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Matt Stanfield-Jenner

Matt Stanfield-Jenner

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  • MINDSPACE framework:


    (just because it wasn't written anywhere in the step :)

  • I looked into nudges in community and social settings. One paper stood out with an interesting outcome from 'social nudges' in social media:

    > "study a type of social nudge, whereby a user’s neighbors on a platform—platform users who are connected to this user—encourage her to supply more content on the platform. [...] This subtle expression of recognition...

  • Building on my previous comment, I'm never going to get rid of leaves, so I guess I'll have to just do better training. Goal: my dog prefers listening to me than she does chasing a leaf. (Reality: wish me luck.)

  • I can relate it to my dog. She lives in a system 1 world and we force her into system 2 through active training, play and affection. You can see her react in real time, and you can see her ignore us in real time. She's not an enigma, she's just a strong personality and has a big, active brain.

    Example: she's in System 2 while we say 'heal' and encourage...

  • I'm sure there's a lot to be said about people and masks. Little cotton protectors on our faces, some of us wearing them correctly, others not at all.

    An interesting outcome from the pandemic has also been misinformation, such as hand washing and how long COVID-19 survives on surfaces, especially outside. We're led to believe it's high and a long time, but...

  • I think the main driver is how much you can afford to lose (finances) or how much you care about the potential loss (personal injury) - as examples.

    It's not fair to compare people too like-for-like. Switching career, for example, is much easier if you're wealthy and have a supporting partner. Much harder if you're poor, less educated and unable to jump...

  • Having started this course, I hope I read enough of the information in order to make an enrolment decision. My intention is to complete it - my behaviour so far has been aligned to that. But what if I fall short? What this due to the information, an external factor or because I didn't achieve my current goal? At this stage, we actually do not know - because...

  • No, we should remain to be ourselves which comes with a degree of involuntary, or chosen, randomness. This is important, if the sun shines, we might still frown - much like we can also be very happy in the rain. This is despite the idea that bad weather can cause the general mood to shift downwards, or vice-verse in summery / dry months. We can model trends...

  • Looking forward to it!

  • I want to consume less and still have an enjoyable life. Knowing your impact is a big part but also thinking how to leave the world in a better place after I've been here matters to me.

    I work in digital education (at FutureLearn) so I can see the impact courses like this have. To get even a few hundred people in a room at one time is great, but the...

  • haha different picture but I get the idea :-)

  • I see a blend of industries, hard and mechanical in the background mixed with soft and traditional in the foreground. Cutting through this is nature, the sun especially but also the wind, sky, fish, water all trying to show their dominance in the picture. I am thinking the artists was rough, even intentionally careless, to not capture the detail at the back -...

  • I wonder in this exercise how much we are constrained by the image we chose and the source, such as google, in our task and the image we share. What would it be if we'd gone to our own photos, with the same task? I am sure a different outcome.

  • As I mentioned in another comment, I wonder if ourselves + society is a reflection on the past year, or if perhaps the past year has amplified previous connections between ourselves and society more generally? (probably both!)

  • Having written my solo, I see it having a chance to become a living document, one I come back to and add into it, or revise it as I change as a person.

  • We can also accept there are no wrong answers when you look at it from a global perspective. Different cultures, problems, contexts, mindsets etc are all needed. What looks wrong now might be the best action in the future!

  • me too. Perhaps because we've all been in a very different form of society for the past year that we feel overly disconnected?

  • Me too - educating others and having a passion for it are an excellent combination.

  • Any exercise when you end up in a coded box is, in my view, unhelpful. Don't badge me & I won't badge you.

  • On writing my SOLO - this is quite a cathartic experience!

  • mine is a small fabric frog. It never had meant to be me, but the little thing has been with me since I got it as a teenager, it's been on most of my larger trips and it sits just below the screen I'm writing on. It has featured in animations I've made, been stolen (and recovered) and moved many houses. He matters because he's been a constant in a life full of...

  • I will share a light-hearted version, but I am sure it can connect to other parts of life. The last time was with my dog, she is young, always learning and keen to ignore me for something more interesting. She heard me, but might as well not have. Of course I was frustrated, "every time you ignore me" I say to her, with full knowledge she hears me but has no...

  • When you look back at the timeline it shows how incredibly unjust the world was before. It makes me think: what inequalities exist today, that (we hope) will improve and then, when we look back, will make us think 'how unfair that they existed for so long?' Not looking for a list, but more the mentality that retrospective vision makes things look so **wrong** !

