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  • This does the assignment but I might be even better if it detected if a mouse movement left it on a line and still better if possible to detect a line while in mouse motion.

  • You did not check to see if the ball touched a line.

  • When working as a single person it is easier the just write the code, but when the project is large enough that it requires multiple people then planning become necessary to coordinate the project.

  • @AlexParry when I was an elementary teacher no matter how much you refined your instructions the students would likely have found incorrect ways to interpret your instructions. This makes in person school much easier as you can watch their expressions.

  • Now got Scratch Jr which gives lets one change the degrees of turning.

  • Here it is, draw a triangle with Bee Bot.you can't as you can only turn 90 degrees or go straight.

  • I have seen that in a few steps we are asked to draw a triangle with a Bee-bot or a Scratch, but nether can make any turns other than 90 degrees. Does no one try these things ahead to see what is possible?

  • Currently in the USA authorities have dumbed down schools so that most people will just do what they are told to do and not be able to solve problems.

  • I currently work part time in a chain to grocery stores but it is obvious that the bosses never learned what computer programs can do so the employees have to do a lot of extra work that easily could have been made simple with a few computer programs.

  • Many years ago I was asked to fix a sorter. the main fault the program had was that it lacked handshaking. Inputs came from several sources without the sorter program letting the source know if the message was received so the source machine assumed that the sorter had received the message which in fact may have been lost because another source had talked over...

  • I was a software engineer for about twenty years and a teacher before that.

  • This course looks interesting so I am here.

  • I taught many college IT classes long ago, even further back in time I taught in a one room k through 8 school on an island but we had no computers or internet.

  • So far in this course I have not seen anything about finding individual nutritional needs verses the one size fits all.

  • goji berries are also another nightshade which many people are allergic to.

  • I mostly shop with my blood sugar and my food sensitivities in mind.
    I was hungry most of my life until I discovered how important it is for me to eat a protein, a vegetable, a fruit, and usually a starch each time that I eat. If I skip any of these I will remain hungry.
    My food sensitivities are dairy, nightshades (potatoes, red and green peppers, also...

  • Personally I and my children have observed that chocolate affects us poorly. even the smallest piece of less sugar and no chocolate causes depression.

  • Why is chocolate in the title?

  • I find that I do not like the effects of Caffeine and since it takes about a month of no caffeine before it is all gone from the body I avoid all caffeine drinks

  • Buckwheat has been popular for adding to pancakes in the USA while a gluten free version of pancakes has been slowly working its way in availability.

  • In the Netherland and Belgium teff was readily available.

  • Kumquats are not usually commercially available in the USA but growing up in California many of the older houses have them growing in their yards. They are delicious.

  • As of October 1, 2019, the USDA Food Composition Database is no longer available. ... Older versions of SR and other historical food and nutrient data previously available on this site are accessible on the new Methods and Application of Food Composition Laboratory website.
    Other searches are available

  • I regularly consume foods with high omega-3 oils.

  • It is my understanding that each body can have it's unique needs but knowing more about these foods could help give more starting points in finding what works for any given body.

  • After I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic I founded Innovative Practical Health. I am always interested in learning more.

  • (title) More than a bare bones approach
    (picture) mathew-schwartz-8rj4sz9YLCI-unsplash.jpg
    (photo credit) "Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash"

    Acquisition: Video on introduction possibilities.
    Discussion: Scheduled Zoom call

  • I have never taught an on-line course so I am taking this course to find out how. During a in-person course I start each course with a conversation with the students to find out their strengths, weaknesses, and interests so that I can know how to cover what they need. I imagine that a zoom call could work but I will not be able to watch their eyes and body...

  • I have found that some separation of ‘need to know’ and ‘nice to know’ content can be helpful but there alway should be a wide variety of optional stories available for the students to explore the subject deeper and incorporate the Knowledge in much the same manner as we have been discussing with Active Learning.

  • I had to ponder this one overnight before I came up with what active learning I could have my students do:

    Active learning Video
    Have the students trace the meridians on their on bodies and then if they can, trace on a patient.

