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  • I have done this - been the first person down the front at a gig where everyone was standing back nodding their heads and stroking their chins, but the music was too good not to dance! And by the end of the first song everyone was dancing with me :-)

  • Economic and social developments are predictable in general - as others have said, we can predict that inflation will change, but not the amount or direction.

    I wonder what everyone thinks of this: I would call the free NHS in the UK and the welfare system an example of how social systems deal with uncertainty. The government can make a general prediction...

  • One example I can think of in my recent experience was choosing which apartment to rent. I and my partner looked at lots on the internet and chose some to look at.

    We know some concrete things about the apartments like their cost, and their location and nearby bus routes, so how easy it will be to get to work or to friend's houses. But we don't know...

  • Hello, I'm Nicky and I'm a technical manager interested in improving my decision-making skills.

  • Scientific: Left-handed people are more driven to succeed as the world has not been designed for them and so from a very young age they have to work harder. This translates into success in their field.

    Psuedo-scientific: Left-handed people are more suited to politics.

  • P4&5 are logically valid - I believe that commercial fishing does damage to fish populations, but these premises miss the argument & my challenge would be: that there are fish farms and sustainable fishing methods.

    2. Are the premises true?
    Yes. Inhumane slaughter methods are used and I agree with Justin that this is wrong. I also agree that commercial...

  • I used the step about evaluating arguments to ask these questions about the argument in standard form:

    1. Do the premises provide enough logical support for the conclusion?
    Not entirely.

    The argument P1 is an appeal to authority and without doing any more research I don't know this person or if their book is any good, or the book was scientifically...

  • This is my version of Justin's argument in standard form:

    P1 I’m the author of the book Living a Better Life (appeal to authority)
    P2 Animals from factory farming spend their entire lives in miserable conditions/Animals from factory farming are treated cruelly (descriptive, normative, moral)
    P3 It's not ok to eat eggs as the hens are still treated cruelly...

  • One thing we do where I work that I really like is: have a clear set of hiring competencies for the role, as well as the job description, that we publish and send to candidates when they apply. This helps candidates frame their experience for us and their answers to questions in ways that make it easier for the interviewers to understand.

    It also keeps...

  • I think people management skills are important because at work my manager and colleagues are a huge influence on my motivation and interest in doing a good job, which seems to agree with what the business leaders and HR professionals in the article say. I'd like to build on those skills and try to encourage/influence others in the same positive way.

  • I think people management skills can definitely be learned, if the person wants to learn them! I think that like with any skill, we get good at what we practice doing, and it helps if we are surrounded by high-quality examples and reinforce our learning with doing. Some people may find it easier because of a natural strength, but I believe anyone can learn the...

  • Hello, I've been line managing software engineers for a couple of years now, and the most interesting & rewarding part to me is working with people to figure out what they want from their careers, helping them set personal & professional development goals and seeing them work towards & achieve them. I'm regularly amazed & impressed by the ideas people come up...

  • I love the idea of a "resilience muscle" - muscles being something that you can work out and make stronger.

  • @Maryalice Hogg-O'Rourke Absolutely much harder to build accessibility in after the fact! I am a web developer and I find this link really informative to share with colleagues: - accessibility isn't just for other obvious cases like people using screenreaders, it makes the web better for everyone.

  • I'm a web developer with a keen interest in web accessibility so I'm considering making a campaign to get all creative people to see that accessible websites can be beautiful too. Might be difficult as I am not a designer but I'm going to give it a go :-)

  • Yeah, I imagined that the "riches" is the extra 30% of sales money that Skittles made, which were brought on by the extra shares and likes from the campaign.

    But I have a very literal brain, so maybe someone with more imagination would disagree.

    I'd love to know where that figure of "5 Likes = 1 sale" comes from. Is that really true!?

  • I think everyone who is saying the monster plot is used so often because it is so relatable and universal is right. I think this is true because we are all hardwired to be scared of monsters since childhood - who among us doesn't get scared of their own house in the dark after watching a horror film or walking down a lonely alleyway. Films that tap into this...

  • I had heard this before and was glad someone else mentioned it! I think it's interesting too that those two plots could be considered to be the same story from different characters points of view - the stranger coming to town is on their own journey :)

  • The sun rises over a spring field with a child walking through it amongst bunnies and frolicking lambs. As the sun nears the top of the sky it scorches the crops and the lambs grow into sheep. The child grows into a blonde woman as she walks. The leaves start falling from the trees as the sun descends behind haystacks made of yellow pencils. Snow falls to...

  • Cool! Thankyou :)

  • Cool. It's really pretty :)

  • Another one! I just changed the colours using HSB so I could get only colours between pink and blue. I've no idea what all the cos and maths bit is doing so I left that bit alone :)

  • I changed the colours a bit: This is fun!

  • Pierre, that's really helpful thankyou! I found this image helpful when I am trying to get only a set of colours - this shows you where all the colours lie on the scale.

  • That's amazing! How did you do the big circles?! It's like a Slinky or something from Spirograph :)

  • That's lovely! How did you get the shapes?

  • Hello! I'm a web developer from London, UK and I'm looking forward to making some cool art with this course.

  • I visit Spain often so would love to hear more about the Spanish crisis. Sounds very interesting.

  • This sounds very interesting! I'd love to hear how this comes about! I'd love to cut down on my waste and send less to landfill and less to recycling too.

  • I want to do a report for my colleagues on a conference I recently went to, to share the things I learned there with my team.

  • Same as everyone really, I want to be more confident when presenting ideas to others, or even just speaking to a large group of people.

  • I haven't tried Eclipse yet - I wanted to use Sublime Text as it is what I am familiar with and I noticed there was a package for it, but haven't got round to it yet!

  • Cor. Wish I had a bionic exoskeleton.

  • I'm desperately trying to catch up before the end of the course!

  • I think so (if I understand your question correclty) - the opening line of the movingCircle() function:

    void movingCircle(float x, float y, float size, float angle)

    is the definition of movingCircle() - showing what types of values it is expecting - and the values it is then fed are from the last line of the draw() function, when movingCircle is called...

  • - I used the HSB mode to pick some nice colours and saw that there is a fourth value for colorMode, so I changed the transparency too.

  • Phil! Hello! Thank you for posting that link, it is the best explanation of HSB and RGB and how to make colours you actually like that I have ever seen. I'm using it now and it's SO much easier to make something pretty. HSB all the way!

  • Nicky Thompson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Awesome thanks!

  • Yeah, that is gorgeous! One of my aims in this course is to make something I'm proud enough of to print out and put on my wall. This would totally hit that goal!