  • One of the most interesting aspects of managing a team is to treat them how you want to be treated by your manager. Applies to everyone in any middle of an organisation. Unblock problems, listen, respect, support their development are all key - but so is letting them be responsible, own the work and to not be a blocker to their success!

  • I want to unblock my team’s problems but I think that can be achieved if I am there to ensure performance. For me one of the key indicators of a performing team is when they are happy and feel able to do their best job!

  • Can you do more offline? .Or give them more to download? Live sessions are tempting but best being a limited activity (well cover this more in week 2)

  • I bet your role has changed dramatically over the past few week??

    What’s been the most significant change? Any tips for others in a similar position?

  • @SusanaKent thanks for joining. Hope your lockdown has not been too demanding on you all. How is it going so far?

    It must be very though in you, your teachers and students!

  • Welcome, looking forward to sharing advice and approaches with one another! :-)

  • Make the most of the connections do you get with your students when you get them. It will be tough not seeing their faces or reactions but if you run limited live events you can use it to connect and keep it social. This will help keep up the personal connections you’re missing. We will cover it more in Weeks 2&3!

  • Thank you for all the amazing questions. We have answered many but are no longer able to respond to further questions.

    If you see questions you can answer, please do so - but please all be aware that the Educators and Mentors may not be able to review or contribute to the discussion.

    You can also take part in more recent Q&As by joining the latest run...

  • Thank you for all the amazing questions. We have answered many but are no longer able to respond to further questions.

    If you see questions you can answer, please do so - but please all be aware that the Educators and Mentors may not be able to review or contribute to the discussion.

    You can also take part in more recent Q&As by joining the latest run...

  • Thank you for all the amazing questions. We have answered many but are no longer able to respond to further questions.

    If you see questions you can answer, please do so - but please all be aware that the Educators and Mentors may not be able to review or contribute to the discussion.

    You can also take part in more recent Q&As by joining the latest run...

  • The Educators and Mentors were actively facilitating this course over the past three weeks (23 March - 12 April) and it's been a huge joy to interact with you all via the comments.

    We are now preparing for the second run of the course, which starts on 27 April (Sign up link -

    This means we will be...

  • @PatríciaCoelhoSilva your dedication is admirable. Please do remember to be compassionate to yourself too - there’s only so much one person can do and being kind to yourself is one thing we should always do, but especially now.

    Take care!

  • @IainGarioch we have scheduled a second run of this course. It starts on 27 April. You can sign up now at

    It will attract a new cohort and we will make some small changes to the content based on all the rich feedback we have collected :-)

  • FutureLearn !

    But honestly - there's so much technology that I'll continue with the idea from this course. You need to think what is the purpose of your interaction first and then you can find technology that'll help you to support it.

    Rarely will technology be the solution before you've broken the problem / challenge down into what you're aiming to...

  • @RachelRutland sadly we do not have search for comments so you'll have to investigate learners from reading their comments and then 'Follow' them as we've recommend in the beginning of week 2 - creating a community.

    The more learners you can follow the more you'll be able to filter other steps and see their comments.

    You can use Ctrl+F on a page and...

  • @CaoimheMcGarry are you writing feedback? A faster way to create it is audio, which you can record on a computer or your phone. It may take a bit of getting used to but it means you can read/review their work, speak as you do it (imagine being a doctor?!) and then just send.

    You may need to check your students are happy with this but if they are, and you...

  • Glad to hear :-)

  • Reminder: the whole peer review process can take a day or two for your contribution to get feedback from others. Please do take part and then join in the discussion here to reflect and share back. It's also a great example of asynchronous learning with a brilliant cohort - trust us! ;-)

    (I will unpin this when we're a few days into this week)

  • @RobEdwards @YuliiaPtashnyk my motivation comes from you all engaging in this course. It's circular!? :)

  • We've added a lot more on assessment to Week 3 - it'll be available from Monday 6th April. We're still finishing off the last bit now!

  • Based on demand across this course our FutureLearn Studio colleagues have created a guide for how to produce high quality media while working remotely.

    You can find it at the bottom of the resources list in Step 1.9 -

  • Learning does not start, or stop, when we're in a physical room. We're always learning and the goal is to think of how we, as educators, can weave these interactions into learning new concepts, applying ourselves, making connections and inspiring/sharing with others.

    Glad you're feeling inspired with going online. The reason we're currently here, in this...

