I want to develop my English skills. I love English and I think learning a language requires time and work !


  • Thank you! :D

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    Thank you so much for this course! Thanks for the videos, interviews, articles, and specially thanks for your comments; it made us feel that you all were supporting us during this learning process.

    Let's keep translating ! :D

  • I did not have thought about "false friends", but they are so real !
    Good points, thanks for this article.

  • This is such an interesting topic!
    In my opinion, we can try to adapt a source text taking in account the target public, as long as it does not change the main idea of the source text.

    It makes me think about some movie titles that have been translated from English to Spanish, but I still wonder why the translator decided to translate in that way... the...

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    Hopefully, in Spanish we borrowed the English word "Mouse" as well. However, some people translate to Spanisg and say: "Ratón" which is the literal translation of "Mouse". I can't imagine myself using the word "Rollkugel" for the German invention.

    Just to add another example, it makes me think about a word that we have borrowed from German, to identify a...

  • I loved the "Canadian’s Government’s Termium Plus (Olohan 2016: 43)". Even if you want to know some words in French, you can use it!

    Is there a monolingual dictionary that you recommend, whether in English, French or Spanish? Thanks !

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    I would say : "Prueba de VIH Negativa" - In Spanish.


  • I found a Spanish version!


    But, to be honest, the Spanish version is missing a lot of important sentences and adding others that are not in the original version.

    However, even if I prefer the French version, I understand that the Spanish version is trying to keep the main sentence "Ne me quitte pas" -...

  • Let's do it and to learn what a good translation is !

  • So exciting about this last week !

  • 1. Organization of the work place is important when translating.

    2. Having good communication between the customer and the translator, to be able to do a good translation.

  • In my opinion, the follwing order will be a good idea:

    - The dominant language of the area (because most of the people are from that same area)

    - The artist's mother tongue (which is actually the language of the artist's work)

    - English

  • First, I can't dismiss saying that Guto Pryce makes me feel curious... I don't know why each time I hear one of his interviews, he seems to be "philosophizing" in the deepest of his soul... :D

    Okay, now the activity:
    When we talk about a bilingual band, I immediately think in "Simple Plan". They are from Montreal, Canada, where French is spoken. But in...

  • @AngelaTarantini I want you to correct my English as well, please ! :D

  • The translation is the second one. I think the original document is in English because at the end of the flyer we can appreciate that this is from the British School at Rome, so they do everything in English, but it was translated to Italian because it is happening at Rome, so most of the people there speak Italian.

  • (I will comment my own image since there are not too much available)
    A court interpreter:

    - The interpreter y very close to the user (defendant/ witnesses / victim)
    - I don't think space is arranged thinking in the interpreter. He is just up by the user. Seems like he does not have a specific place, that's why he is not seated.
    - Yes, I think the...

  • Such an interesting film! Thanks for this interview as well.

  • - "Because emotions can’t come from the mouth of an interpreter, only words, and words are just a shell." -

  • I have never thought about these situations before... This is a very interesting way to understand the importance of translation as both language knowledge and culture knowledge.

  • In my own experience, when I was a student in a French University, I remember I was the only Spanish speaker, and sometimes it became difficult to understand what the teacher was explaining in French. However, I was not the only international student, we were three : Sandeep from Nepal, Nina from Georgia ... and me from Colombia. English were our "bridge" and...

  • When I think in translation: A door in the middle of an enormous wall. That door means hope, opportunities, freedom. That's what translation means to me.

  • Fascinating! I start to realize that I am living in a translated world! I can't imagine my life in only one language... I need almost 3 different languages in my daily life and.... I love it !

  • I found a photo of a pharmacy in a small French town.. the french word "Pharmacie" was translated into 13 languages... I was unable to download the photo, but I will try later to share it with all of you guys!

  • Which did you prefer? And why?
    I prefer the Welsh song. Seems to be the original version. Sounds are different and it makes me feel different.

    What was your response to the Welsh song (if you are not a Welsh speaker)?
    It is more sentimentalist.... I don't know... that is what I felt.

