Steven Revill

Steven Revill

CEO of UrbanTide, specialists in making Smart Data through better sharing, analysing and visualisation. I believe that data offers huge opportunities that society will benefit from if we do it well.

Location Edinburgh, Scotland


  • The UK Indistrial Strategy states AI will create thousands of good quality jobs and drive economic growth. one estimate, notes that AI could add £232bn to the UK economy by 2030. Do we think we are doing the right things to make this happen and to extend expertise beyond academia into the wider world?

  • @StephWright had a look and there should be no problems downloading data from USMART now - apologies for any inconvenience. Steven

  • Further cycling data in csv is also available here if there is interest to download some Cycling data too.

  • Hi Linda,

    Really great point. I think this is well worthy of more debate. I think there are ethics on both sides - the right to privacy v the uncompromising drive to use data in whatever way is helpful regardless.

    It could also be argued that if insight is locked in data that could improve outcomes - we have a right that all data is used wherever...

  • And also @Russell and others on the same point!

  • @Tracey a great comment about systems not speaking to each other. It takes time to change this but at UrbanTide we always recommend ensuring that the presence of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is included in all new contracts and data extracts are fit for purpose and very importantly that data ownership is retained by the purchasing...

  • These things do exist - check out mydex ( for one there are others. In Scotland the closest we have from government led work is probably my account which is worth signing up to - S