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  • 30 Nov 21 : got it working after some time

    Install the CLI on Windows and Linux ( I chose Ubuntu CLI )
    I chose : Option 1: Install with one command
    then to run the program
    $ sudo az login
    You will be asked to navigate to

  • @SörenLairdSörries @DaveGunn

    The term Container in software and IT is a little nebulous, but they are essentially a ( ideally single ) software process running / depending / utilising a larger operating system superstructure.

    Thus multiple containers can run on a single Windows/Linux machine ( eg see Docker ) Much like individual shipping containers...

  • Really good introduction to Azure and demonstrates just how straightforward 'spinning up' an online resource can be

  • Top left of Azure control panel screen
    Home>VMName>Networking>Add inbound port rule >
    Source : Any
    Source Port : * (a http request can come from a large range of ports )
    Destination : Any ( We can send traffic to any public IP Address )
    Service : HTTP : Port 80
    Priority : default ( 330
    Name : Port_HTTP

  • The ( currently ) single Azure data centre for the whole continent of Africa is located in South Africa. You would be right to think that some provision should be held off the west coast catering to Ghana,Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon for example. Currently no.

    I assume there just isn't the demand,that current West African country network infrastructure...

  • Samuel, you raise an excellent point where dedicated machines in your industry, healthcare, manufacturing etc have high functionality, working, stable software, often running on legacy operating systems ( windows / embedded linux etc ) that can't be put 'in the cloud'.

  • The division of visual diagrams into 4 key categories,
    is very useful as an immediate guide on which type of diagram is optimal to display the data and conclusions you wish to draw from the data. thank you

  • The Promo of 50% doesn't work, or is way to generous. Promo days resulted in similar sales quantity ( coffees served / day ) as other days but half the revenue, they didn't increase number of coffees sold ( significantly )
    Shop doesn't need 8 staff, especially Mon-Wed
    Little correlation between Avg Temperate and Hot/Cold coffee sales
    Busiest days are Friday...

  • We moved on to Energy futures?

  • Anna Gray made a comment

    Wow : I feel I learnt a LOT from ZERO to running basic SQL queries, something I have been meaning to learn for about 20 years, and I had to think it through, and only scratching the surface.

  • select customer.firstname,customer.lastname,sum( from customer
    inner join Invoice
    where customer.customerid = invoice.customerid
    and ( customer.customerid = 1
    or customer.customerid = 6
    or customer.customerid = 59
    group by customer.customerid
    order by -sum(; /* The negative for descending order...

  • I can see how a real SQL query could become quite complex, quite quickly.

  • Anna Gray made a comment

    Got stuck here...for a couple of days.. moved on. Subqueries and Joins from multiple tables needs more work and more documentation....

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    Just spent a really engaging few days ( about 5 ) getting to grips with Sqlite, filters, code and the sheer power of it. I am very impressed while realising I am just scratching the surface of the power of this tool.

    I am fortunate that I code ( C / Python ) also so can see parallels / different ways of achieving tasks, and do appreciate that SQL provides...

  • So a personal learning experience. I spent about 4/5 days late October writing some Python code to filter the flights.csv file and was successful

    Now I have spent about 4 days learning SQLite and have two identical CSV files of filtered departures for LAX, days 5 ( time >= 1700 ) /6/ 7 ( time < 1200 )
    I have learnt a lot about big files and the power of...

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    select firstname,lastname from customer where customerid = 42;

    customer id is an INTEGER, match can be with integer, no quotes required

    select employeeid,firstname,lastname from employee where address like '%77%';

    address is NVARCHAR(70), thus LIKE search term ( 77 ) is in quotes

    sqlite> select count(customerid) from customer where postalcode is...

  • Fascinating to be working on real but sufficiently complex dataset

    @Richard R : Good spot '<=' is correct, =< does not work

  • A potential for confusion is that the download from github gives two sqlite files, a .sql and a .sqlite.
    The chinook_sqlite.sql is human readable using a text editor ( sublime text etc ) . The .sql file is in effect a .dump of the database file

    In SQLite you can read the sql or open the sqlite

    sqlite> .read Chinook_Sqlite.sql
    sqlite> .open...

  • @AndrewB @BolajiAhmed :
    what extent this actually happens in the 'real world'.
    Amost never : data would be added directly to the SQL DB, only by DB maintenance or analysis IT devs manually in this fashion.
    The majority of manual data entry into is done via Web interfaces which allow / provide software data error, validity and form checking ( formats of...

  • @AndrewB : I wonder to what extent this actually happens in the 'real world'.

  • sqlite> .mode csv
    sqlite> .import flights.csv flights
    sqlite> .tables
    sqlite> select count(year) from flights;

    Cool : took a couple of days working around SQLite to get to this point, still getting the hang of adding a ; to the end of NON DOT commands, and importantly NOT adding a Semicolon to the end of DOT commands as you end up with...