    What feelings, images, stories did it evoke in your mind?
    Seems to...

  • It is difficult for me to imagine how the y can speak 13 different languages.... I am still working to be able to speak English correctly...

  • Thanks for the link! I didn't know that there is not a word to translate the Spanish word "Estrenar" into English. In December, it became a tradition to "Estrenar" clothes for Colombian people (almost for those who can afford it).

    Just to put everyone in context:
    (Spanish) The definition is to wear or use something for the first time but it...

  • About "ACTI – Asociación Colombiana de Traductores e Intérpretes" - Please see the following link since the one in the list provided was wrong:

    The ethic code:

    - Are translators encouraged to ‘ensure fidelity of meaning and register’?
    "Principle of efficiency and quality:
    The translator...

  • In the next part of this course, we talk about the British Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)’s code of conduct:

    "Notify the client if there are errors, omissions or imprecise language in the source text. (Art. 4.1.4)".

    I think we can apply this in the specific situations that you have mentioned.

  • I think the situation is similar for every single profession. We have an external idea about what a professional in a specific area has to do, but we don't really know how to do his job.

  • "Chuchotage" is a French word which means whispering. By the way, when we go to the Church, this is the class of interpreting I do to help my husband to understand preaching. I just realized that sometimes I am an interpreter ! :D

  • In Colombia, the Government only accepts documents that have been translated by an "Official Translator". An Official Translator is a professional translator who has certificated his language knowledge and skills, and who has requested and got the "official translator" status from the concerned authority.

  • Exciting! One more time, we can see that a translator or an interpreter not only needs to know how to use the dictionary (as people think). This is more than just language knowledge, we need to know the environment and most of the time we need to read and learn about other professions and topics to be able to do a great job!

  • Thanks for highlighting this! I am an English learning and I don't think everyone in this course has an advanced English level (at least not me!) Appreciate it! :D

  • I heard about Jorge Luis Borges before, but I didn't know all this information about him. Thanks!

  • I didn't find information about a Colombian translator or interpreter. However, I found an Italian translator "Giacomo Casanova" (1725 - 1798), who seems to be the perfect person for this exercise.

    Casanova was a historian, diplomatic, writer, lawyer, philosopher, mathematician, undercover agent... and a translator! Such a profile!

    He wrote his most...

  • Wow! Interpreters and translators had played such an important role throughout the history. I had a different idea of these professions.

    After reading this text. I think I have been underestimating translators and interpreters because most of the people think that this is all about taking a dictionary and finding the right word, but this is not! History...

  • The admission criteria are very specific, and they don't match with my profile, but thanks ! :D

  • Thanks for those tips!
    I would add "being proactive in studying, reading and learning more about the language or languages you work with". Learning more is never too much.

  • Interesting points:
    - Localisation speaks to the LOCAL.
    - Localisation is all about THE AUDIENCE.

    Thanks for the video!

  • I like the idea of "living a new life for every new language you speak". I also think that every new language that you learn gives you a new way of seeing live, people, things... other language, other culture, other way of seeing life.

  • My word is bread in French and in Spanish. Bread for French are really important (pain). They eat bread for breakfast, with cheese for lunch, sandwiches in a picnic, or with the stew juice... there is bread everywhere in France! But, even taste, shape, texture and ingredients of "French bread" are different from bread's ones in Colombia, for example (pan). In...

  • This is a clear example of the importance of culture in translation. Sometimes, when we are having an interaction with someone from a different country (with a different language) even if we are using the same language to communicate, we need to pay attention to the cultural context when sending a message or when we are the receiver.

    When I am working with...

  • Wow! I can't imagine how difficult this job could be! I love watching manga in Japanese with French captions, sometimes my husband (who likes manga) explains me cultural context to understand the idea of a sentence.

  • Thanks for the extra material!

  • @QipengGao Totally right! There are so many factors that play an important role in translation. Culture is in my opinion the most significant.

