Ashraful Islam

Ashraful Islam

This is Ashraful Islam Ashraf, a Professional Digital Marketer, Virtual Assistant and Experienced English Tutor and Teacher. The Founder of Ashraf's Digital Market Plus (AshrafsDMP).

Location Joypurhat,Rajshahi,Bangladesh.



  • @SwarnimRai Excellent idea!

  • Hello dear Henry P, at first I'd love to thank you for your nice course. I am Ashraful Islam Ashraf, a professional digital marketer from Bangladesh. I completed this course before but that time I understood a few things about the course because I wasn't aware so much. Now I am again doing this course to master the strategies of digital marketing more deeply....

  • @WalterPhiri , I agree with you.

  • Hi everyone, glad to be here with you from different countries.
    I've decided to work as a digital marketer very soon. So, it's a great opportunity to learn more about on this topic.
    We all know that everything is going to be online now. Every business is available online.

    Hope this course will help us to master the techniques and useful information....

  • @Kelli-marieDalton, go ahead. You must be successful.

  • @Kelli-marieDalton, go ahead. You must be successful.

  • @DavidEtongwe best of luck.

  • @AbimbolaP.A yes, you're right. And so I am.

  • @HamedKhademipour that's great !

  • @JoshuaUnderwood, thank you so much for being with us on this wonderful course. We're going to learn all together. It's really helpful when we see others' comments and reply them.

  • The tips are really useful because we're here from different countries and everyone has their own experiences on this field. So it's a great opportunity to get different types of information from each others. I love getting involved in this kind of environment where we can share our personal opinions.
    I believe I can learn lots of things about Language...

  • That's great!

  • @DhanashreeGhadage, I agree with you.
    Yeah, children love learning things by observation. They try to imitate what they hear and see around them.

    I'm also an English teacher working with young children.
    And another thing I've noticed during classes they like listening to songs. So we can teach them by singing meaningful songs.

  • Ashraful Islam made a comment

    Hello, The Educators and Fellow Learners.
    My name is Ashraful Islam and I am from Bangladesh. I'm an English teacher at BanglaHili Hilful Fuzul Madrasah.
    I've been using Futurelearn courses to develop my English skills since 2016. And I've already learned lots of things from the website.
    I've joined this course because now I'm working with ...

  • Well, this an excellent question. An online teaching is based on online through computers or smart phones with internet connection. No matter where in the world we live. We can teach our students very easily and effectively.
    I'm interested in teaching young learners because they are more energetic than adults. They are curious to learn new things. I would...

  • Hello, Dear Teachers and Fellow Learners!
    I'm Ashraful Islam from Bangladesh. I'm an English teacher at BanglaHili Hilful Fuzul Madrasha.
    I'm really happy to be joined the course. There are lots of kind hearted people from around the world and most of them are teachers. It's really great to meet all of you here.
    I've joined this course to understand better...

  • In this modern age, our life is so busy all the time with something. And that's why we sometimes want to understand things in very short time, especially when we face any new word in our conversation. Because we don't know all the words. So, there is no doubt that everyday dictionaries help us to find out the unknown words. The online dictionaries are more...

  • @AelitaRastakyan yes, exactly.

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm Ashraful Islam. I'm a university student and English tutor. And I'm from Bangladesh.
    I'm really interested to learn more about this course. This course is very important for the teachers.
    Thank you everyone .

  • @ChengLi, you did the right thing. Sometimes it happens. Some students are afraid of mixing with others even asking questions to the teachers. If we see thses kinds of students then we should immediately inform the guardians.

  • great suggestions!

  • Wow! How interesting and informative the video clip is!
    Everything is clear about what to wear before going to an interview room.

  • Okay, let's get started.

  • I've also learned many important notes from WEEK-1.
    Thank you for everything I've been familiar with.

  • Excellent guidance!
    Thank you.

  • These are very important skills which we must achieve in oder to get a good job and fulfil our dream.
    Thank you so much, The University of Sheffield.

  • Good advice! Yes, before going to the interview room, we should research the organization or institution. What they do and faculties they have are important to know. If we mention their work in our interview, they will realize that we are eager to work for the company or interested in studying the subject we applied for. So a little research can have a big...

  • Okay, these are obvious to be followed, aren't they?

    I have also done some interviews including jobs and admission to college. I was nervous at the first time, but when the interviewers started questioning me I tried my best to answer them. Some questions were so easy but others were very difficult and challenging. I still can remember it.
    My last...

  • Good suggestions! Yes, we'll try our best to take the challenges. And yes, our organized preparation can hugely help us to take it easily.
    Thank you!

  • Nice example, @AsmaHafeez !

  • As we are now living in the digital world, so having knowledge about digital marketing is very important to our life. Now everything is done through digital tools. The products we use in our everyday life are available on social media. We can choose the best one from the lists.
    What I really interested to learn is how to promote my products online...

  • Hello, Dear Educators and Fellow Learners!
    I'm Ashraful Islam from a beautiful country, Bangladesh. I've joined this course to learn how to get better in interview room. I've already joined some courses related to this one. But I love learning different ideas, techniques, strategies to demonstrate on my fields well. And I've found every course is excellent...

  • Hello, @AlisonCooper !
    Glad to see your greeting and kind information.
    I'm Ashraful Islam from Bangladesh. I'm interested in learning about our brain , how and when it works well.

  • Thanks a lot, @AnhNguyen

  • Hi, everyone!
    This is Ashraful Islam from Bangladesh. It's great to see you all here. I am here to increase my skills on Digital Marketing. It's really important to have knowledge about it in the digital world now.

  • Dear, @NeerajDhanani @Neil and @Genevieve White !
    Thank you so much for your kind information . Having problems in the workplace is a common issue , I'm really satisfied with your answers. Yeah, I'll do so.

  • Excellent advice!

  • The teacher whom I still can remember is Mamun Hossain. He is an English teacher of mine. He is an excellent teacher because he teaches us in way that we enjoy very much and easily understand the points.
    He relates the subject to the present situation. He gives us lots of examples to understand the points. And he gives us homework to complete and after...

  • Excellent opinion! I support the ideas you shared.

  • Hello, Dear Educators!
    My question is-
    "How should I deal with my colleagues and sirs when I'm in trouble and need help from them?"

    Thank you.

  • Learning is life. Everyday we learn new things from others. And the person who teaches us is a teacher whethere in school or outside of school.
    I really love to be a good teacher. Because a good teacher can make good students . And the students can save the new generations by doing good work. To live a good life, everyone must know what is good or bad for...