Alicia Ezpeleta

Alicia Ezpeleta

I'm an artist, a painter. I love art and archeology. Take long walks, flowers, beautiful things, peace, reading, camping, silence, solitude, countryside, and nature are some of the things I love.



  • The Old Testament has some obscure, even cruel chapters. Some people believe that the Old Testament talks about the problems of humanity and the world and the The New Testament offers the solutions. All of this came from the same source but Jesus words threatened the traditional Jewish views and it was convenient that the Romans end up killing him. The Jewish...

  • I think the reasons given to us are very superficial and naive. There has to be something else other than food, circumsicion, or the amount of gods.

  • This area is important to many different people, not only Jewish.

  • Yes, I think there is a problem with people that think they are “distinct” and exclusive.

  • Anti Semitic sounds a lot better than “hate against the Jews”, that it’s the utility of it. In general, I have noticed that you can’t use the word “Jew”, it’s better to say “Jewish”. So, Anti Semitic works better when referring to any dislikes against this particular group of people.

  • Maybe “hate” is the wrong terminology all together.

  • I’m an artist. Originally from Spain but I lived in New York for many years. Currently, I am in the Dominican Republic. I have always liked to work with children and I hope to get a better understanding of what a picture book is. I’ve seen many books that I think are bad and don’t make sense, and yet, they have been published. I don’t understand how or what...

  • In the oldest book I know (1845), the illustrations are printed in black. The Japanese books are in color. Also, the illustrations have been shrink by the printers. I’m sure the originals were so much bigger.

  • Yes!,yes!@BarbaraSuzuki

  • Now I can see the color of the paper. I guess it was off white, and that the pure white, was a pigment. The colors in the plates and illustrations are breathtaking. I just can’t get over the beauty of these books.

  • I love the Library. Looking at these amazing books up close, it’s a joy. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Such a beautiful work.

  • I’m looking forward to next week.

  • I enjoyed very much. I admired the beauty of the books and I wondered how they folded the paper so perfectly , or did they cut the borders after biding?
    How many copies of one book was done at the time? Specially the hand written ones.
    I’m sure it would be easier for me to remember the names if I knew some Japanese language. But now, I am learning.

  • Yes!, I wonder what came first, the writing or the binding.

  • Thank you.

  • Do I need to understand the language to take this class.? It’s way to complicated for me. I still don’t get how the language developed. I got the origins are Chinese.
    I hope that’s enough.

  • I see, there is a lot to learn. Thank you

  • The oldest book I know, it’s in my parents house. It was given to my mother by her grandfather. It’s a two volume Spanish encyclopedia from 1895. It’s leather, green and gold decorated covered. The pages inside, have a lot of Illustrations of medical tools, objects and fashions of the time. Very thick volumes, a lot of information in a small font.

  • We have the wrong idea about royalty. We think of them as lucky people who have everything they want. Looks to me that all of them had some kind of mental illness. It must have been very difficult to be a queen and a king.; the control, the killings, the drama over the kingdom. Who wants to be a queen!!?
    Unlike other people, they had a much better diets,...

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    I wonder how many servants the Queen has today.

  • I'm surprised to see how simple the table is set up. Looks like a small table and if they had fifteen kids, I'm sure they had a larger one at the time.

  • There are many women taking this class. When women are PMS, we crave chocolate. Maybe that’s also why chocolate was related to women(?). But the chocolate we eat today it's different. The chocolate was pure before and processed in your own kitchen. I think the effects might have been different.

  • I like the idea too but with real chocolate, the old fashion way.


  • I hope someone finds a solution soon. Too many people have suffered the consequences.


  • For the ones that want to have an idea of how things were in court, watch ”Vatel”. It happened in France, not England. But it could give you a visual of how things were done.
    Francois Vatel was the ”Master of Festivities and Pleasures in the prince’s household” in 1671.

  • He seemed to have been hopeless King, poor thing, maybe, he had a vitamins C deficiency. Nothing surprised me about the Royalty.

  • I think the 4 doors opened when the robbers got out of the car. I guessed the driver stayed in the car longer than the others, and then, he got out to help the other robbers.

  • I hated school too. I wish they had this way of teaching before. This website it's clear, clean and to the point. They use a lot of images and reenactments and that makes learning much more interesting and easy.

  • I tried to do it with lime juice. It really worked! Just the letters with more juice turned a little colored with the heat of a candle. Good first experiment. I'm sure Gerard practiced some writing before he sent his first message.

  • He probably discovered that out of burden and by mistake.

  • I understand what you are saying but this is a class about forensic psychology and face recognition. I'm new to all of this, but I understood the importance of it and I have learned a lot from this class. Maybe you were looking for a class that solves a crime, that would be fun too.@AnnRayner

  • I’m not sure yet of anything. What happened with the fact that someone mentioned one of the perpetrators looked like a female. How come they could recognize people if they wore sunglasses or face masks? I'm not sure I can trust these eyewitnesses completely, I would consider any coincidences they may have, but these case needs a lot more evidence and...

  • Even if the witness has been traumatized, she needs to come forward with whatever she remembered. There are going to be some useful coincidences with other witnesses. Everyone should keep in mind that she has been traumatized and know the implications and consequences of it.

  • How come everything, in this case, is based on two witnesses. Where is everyone else?

  • I know what actor you are talking about. I think he worked for Obama somehow. I don't really remember if he was a White House writer or something like that. I don't remember his name either. LOL!

  • That is unconscious transfer.(?)

  • Yes!, but DI Bullet was right too. I think we should have both approaches. I think intuition is an important part of any investigation.

  • Thanks, I got it

  • He probably didn't care. He was depressed and try to commit suicide. Was it a tradition to offer a final meal at that time?