  • SQLite is BIG!

  • I am going to have to reread this a few times I think!
    This is important and fundamental.

  • Why would it make more sense to use a separate integer value for a primary key
    Format constraints for PK and error checking capability prior to Query of PK
    Data security : PK not based on P.I.I. ( eg name / DOB )..GDPR
    Immutable : The key never has to change, other aspects of the record can be
    Zero potential for...

  • There is a LOT of data out there to collect, with the 'data' and the complexity of it evolving all the time.
    More complex models will be required to capture and link related data together ( I guess ! ) to allow relationships between data points to be found, mapped and information derived.

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    Scatter plot for this data is pure noise with zero correlation between height to weight, zero, even when boxed off to 5/10 cm intervals.
    This can't be a data set for sports anything, and unlikely Olympian women who would typically come in around 55kg for a 165cm female athlete ( eg Laura Kenny ).
    Even if this data was for a specialised sport that is...

  • Great to see the FT open-sourcing its data presentation template as best practice

  • Seeing the wood from the trees can be hard : visualising information in more and more interesting ways has become very useful, interpreting the data remains something of an art.

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    Didn't know pivot tables before this evening

  • I can see that with numbers as easy to read as a 24 hour time, written in 2/3 digit numbers 730, not 0730, or a month in text ( January, February etc ) converting this into numbers which are easily sorted can be hard in excel.

    Also calculation in base 7/12/50 or 24 ( 0830 - 0930 is not 100 but 60 minutes ) for example

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    Enjoyed the Excel left/right exercise, long time user of spreadsheets with quite complex formulas ( references, offsets, rolling averages etc ) but not used those

  • From sample-flights.csv
    I have 213 flights departure LAX all days 1-7
    88 flights departure days 5/6/7 LAX
    47 flights LAX between
    Day 5 departure after 1700 ( Tail N8654B )
    and departure
    Day 7 before 1200 midday ( tail N364AA)
    sorted by departure time

  • Wow, that was a learning experience
    =VALUE(RIGHT(B2,4)) for the year in numbers
    =LEFT(B2, SEARCH(" ",B2)) for the Month in Text
    =LEFT(B2,SEARCH(",",B2)-1) gave me eg April 23 from April23, 1983
    =VALUE(RIGHT(C2,(LEN(C2)- SEARCH(" ",C2) ))) gave me 23 from April 23
    9 from July 9
    As you had to calculate the length of string between the Space and the end...

  • @PeterTurnbull @RichardR

    They made the same mistake in the last course confusing Variance Population with Variance sample

    Variance Population = 240 / 9 = 26.66 ( we all agree )
    Sum of (Mean - vale ) ^ 2 = 240
    n Population = 9

    Variance sample which has been quoted as the answer
    = 240 / ( Population- 1 ) = 240 / 8 = 30

  • I think we are looking for patterns here and outliers. Is there a destination, airline or time of day that is 'problematic' with extra delayed or cancelled flights?

  • An hour lost on this : is it me or is there an error and confusion regarding the sample set and quoted Variance calculations

    For data
    Sum = 867
    Mean = 57.8
    Sum of square ( xi - 57.8 ) ^2 = 7686.4

    n = 15
    n-1 = 14

    7686.4 / 15 = 512.43 ( Variance : Population )
    7686.4 / 14 = 549.03 ( Variance : Sample...

  • All three average values, mean, median and mode of a data set can often be more misleading than useful, especially if the data is not especially coherent or 'bell curve'

  • I think measure of Time in general is one of those special categories, where time itself is continuous, we break it down into seconds, minutes, hours...decades etc. It is also determinate, 1700 will come an hour after 1600 as Wednesday comes after Tuesday.

    We do represent time in numbers, discreet blocks and we can quantitatively measure a period of time,...

  • Companies like McDonald's, Pizza Express, Starbucks etc must have heaps of data on this type of thing where the restaurants are as identical as they can be in terms of customer offering, same menu, same ingredients etc, but, also differ a great deal in terms of location, staffing size of premises, and from a very simple, top down, business point of view,...

  • Anna Gray made a comment

    I took a couple of days to figure out some Python code to process / filter the flights.csv file which I really enjoyed as a personal learning goal.

  • Focus on : flights departing after 5pm on a Friday and before 12pm (midday) on Sunday, DEPARTING LAX
    This will allow the flights.csv file to reduce in size significantly, from > 5 million rows to a few thousand.
    I'm Just not quite sure how to do that!

    Update 43309 lines I think, courtesy of a couple of days of python coding

  • Python and SQL are core tools for any analyst's tool box, crunching through big files ( data sets ) very easily.

  • I noted 'helps your natural pattern-recognition abilities ' which is totally sensible. It will be interesting to see how AI evolves in this space which is adept at spotting faint patterns, correlations etc in seemingly un-connected data sets

  • Excellent point, the old computer rule of Garbage in, Garbage out applies to data evaluation and analysis.