  • By definition IPH is inclusive but I will need to make sure recruitment reaches out beyond the current healthcare interest.

  • Creating personas has pointed out to me that I need at least two introductory lessons, one for patients and one for health professionals.

  • Many of my target audience will currently have or had health conditions that normal healthcare doesn't address.
    Another part of my target audience will be healthcare professionals with patients that have unaddressed health issues.

  • I am the founder of IPH (Innovative Practical Health) and am developing methods to teach it.

  • I like the idea of using the word "redistribution" instead of "decolonisation" but how do we overcome the emotional charge of these words? We don't, but could perhaps include practices that help people grow beyond learning to be be full of negative emotions.

  • Having grown up in the USA I speak English which has many biases build in but as I have attempted learning many other languages they are of course taught via translations from and to English. One of the first things I noticed in French, Spanish, and Dutch was the sexism built in. When I attempted learning Arabic while living in the UAE not only sexism was...

  • Yes, the use of the word "modern" is often part of the problem perhaps using the word "current" or some other word might help. In house and furniture design we have gone pat modern as from the late 1950's and early 1960's.

  • So much of the world appears to be involved in the advancement of negative emotional religion in cult like ways. Those ways may be called imperialism, colonialism or other but have the common feature of categorizing some group of people as lesser beings.

  • There is no such thing as a single solution that works for all.

  • Languages that continue change according to the people that use them. If the culture slides downhill the understanding of the language will degenerate and so is the truth of the culture becoming better the understanding of the ideas will be better. Language is only a feeble attempt at sharing thoughts so the true decolonization can only happen when education,...

  • Look for the English transcript in the download area.

  • As a former software engineer unless things have changed a lot the bosses have the programmers do terrible things just to exert power or to be greedy.
    These bosses will treat their underling as badly as they can get away with. So if you want to see less racist software you need to fix the system that puts racists into boss positions.

  • As long as the majority of elementary teachers do not understand basic math while they have obligation to teach math. Such teachers teach their students to hate mathematics.

  • There is usually something to learn from each religion but must religions are about banding together to crush outsiders and are by definition colonizing forces.

  • Part of the problem might be that many people think in the language that they most commonly speak. I think in a multidimensional way that doesn't fit that well with spoken and written languages. This makes my speech slow which makes many people think that I of low IQ or drunk while in reality I am 197 IQ and do not drink alcohol.
    As I am 71 years old I have...

  • While I was in the UAE the most common language was Urdu while the two official languages where Arabic and English.

  • If you have contact info for Dr Josie Gill I would like to communicate with her.

  • So much of the easily recognizable problem with Black health is about money. If one does not have enough money to eat better or live in a better environment no matter the color of your skin you are not likely to have health.
    Also if your government has the usual bias toward drug care it will be even worse for those with less money.
    I was glad that Dr Josie...

  • So much of these discussions point to a few of the failures of Global North Medical practices like they may have to be more true these days. Some are but the truth is still regularly hidden. For example advertisement with Whoopie Goldberg implying that one should take a particular drug if one was migraines while the truth is that the chiropractors that do low...

  • Attitude are often caught from cultures. If your culture ranks holding onto trauma and vengeance then the people of that culture are highly likely to experience chronic emotional pain.

    If your culture refuses to use true information that was learned from a bad situation that is a waste and is should not be use to praise the wrong doing. Let us get rid of...

  • The transcript is difficult to read but in in the downloads there is a link to English transcript.pdf that is better.

  • A belief might prove itself to an individual. Much of science is opinion of a large number of people but it is often excludes the lesser facts.
    I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic but this field is often just as exclusionary as mainstream medicine. Internationally many governments allow a small groups of people to block innovation via withholding...

  • Why do we lawns that need moved? The rich owners liked to show off that they had the slaves or servants to spare to do unless tasks. Now it is the local law that I must keep mine mowed.

  • No science is exact. All the sciences do too much exclusion for them to be exact.

  • Is there a functional replacement for sovereignty within borders? There Is almost always the person in charge that says they are the voice of God and everyone inside the borders must obey the local rules the sovereign has laid down.

