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Theo Wood

As an artist my work involves repetition of form, cycles of time, and, in the context of future worlds, their objects/images. What technology supports posthumans?

Location Bristol


  • Numbers would seem more universal than Greek or Latin in 21st century. How many students in today's schools study either or, could even write numbers in Latin numerals.

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    I have come back to this after a very busy week and I can't seem to find where the pdf is to print out the first exercise

  • Penicillin and gravity. Archimedes proved a crown was not pure gold and discovered the Archimedes principle

  • I'm really interested in learning about clever folding as I,m hoping to use some of the ideas in making artists books with print/drawing. Certainly don,t know a thing about quantum chemistry but know and have used the Pythagoras theorem in real life!

  • Why are some people evil...everyone is born with Qi which explains the differences in people as it is not necessarily correct that morality is innate. But humans can change the nature they are born with by experiencing the 7 emotions during their lives.
    How are we related to others? In the UK it is tribal, Leaver or Remainer, football fan or horse racing, the...

  • Why is there so much cruelty in human nature?

  • I watched and loved the film Parasite and listened to BlackPink on TikTok. I love the inflections in the language and would like to learn to speak, but from my experience of learning other languages there's no better way than being in the country itself and having to learn a language, first by beginning to understand it through hard listening and then...

  • I loved the nomenclature...the Four Sprouts was a challenging week with quite an in depth study the four seven debate, the roles of Qi and Li requiring self improvement of your our own Qi to let the Li shine through. All religions seem to require their people to become more "perfect".

  • This happens in the West too, but it is more likely that a group of people will share the bill more or less equally. I would assume that people in Korea share the meal bill in the way they do from the same thinking as we's just more fair. Although it can be the case that people in England will support someone who they know hasn't much money by simply...

  • The idea posited that animals and humans have the same moral nature. Violence, cruelty and torture are in our domestic animals, dogs chasing foxes and tearing them apart, cats catching mice and playing with them while eating bits, spiders/flies etc But while there are many examples of the care and nurture towards their offspring this is matched by the fact...

  • I agree with the view taken by June Walker. The continuing violence against women around the world is surely an example of the problems arising when the guiding philosophy is less than compassionate.

  • There surely has to be a mix of the two. Reason can come to conclusions about what is the best course of action , yet this action can be totally wrong on how it affects different people and have different, sometimes negative, outcomes.
    Emotion can be a driver to action and yet because the action is not considered carefully and perhaps impulsive and due to...

  • An interesting concept...describing a nation of people in two words! And then thinking about whether emotion and reason are two separate things or meshed together, or separate but balanced. 4 sprouts and 7 emotions?

  • The wearing of masks is an interesting if ironic issue considering the sort of comments Johnson made about the wearing of burquas. I suspect more people will start wearing masks towards and during the autumn and winter- especially when we have such a horrendous prediction of a worst case scenario of 120,000 deaths.

  • ...In the UK the take up of yoga, tai Chi and other mindfulness pursuits has become ever more popular as people search for the inner calm that they perceive they reach by following these East Asian disciplines. An adaptive innovation.

  • I didn't know anything so learning about about the underlying meanings and the main reason why Hangeul was invented ( to enable everyone to access "academic thinking"). Funnily enough going in totally the opposite direction to what happened in the late 20thC to academic discourse especially in the liberal arts. (signs, signifiers, heuristic, semiotic,...

  • Critical in reasoning and learning is the educational ideal that seems to be lacking in education in England at the moment the 21st century the adults of the future need to be able to distinguish what is real rather than fake news, who is writing, telling it ...who is paying them. For example we have a large number of news stories that repeat what...

  • I personally know very little about Confucianism so am eager to see what people have to say.

  • Cultural innovation as a term is new to me but when you think about it is how cultures change as they come into contact with other cultures. Britain is a multicultural country with multicultural tastes - particularly in food. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French etc.

  • Really interesting to learn something about the history that involved the Korean Peninsula. The concept of Ancient Korean ...does that mean it had a similar relationship to modern Korean as Anglo Saxon/Old English/Medieval English (all changed by the Normans latinate language) has to today's English.

  • In the UK the influence of the US is pervasive. The introduction of the concept of fast food - MacDonalds, Burger King etc, very large fridges, the driving culture, musical influences picked up by many different types of UK bands - blues, jazz etc, and the influence of Hollywood on the cinema industry.

  • Philosophy in its widest sense could be seen as the love and pursuit of wisdom, or of knowledge of things and their causes, whether theoretical or practical. Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1973

  • I do think there should naturally be a number of different philosophies in the world. People live in different nations, climates, ecosystems, speak different languages.

