Hind Al Alami


Location Gaza, Palestine.



  • Let me start with the last point made by Mr Geisser. It is absolutely important to provide equal chances of assistance to both refugees and IDPs. It's easier to empathize with refugees because their situation also affects the hosting countries/communities. However, IDPs are easier to overlook as they are "contained" in their country and under the...

  • Culture sensitivity is an important issue that needs to be considered when dealing with foreign communities. The norms of one community could be taboos in another and humanitarians need to be aware of this.
    Another ethical dilemma that may face humanitarian workers is resources prioritization. Having to prioritize resources means that some people who need...

  • In Palestine, apart from mental health, people are usually open to seeking help for NCDs. However, in some communities, young women may be a bit more reluctant to seek help for the fear of hindering their chances at getting married.
    Regarding mental health, there is a great deal of stigma associated with mental disorders and seeking help for mental health...

  • IHLs are relevant and more effort need to be put into enforcing them. It is also crucial to separate between political agendas and humanitarian work. Everyone is entitled to receive good healthcare, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or background. In times of conflicts, the majority of the affected population are civilians who were caught in the fire as...

  • Community engagement is essential for a successful humanitarian response, especially since locals are usually the first respondents. Locals can provide valuable information about the easiest way to get to the affected area and they can facilitate communications with those in control (e.g. in case of checkpoints). They are also more familiar with the culture...

  • My country is almost entirely dependent on funds provided by\through international NGOs. This, in addition to a lack of MoH commitment to their own strategic plan, probably explains why funding prioritization usually goes according to donors' agenda.

  • I totally agree. People with disabilities need to be included and considered in every aspect of the health system in normal times so they are not forgotten at times of disasters. It is also important to raise awareness among the general public about the obstacles a PWD faces in some conditions, because I believe, in many circumstances, locals are usually the...

  • The situation in Gaza has been teetering on the edge of a humanitarian crisis for a few years now. Having gone through 3 wars during the last decade has exhausted our medical resources. The health system is suffering from drugs shortages and a lack in trained skills. This led to an increase in preventable complications, whether due to the unavailability of the...

  • In addition to the mentioned outcomes, humanitarian crises usually affects delivery of health services. This can be attributed to a wide range of reasons, including lack of access to healthcare -especially by vulnerable groups, like elderly and disabled people- and displacement of medical staff affected by the crisis. Shelters may not also be fully equipped to...

  • More than 40% of children under 17 are not enrolled in schools. This lessens their chances in getting good job opportunities and improving their current economic situation.

    Despite the collaboration of various partners, including local and international NGOs, only 56% of the Syrian Regional Refugee Response budget was funded, by December 2016.

  • Duhok Governate is facing a situation of tightly stretched resources with a continuous population growth of around 33%. Domiz Camp has a high population density and has already exceeded its planned capacity by about 145%. Even though it is now closed for new arrivals, the number of refugees keeps increasing due to family growth and reunification.
    The living...

  • I think writing is my weakest point in the exam. Because even though I have the vocabulary and I am good at grammar, I have a problem in organizing my ideas and putting them into words. :( There's also the pressure of having little time to come up with the ideas.
    I don't know what to do about that! Any advice?

  • WOW, thank you so much! This is absolutely helpful.
    I already have Flipboard on my phone but I've never used it before. I'll make sure to check it out ASAP.
    Thanks again!

  • I'd recommend looking at the questions before reading the paragraph to see what kind of information you should be looking for. And if you don't know the answer to a certain question, don't waste time on it! Just leave it and come back to it later.
    Through my experience, I found the multiple choice and sentence completion questions reallly easy.
    The head...

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  • I really enjoy reading in my free time, I would download novels on my mobile phone and read them whenever I get a chance. And I guess this helped me in reading faster and it also gave a wide range of vocabulary.
    But I also have to say that while reading a text, we're not required to know the exact meaning of every single word as long as we understand the...

  • Hind Al Alami made a comment

    Hi, everyone!
    I am Hind from Palestine. I am taking this course in order to improve my score in IELTS. I am applying for a Master program and I am required to get 6.5 in all IELTS components. I need to improve my score in writing because last time I got 5.5. So, hopefully, this course would be helpful! :)
    Good luck to you all!

  • Before college, I used to write all the time, I would choose a random subject and start writing. And I believe I was pretty good at it, too!
    But then, with university and my busy schedule, I sort of just stopped! I mean, of course, I was required to write some essays and research papers, however, the focus became on the raw information itself rather than on...

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Hind, I'm from Palestine.
    This is my first online course and I really like the time-flexibility it offers and that I can fit it in my schedule however I please.
    I am planning on applying for masters next year, and I hope that this course would help me improve my writing skills.

    Good luck to you, all!