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    I agree

  • I love the fact that the adult can go down to the children level and join in the play using the key words

  • Encouraging children to speak well and in complete sentence is good. Always look out for creative ways work with the children.

  • This week was amazing. I have learnt alot.

  • Super advise. Thanks

  • Wow, now I know that 3 year olds have a brain like an adult. Great video

  • I do not have any experience. I live in an English speaking environment and teach in an English speaking school

  • All she said is important. I love the fact that teachers have the responsibility to know and provide activities for the children based on what they love to play with

  • I do not agree with points 1,2,3,and 5

  • This only a guide. There are some children that fast developers.

  • Yes children learn in various ways

  • 2 to 6 years

  • Children learn in various ways. Everyday gives them new learning opportunities

  • Very well said. Safety around the the School and home can not be over stretched.

  • I have puppets, flashcards, puzzles, recycled toys, and more

  • I have not tried this out. Will surely do

  • Paulina mentioned the a classroom should be spacious. She had the Circle mat where Language is learnt. The well arranged craft and story area. Activities are also classified and set up so the children can work on their own. She also has the area for running. The classroom is really welcoming.
    I noticed that the classroom afford the children the opportunity to...

  • Growing, playing, and learning can not be taken out of a child's life. While playing serval concepts/skills are learnt and developed.
    As these children play and explore the world around them, adults and Teachers will expose them to new words there by improving their vocabulary.

  • Wow! So true. Play and learning can not be done in isolation.

  • Points 1 and 3 are not quite clear. Point 6 is true. I have seen children play out different time line
    If it's too much fun, they are not learning. Not true! The more the fun, the more learning is taking place.

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    I see how the children solve problems, improvise with their playing tools. I also see how they blend in and socialize with other kids.
    They play more in the sand box
    Playing with sand helps them to experience change in texture (what a dry sand looks like when added water). They also experience different shapes as they mold with sand.

  • It is important because, while playing children learn various skills like vocabulary, social, thinking, and self-help skills.
    Yes children can play and learn. That is the best way they learn.

  • Adult-led activities is always organized because it is properly set up by an adult. There is always an objective tied to the activity.
    Like the adult-led activity, there is always an objective. The time is planned and the children are exposed to new vocabulary.
    Children learn in various ways, so the child-led play is good because the adults can observe how...

  • I remember playing family with my friends. Most time I played mother. Cooking, taking care of the home, caring for the baby. Most times, we made fire to cook vegetables gotten from the garden. Then we were employing nature, texture, building positive, character, and improving taste. I learnt a lot as a child.

  • You are right. Children learn in various ways. Love this.

  • I will do just that. Note taking is important

  • I am a nursery teacher. I teach English Language Art (phonics, grammar, and comprehension). I also have a 7 year old daughter. I want to learn to teach English more effective.

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    Hello everyone. I am Eunice. I am glad to be in this group. I want to teach English to young children. I am from Nigeria