  • DDDM, by definition is based on analysing data that exists, has ben collected, structured and thus has already aged to some degree, an hour, a day, month or year etc.

    Decisions of their nature determine the future, and while historic insight is important ( how did we get to here ), it might not provide insight into 'where are we going?'.

    There is a...

  • @ShirleyPhillips : Penny dropped while I was cycling. I am guessing we are not supposed to be able to open flights.csv with Excel, it is simply too big.
    We will be taught Python or SQL to do that

  • The file flights.csv is huge, 5,819,080 rows . Day 31, month 12 starting at line 5,805,948, representing ~13,000 rows of data / day!
    You can use Sublime Text to view the file in raw text. Libreoffice Calc / Excel has a row limit of 1,048,576 rows.

  • Can the use of such a system justify the application of the right not to be subjected to automated individual decision-making?

    The question is necessarily complicated by the 'NOT'

    To rephrase ( if only for my own clarity )
    Should a person have decisions made, that could affect their future, by a computer / algorithm, based on data they have uploaded to...

  • This area of law, morals and public debate is still under development.

    A key aspect of the Mario Costeja González was that the argument that the original article in the newspaper should be retrospectively redacted was thrown out.

    It is still a matter of public record, in the newspaper that Mario Costeja González was subject to court proceedings, it...

  • Data that is difficult or impossible to change that could, if put together enable identity theft ( DOB / Place of Birth / Current complete address / other biometrics that cannot ever be changed by the Data subject ( me/you ) )

    Full Name
    Exact DOB
    Place of Birth
    Current Address
    Extrapolated information of other family members

  • The data owner of the opinion would be the author of the opinion, not the subject of the opinion.
    Other areas of law cover subsequent ( inadvertent or requested ) release of this data, ( libel/ slander/ discrimination ) etc.

    The data ( Employer opinions ) is private and confidential and cannot be released, companies or individuals could be sued if such...

  • All browsers offer the ability to
    1 delete cookies,
    2 to block cookies
    3 Use extensions like uBlock to limit exposure
    4 More usefully, only allow cookies for the 'session'.

    Why would you choose 4.. Sites need to know that you have logged in and authenticated, banking and financial sites, but it is sensible for you to tell your browser to forget this...

  • Occasionally, its representatives tell visiting parents that personal data of their children, including names, home addresses and genders, are processed.

    Transparency :
    The parents should as best practice be informed automatically when initially submitting data, the scope of all future data processing purposes of their children.

    In the event that that...

  • Many of the larger organisations the Googles / FBs etc have an automated process to release your data, reducing the very real cost of processing.
    The cost of processing and release of data to subjects by data holders can of course be reduced by companies, other entities, by ensuring that they hold very little data on data subjects, or even purging PII data...

  • Prior to the internet, the concept of data privacy, PII, identity theft was the stuff of obscure spy novels.
    No longer.
    Identity theft, loss of financial reputation, is common place and costing the public millions a year.
    Companies have till recently been extremely lax about storing customer PII, considering this database a free resource for them to use...

  • A colleague recently conducted a Survey using one of the online Surveys. The Output of the Survey included IP addresses of the participants, but no other PII.
    An individual flagged this, IP addresses are ruled as PII.

    In direct answer to 'Would you be able to indicate whether you will have to acquire data subjects’ consent'
    It would appear that erring on...

  • The UK is fully aligned with GDPR regulations. Trade, irrespective of it's nature, will still occur between UK and citizens and entities of EU states. This data must be protected with the same level of safeguards as if the data had not left the EU.

    Regardless of political statements, legal alignment and safeguarding of data will still be necessary between...

  • Anna Gray made a comment

    1) Why is it important for you to know about the General Data Protection Regulation?
    Professional obligation as a professional working in and around IT, to my team, colleagues and customers

    2) What do you know already about this legal instrument?
    The general overview, the importance of ensuring data is kept secure, the importance of obfuscating PII as a...

  • 7 May 2020 Nigeria 2020 budget: OPS backs proposed $20 oil price benchmark

    I had not read this when I posted

  • @DavidMcGovern
    David : I was referring to the Maths and the laws of thermodynamics. When we invent a lossless system that can store and then deliver energy at 100% efficiency, your statement will be correct, but we do not have that in batteries or mechanical systems including air compression systems or pumped storage eg Dinorwig.

    For every Watt of energy...

  • Anna Gray made a comment

    A CBA of smart grids is never going to be favourable to the technology without a 'true' cost of the alternative.

    The alternative ,burning fossil fuel, which is very cheap to do, can be done at huge scale, very low complexity and proven, coal, gas and even diesel oil generators.

    The true value of smart grids is they try to minimise and then optimise...