  • My idea of translation is the way to help others to communicate. When I translate something from French to Spanish, I am always thinking the way a Spanish speaker will receive the French message and all the consequences of this. How the message I am translating could affect the receiver, taking in count his culture and circumstances.

    Translation is the way...

  • Definitely, be neutral in translation is very difficult. We are human, and even if we are professionals, we have feelings and emotions which play an important role. I can't talk about interpreters in a middle of a war, I just can't imagine how difficult it could be.

    But, I can talk about something more realistic for people like me, working as a freelance...

  • In my opinion, this article can help us to understand how deeply translation is. Of course, in real life, we do not pay attention to the etymological meaning of a word, but thanks to articles like this we can appreciate this multicultural way to represent a word. When you know the root of a word, you learn more that just a word, you learn history, culture and...

  • itbēma gilgameš šunatam ipaššar
    - It Benzema gifts a mess to Nathan, it bazaar

    issaqqaram ana ummišu
    - If Zachary Anna jump me should

    ummī ina šât mušītiya
    - Yummy, in a champ you and me here

    šamhākuma attanallak ina birīt eṭlūtim
    - Had to a Katherine to the lac, Henna and you teen

    For any additional translation, please inbox xD

  • I think the best example I can share is my daily life at home. My husband is French, and I am from Colombia, so my mother tongue is Spanish. We communicate in French, but sometimes we switch to Spanish just to help him to improve his Spanish Skills.

    On another hand, I work for a North American Company, so I have to read, write and speak in English every day...

  • Hello there!
    My name is Andrea, I am from Colombia, and I am 32 years old. I am so excited about this course. I am pretty sure that we will learn a lot from professors.
    I speak Spanish, French, and I am currently learning English. I work as a translator in my free time. I started to work with translation because I realized that I was able to translate...

  • Hi everyone ! My name is Andrea from Colombia. So happy to join this course. Thanks to the teachers for all these tips !
    I didn't know we can follow other people here, that's fantastic! It's also possible to start good conversations and interact with other learners. Good one!

    I'm also available to have conversations and to practice with other learners,...

  • What do you think of when you think of British food?
    Honestly, I had heard about "Fish & Chips" and tea, that's all !

    I hope to learn more about British food and culture thanks to this course.

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    What does ‘In Memoriam’ mean? Have you seen this used before?
    In Memoriam is an article in written in memory of a dead person. In this case, this person is Sophie.

    In Memoriam means "in memory of". This one is so beautiful and sound very deep. This is so sad.

  • (A) Andrew Much and his son Lucky reported a strange encounter while hiking.

    (F) They came upon a young woman who was unconscious from a fall.

    (B) When she woke up she seemed disoriented and felt she had met Andrew and Lucky before.

    (D) She told the pair that she fell because she was frightened by something.

    (G) After a few moments and a drink of...

  • I think you forgot "H"

  • What does Emma see in the mirror at the end?
    It was Sophie's ghost!

    What do you think happens next?
    I think Emma gets home and then strange thing start happening. It doesn't stop, so Emma calls a specialist in ghost, a kind of ghostbuster.

    He does his work and Emma falls in love with him, they get married and have three beautiful babies.


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    Bad news for Sophie's family.

  • Thank you so much for your work ! Very good course, time flies when you're getting fun !

  • (C) The witness came to work.

    (B) The first teachers arrived at the school.

    (E) The headmaster arrived at the school with the police.

    (A) Staff asked to report to the staff room.

    (F) Police asked for volunteers to search for Sophie.

    (D) The police gave instructions about the search.

  • Not just I would think he has very bad grammar, but also I wouldn't understand anything! I would wonder what he has been drinking. Is it really water?

  • What is different about where Emma meets the hikers this time?
    - This time her reaction was different. When she woke up after being unconscious, she knew she has already met them before, so she didn't pass too much time asking about them. In addition, this time she sure something strange was happening, so all she wanted was to come back home.

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    I was exercising when suddenly it was all in black. When I woke up, I realized I was unconscious during a while. I had forgotten to take my breakfast before doing exercise ! Don't make the same mistake.

