Maryalice Hogg-O'Rourke

Maryalice  Hogg-O'Rourke

I've had two careers both of which I'm retired from. kindergarten teacher, then after a break to be a Mom. I became a social worker specializing in elder care. I'm so pleased to have found FL.

Location Georgetown, Texas, USA



  • My city has become denser and less sprawling ,however ,real estate prices are becoming increasingly expensive leaving only the wealthiest buyers in the urban center. I'm in the southwestern part of the U.S. near the Mexican boarder.

  • What about moving the minor under duress into the foster care system?

  • I'm elderly and love my mobile ,but many of my neighbors have been given one by family or friends and absolutely hate it never turn it on and can't remember the number to it .

  • I don't think his reluctance to discuss his father's girlfriend is suspicious. Neale just lost his mother a few years ago and he may resent his father having a girlfriend, although this should be addressed in further interviews.

  • The sausages I buy have quite a bit of fennel , should I use more fennel in the tray?

  • Chocolate is good for you in moderation, it's loaded in antioxidants and may be good for mood.

  • I love tater tots, they are shredded potatoes shaped into a oblong shape and usually deep fried,however, I like them better baked.

  • As a blind person I always try to find the exits before a performance, and when possible ill get an aisle seat so I can l leave quickly in case of emergency. The idea of a candlelit theater fills me with anxiety, I would have to take a pass on this production

  • I agree about the amount of time spent on clothing descriptions in the first week. I'm not an audio describer rather a partially sighted person who lost the majority of my eyesight about 20 years ago. I find my visuall memory faiding especially for colors, so hearing a description of the colors of clothing is frustrating for me. I wish AD would find a way that...