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I am retired RGN, I have done 40 yrs. in health secter

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  • very good explanation

  • good explanation

  • Doctors are trying to solve clinical problems

  • a tough lesson

  • good explanation

  • good explanation

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  • MDT Team -very good explanation

  • good explanation

  • The level of cholesterol in bile is too high and excess cholesterol forms into gallstone

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    P H increase pressure in the portal vein

  • good explanation

  • good explanation

  • good explanation

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  • inguinal hernia - very good explanation

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    Can the patient develop peritonitis i e like bronchitis, arthritis

  • Omentum double layer of peritoneum attached to the stomach and linking it with other abdominal organs

  • Very good video Duct tube-like structure
    peritonitis inflammation of the peritoneum

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  • interesting

  • interesting

  • I learn about the abdomen in nurse training

  • I am a retired nurse Uk

  • I agree with the comments

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  • Breastfeeding is the best medicine

  • infant formula milk side effects - allergy, skin rash, irritability, crying after feed, nausea, vomiting, easily get chest infection

  • 1 Reduce B F support, cut in health funding, negative attitude towards BF
    , lacking knowledge of BF, poor socio-economic factors
    option -cross nursing more funding , more awareness

  • good teaching video

  • Skin to the skin contact is important

  • Breastfeeding is the best food for babies

  • Breast milk has all the minerals

  • Good video

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  • chunk and check, repeat the sentence, eye contact, speak slowly and clearly,
    , check the patient level of H L, check the patient hearing level

  • very good week

  • I am always using the teach-back method with my grand childrens

  • Teach back is the best method

  • Give the inhaler to the patient and see how they use the inhaler and watch them

  • Breakdown the information into small chunks and then told to the patient

  • The patient understood everything that G P said