  • For a class to impart knowledge it need to have someone in charge, sources of information, goals, etc. Is it possible for all of that to be inclusive enough to be decolonized, diverse, interdisciplinary, truthful? Perhaps but the likelihood of finding a school that allows such is relatively small as the people in charge are most likely afraid that it will...

  • Yes, education is great for many skills such as in mathematics however as many of the attached articles point of Education is tied to research or even re-search and is almost always insisting that anything other than the ideas of the current powers is discarded while research of search should about finding the other and where it fits into the greater picture.

  • I am a mostly white male but because of handicaps and differences in ways of thinking I have been told that I was inferior all of my live even though on a few occasions when It has I was shown to be vastly superior and those moments made it so I was treated worse for being so.

  • I have been studying Spanish for over a year now to keep my brain active but taking this course makes me realize that maybe Spanish is also a colonial language and perhaps I should pick a different language to add soon.

  • If a person or group has enough money they can put an emotional appeal into marketing that sells there lies to the enough of those that vote in the right places to beat the system. Thus we had a very racist president for 4 years that did much to make things less fair for the non-white males.

  • The current "democracy" in the USA is now so perverted that much of the new laws that get voted into are terrible. As usual any laws that sound like good ideas are quickly used to promote the very situations they were supposed to stop.

  • This planet is a school. Souls come and make the same mistakes for many lifetimes being to oppressed and the oppressors until they learn enough to move on. It is a very slow process.
    Those in power do not want to give it up until they have no choice.

  • It is always shocking to the young of each generation over and over again.

  • As I am the founder of IPF Innovative Practical Health I have spent a lot of time looking at healthcare practices. I note that I have found that it is near impossible for a person to get all of the healthcare that they need in a timely manor. Specialization is not only intense it is competitively intense in very negative ways. When you have a headache what do...

  • I also have lived many years of my life under such conditions that they where very close to slavery. Working for low enough wages that I could only afford 2 small meals per day under constant treat of loosing my job if I did not do all of the stupid things demanded of me.

  • In the USA while taking economics courses I noticed that the books described the lowest class to be as poor as making 3 times as much money as I was able to make while I was aware that in other parts of the world my standard of living would be considered higher than most.

    I would like to understand what are some of the different Southern economic practices...

  • @AnnekeNewman having many years ago lived in the UAE for 2 years although I did not know of a economic theory the government and the religion were closely tied to life there. When a low level administrator decided that they had paid too much for my temporary housing they took a significant amount of money out of my bank account making it very difficult for my...

  • @BellaBlackwood yes I agree that medicine frequently be more than just drugs and surgery. My limited experience in Europe showed me the in many aspects they are better than the USA. Seldom do psychiatrist work with the physical aspects of stuck emotional or thought energy but I gotten referrals from various healthcare practitioners because what I do has worked...

  • Amazing task to find a way through so many words that I had to look up.
    So much of this is new to me as I have lived my life in a Eurocentric society.
    In my attending 11 colleges and teaching in 4 colleges and 4 elementary schools I have frequently felt alone. I usually lacked support when chafing against science being though of as almighty while it was...

  • Medicine and medical usually mean drugs that are designed to stop or at least reduce physical illnesses. ie I you have a headache you can take a pill the will block the pain of if your gallbladder is not functioning well the standard procedure is to remove it.
    Because of the colonizing/capitalistic competition between healthcare professions the whole person...

  • Where ever I have lived, 100 places, the law is laid out by the winners, and sold as the reasonable result from reaction to the misbehavior of the people that are to be controlled. Those lawmakers will make it illegal to do the things that reduce the power of the controllers.

  • Subjectivity can make it more real and more inclusive.

  • How much of any history is true. We like to trust the published written words but which sources are trustworthy? In resent times the internet has provided huge amounts of both correct and incorrect information so if we decolonize the universities and all schools on the paths to the universities it is a only a beginning.

  • Of course logos make differences but ones depicting destruction is not such a good idea.

