Chris Davies

Chris Davies

Chris Davies is the founder of Graduate Coach. Since creating the company 10 years ago, he has helped kick-start the careers of 5000+ graduates. Chris had careers in advertising and publishing.

Location United Kingdom


  • Let me know how you get on

  • We have a brilliant interview course on or website that would you. Reach out to us

  • Reach out to me at graduate coach when you have finished the course ok ?

  • Has the course helped?

  • Has the course helped ?

  • Has it helped you? TV is really difficult but content is a massive field you could start there?

  • Hope it has helped you?

  • Hope you found the course a help Daniel ?

  • We can specifically help you with a little bit of 121 coaching and a great online course on interviews. Reach out to us for help. Your problem is a common one

  • Let us know how you get on if you like it please would you help us help others by saying nice things on my personal linked in page and leaving a good review. Contact us when you have finished

  • How did you find the course ?

  • We would like you to help us with some research Laura? Please contact me at graduate coach. My email is

  • How did you find the course Imogen?

  • Enjoy the course, it’s going to help you a lot and then reach out to us Luke

  • Contact us at graduate coach ...

  • We have just helped a grad just like you! Do the course and then reach to us. She has just landed a great job. As researcher

  • Hi guys, I totally agree with all of these comments and I think it’s unacceptable behaviour on employers part. Do you think Grad coach should start a Twitter storm under the #jobghosting and invite grad like yourself to name and shame these employers.

  • Big graduate schemes are not the best place to search for your first job. They often get 5/ 30k applications for every role. Not that they will ever tell a grad that. Go for smaller employers first.

  • Have you asked any recruitment agencies for advice sometimes they can be really helpful?

  • See my comments above

  • Totally agree see my comments above

  • Hi guys, I totally agree with all of these comments and I think it’s unacceptable behaviour on employers part.

  • I wish you well in your endeavors Sally!

  • You are very welcome Aginam, good luck!

  • A resume and a CV are the same thing, it's just some people may call it one or the other.

  • Let us know what you think when you have completed the course chris

  • Hi please complete this course and then tell us whether it has helped ? Thanks chris

  • Hi! Have you thought about framing your CV and your skills in terms of generic transferable skills ? In other words ...when I applied for my job in advertising they didn’t look for advertising experience but they did quiz me on had I run teams of people? Could I persuade people ? Did I have resilience ? How good was I at numbers and data?

    All the skills...

  • This is a great degree to have. There are lots of analytical roles you could go for! Reach out to us if you need further help !

  • Do you have some work experience in civil engineering ? That’s what makes the difference I have found

  • Gosh what an inspirational set of comments I really hope this course helps!

  • Anna please let us know whether the course is helping you !

  • Please let us know whether the course is helping you with both of your issues you can always reach out to us for further help

  • Well done you! Study the modules on employability skills and the different career options

  • Please let us know how you get on with the course and whether you find it useful!,

  • Hi we could help you further with specific interviewing help. Do the course study the interview modules and then if you still want help reach out to us at graduate coach !good luck

  • Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  • Please let us know how you get on !

  • Good luck with the course let us know what you think of the course and whether it has helped you?

  • Tom, the problem you have is that there aren’t that many jobs for STEM grads despite the hype from Unis, schools and the media . Right now Oxbridge grads With 1sts and PhDs will. Be going for the same roles as you. Do you have lots of relevant work experience ?

  • You might want to think about other career options using your transferable skills form your course good luck !

  • Hi Su have a really good study of the module on what type of career will suit you best .good luck!