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  • Be creative and always try to enhance your product and to increase value.
    This would help you to differentiate your business from competitors.

  • As an entrepreneur you should step out of your comfort zone.
    You have to try new things, see things in a new way or put pieces together in a new manner so you will have ideas.
    Also entrepreneurs may have trouble achieving work-life balance.
    They are working far more than average and often they should work on their days off so you should bear that in mind.

  • I'm thinking about becoming a consultant for iOT security.
    I think we are only at the beginning but this topic will play an important role.

  • Of course user interface is essential and you need to make it as user friendly as possible so every person without any previous knowledge, will know how to operate it.

  • I think that IoT hardware is the weakest link and this is because unlike computers these devices don' t have enough memory to install anti-virus, firewall or other updates and also as far as i know , many IoT hardware use hard coded password which is normally admin or root

  • This article shows how easily your coffee machine can be hacked:

  • Who can guarantee that there will be no data breach or data leaks?

  • I agree with Ebrahim that "we need to have a universal definition of privacy and privacy rights" but privacy logo is not feasible and actually will prevent users from using IoT products.

  • A platform which is simple to use , user friendly and can enhance user experience ,these are the key requirements for an ideal IoT platform.

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    I want to recommend this link from the extra resources
    http://www.libelium.com/products/waspmote/sensors/ (appears as WEBPAGE:SENSORS in the list).The page gives you a good technical overview of all available sensors.
    Each specification is accompanied with a small picture of the sensor.

  • I didn't find something related to the security of LPWA , i'm sure that also here things need to be improved and 3GPP M2M or other can provide better security.

  • 5G

  • I heard that Zigbee is not secure like wifi based security system.
    This is a big disadvantage.

  • I'm planning to build Home Security systems so i will need motion sensors to detect an intruder and send an alert.

  • Water quality sensor, image sensors used in the car industry (to recognize signs or obstacles) , soil Temperature and soil moisture for smart farming.

  • A smart shirt with sensors that will alert if someone comes too close to you from behind.
    This will help to eliminate violence.

  • For me the most important thing is 'Adopt it overnight' - it means that the specific iOT product is easy to use , the design is attractive and user friendly etc...

  • 1. I think that Daniel Burrus suggested that we should not limit our thoughts to a specific industry or domain when thinking on iOT.
    iOT products may be applied for new industries which still not exist.
    2. I'm not sure but i think that in industry like agriculture you use many kind of sensors : humidity, temperature ,quality of soil, water usage, etc...

  • The deterioration of the environment and the global warming are big problems.
    If we have the right tools for energy management and conservation using IoT products then this may contribute to save our planet.

  • Not exactly ... iOT device collects data and transmits to other device , to the cloud , to the database etc ... , the smart phone is a tool that helps us to extract that data using an app.

  • Any product or device which has sensor and can transmit data to a cloud via network protocol.
    The data contain useful information which can be retrieved and can be helpful in many domains.