  • Many people pickup the social areas on monocultures and colonization but seldom is it recognized that honor cultures and the like develop across everything everywhere to protect the monocultures against innovation and cross contamination from truths from the outside.
    I graduated from a chiropractic college but did not pass the boards in the USA because I use...

  • My experience with the many ways the science is approached and taught is that it is usually exclusionary. The "scientist" usually chooses to look only at small sets of data that have excluded important outliers.

  • Burdoc Nisson made a comment

    Puzzle Page is an app that has many number and letter/word games it works on phones and tablets.
    My persona is an older man that usually has a few minute each day to play some games to challenge his brain before or after his part time job that he does because his social Security is not enough to cover all his expenses.

    The first screen beyond the opening...

  • Analyzing data is such a huge topic

  • Throughout this course there is too much telling what you are hoping to teach without enough actual teaching.

  • link to Techsmith tells you that the product is no longer available.

  • This lesson was focused on websites but my mind is now busy trying to apply the concepts to the wider challenge of by new concept of healthcare. I will eventually have web pages and apps but there is also aa huge piece of patients, healthcare providers, researchers, and possibly insurance providers using a physical office.

  • I like Robyn Cattermole's ideas but I would like to add option for the needs of those with non-standard feet, at least 50% of the population likely 70%.

  • Good reminders.

  • I trust https://www.eckankar.org because it is the main website for my religion and Eckankar has always been trustworthy for as long as I have been a member. They keep their website updated and visually welcoming.
    Fox News on the other hand is always publishing lies and worse on their sites so much that I have avoided them for many years so I don't know what...

  • I could begin creating personas for the patients, the practitioners, the board members. At this point there are almost no people that could be interviewed or even given feedback forms but I have long wanted the software that will include the collecting of user feedback.

  • So far this course waists too much of my time with each person telling me what you are going to tell me. Please stop this a get on with it, my brain starts to shut down and may not wake up again in time while waiting for you to actually begin.

  • On the test I disagreed with the first question's "correct" answer. How much is it necessary the the written description of the UX is included in the UX? This question provokes thought. I also disagreed with the second question's "correct" answer.
    I am enjoying the process of applying UX design to something much broader than just software.

  • Still the big question of will a wireframe be helpful?

  • Continual improvement is important for INP as a whole let alone the UX for the digital parts.

  • I hope to set up the whole User Experience for patients, practitioners, and students of IPH (Innovative Practical Health). Also the apps, websites, videos, podcasts, and what ever else becomes part of it.

  • So you told us what you are going to tell us, standard often boring approach. I have some hope that in time you might show so interesting Wireframes but as I have little experience with them and only poor quality experience, we will see.

  • There are lots of good ideas written into this course, but remember in the real world no teach will be allowed to do more than a few of the smallest innovations. If a teacher's students do more than a tiny bit better than usual that teacher will be fired. The political person that makes the decisions cannot be made to look bad and a teacher whose students...

  • The vertical slice sounds like a nice idea but in my experience people do not work that way. There will always be someone in power that will shoot down the creative ideas that treated the status quo.

  • I wonder why very few changed the title on the design.

  • Why would the students write note about their upcoming revised paragraph instead of just doing the revisions?

  • In this course I have yet (with one day left) to connect with a post graduate health professional peer but I meet monthly with one person that was my mentor in chiropractic college. Our meeting are important to both of us as we keep learning. He is teaching classes and I am not yet. This class would be easier if I was teaching but I have not had time to build...

  • Assessments very greatly according to the students and the school. If the assessment genuinely is to help the students to know where they stand I would say let them be incorporated into the lessons/exercises but my experience in USA public elementary schools is that it is more of a torture and control process while at the postgrad level it is to limit the pool...

  • Because I was having trouble watching the Loom presentation I setup Loom on my laptop and now am able to watch it. Her exercises sound like they might be good but they require working with other people but I don't ave anyone to work with at this point. She also referred to Moodle worksheets that I can not find.
    So much of this is about getting and keeping the...

  • Many more factors can change the amount retention.

  • sometime being told the purpose reduces the significance of the discovery.