  • It is wonderful that philosophers have come out of their 'silos' and the term 'philosophies' has come into use. With so many people in the world living very different lives how can 'one size fit all?'

  • Philosophy concerning the nature of reality ...where science/metaphysical concerns flows alongside perception. Bergson - the flux of the real ..Monism everything made of the same stuff and resonates (quarks/particles etc) Deleuze and Guttari - "Nature is pure plane of immanence ...upon which unformed elements and materials dance" A thousand plateaus P255

  • Hello, my home is Bristol UK. I know absolutely nothing about Korean philosophy so really looking forward to doing this course.

  • Most of the answers below seem to be incredibly Euro centric ...haw can we know what might have happened in the countries that the British took over during the many years of Empire if there had been no colonisation. Are we to assume that the world could not have developed very differently and in a totally different way with colonisation. (and its supporters ie...

    In this photo the "law enforcers" are wearing partly items recognisable to the people living there , for example the turbans and the Khurta and partly items based on perhaps normal British uniforms. Signifying that they were an arm of the British law but also part of the...

  • and how much trade do we do with them now and how much trade will we lose from EU.

  • Yes ...all the supposedly "good for Britain and Queen Vic" aspects shown but none of the negative sides of Empire, it's totally unChristian attitude to many of its subjects despite being avowedly Christian.

    Oh yes ...we can import and eat Canadian apples but in this cartoon The words say The produce of the Home Country crowns the Christmas Feast. An example of we are the Champions ...and we have the Empire. British exceptionalism that carries on today in some sectors...

  • Thanks for that ...truly an eye opener to the lack of general knowledge.

  • I would think it was perhaps somewhere of the region of the 2014 YouGOV poll where 54% of people thought Empire was something to be proud of while 19% were ashamed. However a 45% said they would not like empire to exist today. Could this show that Empire has been so engrained in the British psyche especially among older people, and even today is being...

  • The audience would include people curious about what other countries were like (no long haul air travel available). Also many people would have had friends or relatives who were working in the Empire and would delight in seeing what their loved ones lived.

  • Rudyard Kipling and the benign views of the British Raj in the Jungle Book?

  • yes there was a set of ideas about gender in Victorian times i'm feeling that you have some sort of antagonism to a set of ideas about gender in 2020 (set of ideas = ideology....@RicardoMB

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    Of course clothes matter...the Queen's Crown worn on state occasions...a reminder of the British monarchy and its history.
    The crown is decorated with about 2,800 diamonds, most notably the 105-carat (21.0 g) Koh-i-Noor in the middle of the front cross, which was acquired by the East India Company after the Anglo-Sikh Wars and presented to Queen Victoria in...

  • Watching this it seems like the attitude to wards different sexual practices has reversed between the western european view and some former colonised countries. For example...homosexuality is part of who we are in Western countries today but in some former colonial countries it is absolutely banned and leads to imprisonment or worse.

  • No connections

  • How condescending was this? "mind the babies or hem our ragged shirts" Academics are still being criticised for their attitude towards women

  • Not surprised that the majority think small stories are essential but surprised that 4% think they are of little or no value.

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    Small stories are a way into the fuller picture colonialism by having a peep into real people's lives at that time. Without them the narrative would be very thin and dominated by the contribution of the colonisers. The bigger picture is, of course important as it gives the reader the sense of the context that was affecting the small stories. Problems for...

  • What is so upsetting about the photo is that there are still pictures of men alongside the bodies of large animals that they have killed today. appearing in the media.

  • Yes one would hope so especially in the UK with the number of far right activists increasing. Moving beyond the range of a conceptual sphere of bias should be taught in every school. To be critical of everything.

  • I'm not sure about British values...the Conservative Govts have pushed this agenda for many years. Really interesting to hear the British Asian voice on this. For me 'British values' has come to mean jingoism, the constant harking back to the second World War as 'our finest' hour, 'plucky Britain all alone', our exceptionalism. Can't bear the thought of even...

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    Exploiting ethnic differences - does this mean that colonial powers, through their support of the richer, more powerful segments of the existing society, meant their colonial hold over the country increased.

    India - currently in the grip of a divide which is shattering people's lives with attacks on Muslims from Hindus whipped up nationalist Hindu fervour...

  • Imperial weakness and cowardice ..."no boots on the ground' policy as this could lead to deaths and saving money. Weakness because they obviously didn't have any imagination how conflicts could be resolved peacefully especially if money was involved.

