Colin Higgins

Colin Higgins

Dr Colin Higgins is an Associate Professor in Management at Deakin University and also leads Deakin's Global Courses. He teaches strategy and researches how companies engage with sustainability

Location Deakin University, Geelong, Australia


  • Thanks for your introductions! One of the best parts of this course is the diversity in backgrounds, experiences, locations and areas of expertise. Don't forget to reach out to each other too - use the comments to make connections and to build on each others' ideas

  • Great to have you joining us as Deakin and Coventry @UzmaAfzaal !

  • Great to see so much enthusiasm! We're excited to be bringing you this course too - and looking forward to learning from you (as much as hopefully you'll learn from us!)

  • I love the analogy @SitalGhedia !

  • Excellent point @ElvinGoh - the idea that a strategy provides a clear pathway for employees is very important. Success will be a collective effort - and much more difficult if not everyone knows where you're going!

  • A couple of great pointers below regarding the importance of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs! A very important point - and a point to come back to a bit later. Are we more guided by the 'head' or the 'heart' and how do we get the mix right?

  • Great @DarrylSturmey - I like how you've emphasised the 'forward looking' and 'prospective' role of strategy

  • A fascinating industry - and one I suspect is going to take a long time to recover from the pandemic situation. Yet, this is an industry that has reinvented itself before (think the threat ocean liners faced from jet aircraft travel - and how it became part of a new luxury travel experience)

  • Great example - and a good example of capability building @RochellePalmer

  • Wow! Great to see such diversity in the industries and the challenges they're facing. Some are new and unexpected (eg the COVID-19 situation) and some are more systemic - representing considerable disruption to the industry.

    Don't forget to also consider the second part of the question: capabilities. What capabilities does the organisation have (or need to...

  • Great - I hope you enjoy this week's materials @CelestinePenn

  • Thanks @MaureenDanielDakim and @AparnaSebastian - we'll be touching on this

  • Thanks @RichardYoung - pleased to see you like the format!

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    Great to see many of you now working through week two! Let's get started and see what we can do with the Playing to Win model

  • Thanks for sharing your very rich insights!

  • What was a key take away for you @FunmilayoBabalola ?

  • It's great to see so many different orientations toward change. What does this tell you about (a) being part of a leadership team and (b) leading change in organisations?

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    One of the big challenges in all of this is being able to distinguish between a fad and a genuine disruptor. As we'll see later - strategic drift can be a real problem when leaders chase every new thing. Yet, missing the important ones can be fatal

  • Do you think they might be starting to lose their edge @KarenBray ?

  • It is hard to separate out fads from genuine disruptors though, isn't it @AdamThompson ? How can you tell the difference if you're in a leadership postion?

  • It will be interesting to see how these organisations cope with inevitable supply chain pressures post COVID @OdayMadanat

  • I really like how you've identified their ability to listen @TeganBanks - very important

  • Do you think there are risks for Google, @LuisMoneris ?

  • Great - and as we work through the two weeks @PeterVerrion - there is lots of scope to apply some of the 'tools' to the different sectors

  • What are you most looking forward to @MobassheraJabbar ?

  • Indeed - there is never a better time to think about innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. It's challenging times @TimothyJones - and those with the skills, courage and ability to think strategically will be critical going forward

  • Great to see so many enthusiastic learners from so many different sectors and contexts! It makes for a very rich learning experience as we all learn from each other.

    Keep an eye out for what we can learn from a sector different to our own - especially as all organisations face challenges in the current pandemic

  • Good on you for joinin gus @TarrenSummers

  • Great! Looking forward to your contributions @ShanthiA

  • Yes - and while we cannot always know how things will go @RAOULTIMMERMANS - it helps to have a broad idea about the direction of travel

  • Exactly - great insights @JurieSwart

  • Yes - and as we're seeing now with the COVID-19 situation @BenAllsop - ideas also require a clear roadmap for the way forward

  • Welcome to a new group of learners joining us this week. Great to have you with us. I'm looking forward to your insights over the next two weeks!

  • Thanks for your thoughts @JonathanGeorgiades

  • Thanks @MaureenDanielDakim and @DerekSim - looking forward to seeing this roll over in to week two

  • Wow! These are all hugely inspiring!

  • Great to see that it's stretched you @RichardYoung !

  • What's one key insight you'd like to share @TosinI ?

  • Hi @YousraElmaghrabi - it should be working. Try using a different browser or refresh your page. Let me know if that doesn't work, and we'll look in to it.

  • That's a good point @IainMuir - their purpose (at least in this course) is more of a 'prompt' for reflection (rather than necessarily being something definitive).

  • Part of the step to addressing weaknesses/challenges is to identify them - so well done. Can you think of one thing you can do to address this going forward @RichardYoung ?

  • Wow! These are fantastic observations - I enjoyed reading about all of your reflections. When I completed this exercise I was able to step back and think about two key triggers and two approaches I can take to these triggers going forward