Jing Guo

Jing Guo

Dr Jing Guo is a Registered Nutritionist. She has great experience in teaching Food Science and Nutrition and has led several research projects including different types of studies.

Location University of Reading


  • lovely ways to start the conversations with the patients.

  • Hi Omar, the logic makes sense... but some patients are very sensitive & low esteem... and need more encouragement rather than being told, so perhaps some questions that enables patients to think themselves (with your direction) would be better.

  • Hi Dominic, maybe worth thinking of an example question for motivational interviewing?

  • Good thought, maybe worth to add 'how do you imagine yourself in x years if the health condition is changed/ not changed.

  • Good example to prompt the patient to think objectively on the gain vs. the lost... which is especially valuable for the long-term motivation.