  • One of the biggest issues with online learning is the feeling of being alone and that your efforts are not visible. This can impact us all.

    Another way to help mitigate it is adding moments of celebration along the way, this could be something very small (notice our 'end of week' celebration?). These can be tiny little moments, but the purpose is to...

  • @AmanyTawfiq I share the sentiments above, be compassionate to yourself, try to cut down on 'live' news and remember that you're helping so many people. As well as Aware in Ireland there are some other resources in step 2.2 to check how you're feeling.

    Sometimes we all need to just stop, get some air, stretch it out and walk away from the computer for a...

  • You were excited and challenged at the end of Week 1. Now you are confident and motivated in just one week. You are amazing, well done to everyone. Keep going, you can do this.

  • Hi @DavidClements there is a .docx version above the Google link - does that work for you? :-)

  • It’s really encouraging to see students helping each other. Thank you @IdaBrandão @TatianaMesquita @AshrafYusuf @MichelledeLange

  • @EntmontStamatis its interesting. A lot of commentary right now is about the quality of online teaching and that this rapid push to go online will have a range of longer term outcomes. Most is negative; such as backlash on technology, a desire to return to the older approaches etc.

    I have seen less discussion about how it will impact students and their...

  • @YolandeToohey We suggest checking your spam folders or using your email search functionality for 'UCL' that should find it. The Learning Designer is provided by University College London and they are experiencing a lot of demand on their IT staff during the Coronavirus crisis. If you're not getting the email and you've tried to register a few times, you may...

  • A quick reflection; we added the video because we wanted to say hello and share something personal. We recorded it via Zoom and had to do three takes. We then added subtitles. There's no professional production effort beyond this, except maybe Felicity moved her plants around a bit :)

    We wanted it to reflect on the advice we are sharing in the course: keep...

  • Thanks for the comment @SusanDonnelly

    I’ll share one reflection with you, video must have subtitles. Imagine you were not able to share your requirement to watch a video without reading the subtitles, for whatever reason. It means you are less able to connect with the people and topic. It makes learning so much harder. How unfair!

    Video takes little...

  • I love the idea of creating an office table. Even if it’s just a dedicated laptop space, bringing inside a small plant, arranging some pens- whatever! Just rearranging an environment slightly can readjust our brains to think we’re in a new and inviting space for study or work. Even if it has to be built and put away each time we study or work. Great idea!

  • You're doing everything you can @WandaJarrett and you're still keen to keep finding the best for your students. You're a hero.

    First, don't underestimate the effort you've already been made. Everyone's taking to this differently and it sounds like everything you've done is for the benefit of keeping your students learning. In many ways - that's the goal...

  • @AbbasAltaher I'd recommend resources such as the The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) which is a charity campaigning and working in child protection.

    They provide advice on online safety and social media which will include good advice on the use of all the technology that may suddenly become more 'officially recommended'...

  • @EveyRey this is a great question. One area to consider is if any of your plans become less about the 'live' sessions and more designed around the full week for your students. There is still 'contact time' with your students, the live sessions you might be running, but this is only those who log in. Over time even these start to exclude those who can't go...

  • Hey @PeterFitton we have built a step in week 2 (coming very soon) all about how to decide between online and offline - but also synchronous and asynchronous. It's being built on the platform by a colleague as I write this so please do come back in a few days and hopefully we can address some of the major points on 'when to use live' (and when not to). We are...

  • @FJ haha! Of course a poll is only effective if it has purpose.

    We added it to get everyone comfortable and talkative. As @IwonaG(she/her) noticed, it can work well. The real purpose here was to guide early discussion around important topics. But it also helped us understand what’s most important to you.

    We will cover this more in the beginning of...

  • Keep going! You can do it :-)

  • @JaredCawley “teacher voice” is such a great term, we all fall into it occasionally (sometimes by accident with friends!). It’s great you can keep this going online with younger audiences.

  • that must be so challenging - you must be very determined! Well done for keeping going during difficult times.

  • One of our concerns is that live sessions, such as Zoom, can work the first time but then engagement is lost over time. One of the areas we will explore in week 2 is how to critically compare the value of live vs non-live (synchronous vs asynchronous) learning. There are benefits to both - the value is finding the right balance for your learners. You may not...

  • May I ask what are the key changes your school is making to help support the staff and students? At a time like this it must be very challenging for them and your leadership team to decide what needs continuity and what should change to help adjust to this new situation.

    If there's any insight you can share from the survey (anonymous and aggregated) that...