Alvin Birdi

Alvin Birdi

I am a Professor of Economics Education and Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Education Innovation at the University of Bristol.

Location Bristol, UK


  • Thanks David. Good point about those terms. We weren't aiming at comprehensiveness with this list but really hoping to include terms that we use throughout the course which some learners may want defined.

    Maybe this should become a more general glossary?

  • Hi Dieter, yes you are right and we used the terms hesitantly. We wanted to include them in this list of terms mainly because they are in common use. We'd be very interested in your suggestions for alternative terminology here.

  • Thanks for this comment - we look forward to your further contributions around these points.

  • Thanks for this excellent suggestion - feel free to offer a "definition" and we can explore with Futurelearn whether we can add to the list while the course is running.

  • Thanks for these excellent suggestions - feel free to offer "definitions" and we can explore with Futurelearn whether we can add to the list while the course is running.

  • Hi Deborah and Jim and apologies for the delay in responding! Thanks for your comments. I'd be interested to know what kinds of teaching you have experienced or delivered that you would deem to be dialogic and "horizontal" in the sense that Professor de Sousa Santos describes.

    You are right that the example he gives is drawn from oral knowledges, but there...

  • Thanks for that link and welcome to the course! I agree with you that the history curriculum is a key part of decolonisation efforts. The Bristol organisation CARGO is working with Bristol's schools to reform the history curriculum here. We talk more about this initiative in step 10 this week and then more generally about history as a discipline in week 4.

  • Thanks for your comment Jheni. It's a long video but it seemed to hold together very well so we didn't want to cut it down!