  • Violence is essential to the making and sustaining empires...the very word empire comes from middle english and old french - empire, supreme and extensive political dominion. Why would a population voluntarily give up their way of life, lands and harvests? Why is imperial history often viewed with nostalgia and pride... the ruling elite in the UK choose this...

  • This was an interesting talk as it explained clearly the different kinds of violin and the stages it went through. Cultural violence is perhaps the one that has been the least recognised ...?

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    The Empire in the poster is depicted showing a large area of the globe as part of it compared with the smallness of the UK. It shows the trade routes - the Brits are everywhere and coming to you soon! The heraldic devices of the sun, the crests, the stars all ad to the Mystique of Empire as a mighty force in the world.

  • I don't really understand the sentence..."Opium can be imported free of duty - can only be sold to the opium farmer or his agents"

  • I was particularly interested in the section on Britain and Ireland - ambiguities. There was so much to learn that was a completely new terrain of British/Irish history. I am surprised to see comments that suggest people had never thought of Ireland as a colony...what was the Irish Independence fight all about in the late 1800s and early 1900s? And then the...

  • The people of Bristol have long campaigned for the removal of the statue. And there had been resistance to even putting up a new plaque beside it pointing out that he had been a slave trader and responsible for many deaths of people being crammed into boats across the atlantic. And why should we, as a progressive 21century city have to put up with a...

  • I agree, history should not be 'erased' but must be constantly updated as we find out more and more about what happened, eg through archived documents. I was interested to learn that after the South African Wars (late 19 and early 20thC 900 war memorials were put up in Britain. where are they now?

  • You have to wonder could they possibly "consider themselves Christian" ? It is not an excuse...

  • Headed down to them as a sacred trust ? What weasel words these white men use.

  • I can't understand this either. The Falklands - the war we fought - etc ...all to do with the search for fossil fuels and maintaining what was portrayed as world wide reach. We would not be able to send a naval task force now.

  • Although the vastness in many of the countries is desert - India, Africa, Australia

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    I didn't realise that the area of actual countries controlled was still so large in the 1950s and the departure of Hong Kong was the last large country to leave.

  • The British Empire - I see it as a trading system using force to exploit monetary value from other countries in the world, including, America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, and other Asian countries.
    I know it lasted for centuries and its malign effects are still with us in the UK.
    The British Empire is portrayed in the UK as a glorious past...

  • Mid, long and closeup

  • great fun idea....!

  • Having access to this bank of videos at home as well would add to their possibilities for revision

  • the girls are so confident and managed to go through their 'scripts' without stumbling ...presentation - a vital skill in the 21st century

  • Interesting course and certainly there was a great deal to think about ...although I felt it was a little repetitive in parts. However it did give an academic overview to what is happening in the digital world at the moment and tips on story telling...and thank you fellow learners for your contributions as they provided many insights.

  • and .. it could allow people who cannot travel the ability to 'visit' places both real and fantastical. However the trend towards screen time taking over from IRL time is perhaps not a happy one - especially the effects of social media on young people where 'story telling ' by their peers about their 'wonderful lives' can lead to feeling inadequate. It's bad...

  • Two good points there Rob. Now...when will I be able to direct and produce films like Ridley Scott since we can all be experts now.

  • Interesting comments as far as online news, comment, blogs and articles are concerned. Yes, films are created by huge teams of people (no single author)...but there is no chance for the audience to participate in the cinema, on TV or a DVD. Novels? ...ebook reader sales are declining... while paper books are still read...(some of them page-turners) with no...

  • Thinking particularly about film/video...there's been a lot said about the skill of the director as far as camera shots, editing etc goes...but aren't we missing one of the vital ingredients ...the actors' performances? A story can be brilliant, the action sequences, exciting, the special FX awe inspiring but if the actors delivering a flat and uninspiring...

  • Example of unhappy ending ...Lionel Shriver's Big Brother (2013) comes to stay after his sister has not seen him for years. Grossly over weight she tries to help him lose weight - even to the extent of going on the diet with him. He loses weight goes back home...puts it all back on and dies. Not the standard plot but an excoriating study of obesity...

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    Is transmedia story telling so very different from what is being discussed in this forum?

  • Flawed characters, background interesting, the twists and turns of a complicated plot and of characters...all there in Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri...

    not entirely sure how this relates to trans media...

  • The recent Revenant

  • Quatermass was the fantasy that created a world of night terror and fear from its fantasy world. Black Beauty seemed so real even though set in the 19th entury.