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    When "Thor", my brother's dog, was died, it was terrible for him. He used to cry every night, pronouncing his name.

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    I can recognize my brother a mile away!

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    My husband got a fright when he thought I was pregnant.

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    He made me believe that he was a good person, but he isn't.

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    I sent attached the wrong document. I'm sorry, it was an accident.

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    The last week ! Let's do it !!

  • The strangest part in my opinion was the moment when Emma's fathers changes his place. He's in the bed, and suddenly he's beside Emma! In addition his face is kind of frightening, so it didn't help.

  • What a mess! Good luck for the next time guys !

  • F,E,B,D,C,A,G,H.

    Emma wakes up next to the swimming hole and sees her backpack.
    She is confused to see Sophie and runs off into the forest.
    Emma is confused when she encounters the two hikers and refuses their offer of help.
    When she gets to the car park, Emma realizes her car is still missing.
    For the second time, Emma wakes up, but this time she is at...

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    What is known about Sophie’s background?
    *We don't have information about it. Just the reaction of one of the hikers showed, as he knew the girl. But no more information during the three episodes. Maybe (and I really hope so) the third one is going to explain us everything!

    Is she a danger to Emma?
    I would answer: Yes! This girl is strange, and she's...

  • Such an interesting article! Thank you!

  • @JavierGonzalez Me reí mucho cuando vi tu comentario ( ya vi que eres de México así que aprovecho) Okay, no more Spanish, let's practice English !

  • @JavierGonzalez haha Why for?

  • Okay!

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    Susan is coming to pick us, we don't need to catch the bus.

    You look so tired, you need to take a rest.

    I don't need to buy anything else to prepare this recipe, I have all I need here !

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    I must pay the rent this next week.

    I have to finish my professional project before Monday.

    She should listen to her mother, I think she's right.

    I had to buy some carrots. Now, my mother can't cook the cake.

  • Let's do it!

  • This is so strange so it's normal you don't understand, me neither!

  • Good theory.

  • Honestly, this is so frightening. I don't know what is Sophie's link with Emma's father, what's she doing there? And all these strange things happening to Emma. I think Sophie is a bad woman who wants to hurt Emma by manipulating her father. And she's also kind of a witch. This is so crazy guys ! I want to watch the next episode right now!

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    He was acting in a strange way this morning. I wonder what happened yesterday.

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    I don't like that man. He makes me feel startled.

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    After a work day, I like to drink a tea and to watch TV Series in English to get relax.

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    My mom is 58, and she still has dreams such as to travel and to know another countries and cultures.

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    Charlie is allergic to pepper, even if there is just a bit of it in a meal.

  • Yes, I was surprised. To be honest, I don't trust Sophie. When she disappeared, I was surprised, but it was even more surprising when I knew she took Emma's pack!

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    (A) Hey Susie, Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote and hope all is going well for you.
    (C) I went out last week for a hike and the weather was beautiful.
    (F) I took a track fairly close to home called the Skippers Pass loop.
    (E) I met a girl, Sophie, who invited me to go with her to a swimming hole.
    (B) It was okay until I went under the water. When...

  • I agree. I wouldn't like to take Emma's place. And in my opinion, tramping with a friend will be not just safer, but also funnier.

  • The Skipper Pass drama series capture my attention since the beginning to the end of each episode. Emma makes me feel curious. She has a very expressive face, it makes me feel more interested in the next thing that's going to happen. In conclusion, I like the mystery of this series.

  • I definitely want to know this country!

    I also heard about New Zealand is a good place to learn English, even if it's a less popular country. I mean, tourists are more interested in countries such as Australia and The United States, but New Zealand is also a good choice if you're looking for a country to take English classes and to practice English.

  • I didn't have a father, so I don't know what it means, but this kind of son-father relationship made me want to have one!

  • Alright.

  • :)

  • He's just finished cooking.

  • I have passed my English test.

  • Episode 2 has less text. It's more visual. Also, in my opinion, Episode 2 is more fearful. The only similar thing is the environment.

  • I watched the episode before answering! Something unusual is happening here.