (not und) :) Well done - thank you for telling us about yourself!

  • Hi everyone! I am Moia. I am a friendly person and I like to be kind to others. I am fun and I like to have a laugh with my friends! I am also hardworking, but I enjoy getting some time to relax and read a book, or listen to music! What are you like? Read some other comments and reply!

  • Hi Mohamad - I like working in teams too. It's fun and you can learn from other people! In English, we say to 'make' jokes. So a good way to say this is: "I like to makes jokes too." :)

  • Don't be embarrassed! :) Making mistakes is ok - that's the best way to learn! Keep trying!

  • I like to study alone too. However, sometimes I think if I study in a group, I learn lots from other people! Do you not agree? :)

  • Yes Safia, I am the same. Sometimes I like to study alone as it's easier to concentrate. However, sometimes I like to learn from others! Both ways are good. :)

  • Keep trying Eric! :)

  • 'Bought' is the past tense of 'buy'. So, the sentence says the person 'bought' some food in the supermarket for her (maybe their mother!). It is something that happened in the past - maybe yesterday.

    'Went' is the past tense of 'go'. So I went home to my house is like saying 'I go home to my house', but last night or yesterday.

    I hope that helps!

  • Yes, you are right. There really is no rule, so you have to learn them by studying them! The irregular verbs here are just some examples to help you learn them :)

  • @AhmetYildiz @KostiaAnishchenko Very good question! You can use 'for', but it depends on the sentence order. For example you can say "I bought her some food" or you can say "I bought some food for her". You cannot say "I bought for her some food". I hope that helps!

  • Did you prepare dinner yesterday?

  • Last weekend, I cleaned the house. I listened to music and I finished my work. I did not dance at the disco.

  • Moia Rowsome replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi J T, yes there are instructors reading the comments! We cannot respond to every one, but we do try to answer questions and help where we can :)

  • Hi Ahmed - great to hear about your weekend! Can you try to put this in the past tense? So 'I do' changes to 'I did' - I did my homework. What about 'I have'? How do you say this in the past tense?

  • Hi Mohamad! Do you mean you played tennis?

  • Hi Samah, it's really interesting to read about your life. Are you following the World Cup at the moment? Who do you think will win? I think maybe Spain or Brazil :)

  • I am Moia and I am an Instructional Designer at King's College London. I create online courses for people all over the world. I speak English fluently, but I also speak Spanish and Irish. I play the piano and love all kinds of music. I like studying and reading about ancient history. I also like reading the news and learning new things from interesting people....

  • What a lovely job. What does he take photos of? People? Buildings? Objects? The countryside?

  • @ChakhritMeetha You could ask them: Can you describe the job? or What do you do every day? or How many hours a week do you work?

  • Hi Louana, we must speak in English here. Can you try to put your questions in English? :)

  • Hi Eman, great questions! It is better to use the word 'at' - 'Am I good at English?' :) Nice job!

  • I am not a singer, but I used to be! I am not tall - I am very small.

  • I am not a doctor, but I have many friends who are. What about you? Are you a doctor?

  • I am not a Fashion Designer, but I am an Instructional Designer! And you?

  • These questions you are posting are great! Now, try answering someone's questions.

  • That is just my accent! :)

  • Yes I know that feeling of fear when speaking another language! The more you practice, the better you will get. Good luck!

  • I think this is a great point, William. Learning English helps you to read news about lots of different places!

  • I speak English as a native speaker, as I am from Ireland. However, I love learning languages. I speak Spanish and Irish too. I want to improve my French so that I can watch French films and read French books! I also like to speak French with others, as it is fun to practise! I also want to learn Italian, as I love Italian culture.

  • Hi Zhang, take a look at other comments here to help you! It is ok if you don't get the spelling completely correct - it's just practice :)

  • @gracielacaballe Hi Graciela, go to the next step (1.4) for a vocabulary quiz, and then the next step after that, (1.5), where there is an audio exercise!

  • Great! Good luck :)

  • Hi Manish, I have been to Delhi. I really liked it! :) What is your favourite thing about your city?

  • Hi Sanaa, welcome to the course! I hope you enjoy it.

  • @mariamzarnadze Hi Mariam, try this website I am not sure how good it is, but you will be able to see by trying it! Hopefully it is helpful for you :)

  • @AliHusseinAliBinEshaq Thank you for notifying me Ali! :)

  • @JoséAntonioMora Hi José! Lovely to meet you :)

  • Hi Anas, and welcome to the course!

  • Hi Ana, and welcome to the course! We must all speak English here - can you try to put what you said into English for us all to read? :)

  • Oh lovely, what songs do you play?

  • Hi both - the audio is in step 1.5. This step is just an introduction! :)

  • Great idea to take breaks from the heat! :)