  • Hopefully the Orwell estate will fight this proposed use of Orwell's words...especially as Bannon is an 'end of days' type person who has a hankering for war, destruction and then peace for the victor.

  • From 1.2 "By definition, transmedia storytelling is shared through multiple media platforms, and new text must clearly contribute value to the overall story". so what really is the difference between this and OSMU except that new elements (contributed by consumers) are added to the original art work before being disseminated via multiple platforms?

  • Social media is a window on the world...and each person can choose where they wish to look or act. For me it's more about finding out what's going on IRL... events to go to to hear music, watch films and see art and occasionally uploading a picture/video or two but never ever of family or friends (private). Plus the wonderful world of satire that is current...

  • The haptic world is there waiting still...

  • The internet arrives to my house through copper wires from a telephone pole in the street and this in a city.......

  • As an artist I'm quite happy with the idea of digital art as a medium...not to replace analog photography/painting/film etc but an art form in its own right as well as being a useful tool for tweaking the photoshop performs the same function as an expert in the development and print of film.

  • I too didn't quite get this until I read it again and the "latter's ability" makes different sense. But why should the difference be that digital has ability to approximate reality through infinite code options?

  • Perhaps we are diverging from this viewpoint a little when you consider the re-emergence of vinyl, which includes records and hardware (yes - even valve amplifiers) to play them on. The quality of sound from MP3 digital files is not as satisfying as vinyl. E books have not as proved as popular as when people were suggested it would be the end of books. etc etc

  • reading through the posts I was struck by the number that talked about the emotional and tactile qualities of electronic media. But ...what are these emotions that are being affected? Are they real or manufactured? is the media designed to change affect the intensity of the emotion? An example would be a fake news story on social media that has purposefully...

  • One film that I found as chilling as the book was Never Let Me Go - Kasuo Ishigoru. It was as if you entered the characters by a different door as you saw their surroundings, their companions and the expressions on their faces in such visual detail.

  • A really interesting talk and a fascinating insight into the post death experience, for viewers, photographers and people in the future.

  • I use technology an awful lot to calculate numbers.

  • I use a calculator a great deal as my mental arithmetic skills are very basic.

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    Thanks for the explanation

  • I am filling this in on behalf of my daughter who is dyslexic and has always had problems with numeracy. Hopefully it might help to relieve some of the anxieties.

  • Reading through many of the comments it's unusual to find no-one being open about the religious aspect. I went to the funeral of a work colleague Being non-religious I found it very discomfiting to hear the priest talking about the afterlife ....joining loved ones etc. This surely must impact on the way people approach afterlife/ reincarnation or...

  • In the UK funerals are changing. A dear (non believer) friend had the best of both the religious and non-religious worlds...a high church funeral service...lots of incense...the eulogies etc etc. This was followed by a coach ride to the woodland burial site where the wicker coffin was taken to the plot in the back of a a little cart drawn by a pony. Tibetan...

  • Metaphor is a leading component in how we think and feel conceptually and has an important role in communicating difficult scientific ideas but do need to be culturally specific as said below.

  • Of the two the Human Genome Project seems likely to be the most fruitful avenue of research mainly because DNA can be extracted from material much older than linguistic traces as the we were told.

  • Many people are interested in their backgrounds and the life histories of previous generations in their families, as the example of how the anniversaries of the two world wars in the UK has led to an outpouring of writing/ articles/ remembering events about great uncle Bert who was in the trenches. The internet has enabled people to access historical documents...

  • A fascinating window into some of the difficulties of communication across cultures especially around traditionally 'taboo' subjects ..and the importance for medical personnel to be aware of these cultural differences when treating people.

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    Pandora's box...if you can find out and manipulate genetic information for good..someone will find out a way of doing the genetically engineered mosquitoes to spread genetically designed viruses? Crispr- cas9 could just give those people a way of doing this.

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    The new findings on back migration to Africa was interesting...perhaps this was because of the ice age conditions in the north?

  • My best ideas come when working with others...where we are sounding boards for each other and each inspires the other. They also come suddenly after working on something or a strategic direction for a long time and suddenly realising it was entirely wrong. Doing with materials is always useful as the process develops so do the ideas for further activities.

  • Such a simple idea and yet so natural for a mother to nurture her small baby...and how wonderful that it is saving so many babies' lives. And the windup monitor - genius and so sustainable.

  • Researching ideas is just one way of getting inspiration can come from so many areas of life...some artists have been most creative when suffering the loss of a loved one for example, others are inspired by campaigning ideas and politics.